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Mars Transit through Gemini and volatile time for Indian Real Estate

Mars Transit through Gemini and volatile time for Indian Real Estate

Transit of Mars through Gemini is likely to be very important and interesting for Indian Real Estates, states Ganesha.

In India’s National Horoscope, Taurus Ascendant is rising and Mars is in Gemini. Mars Return meaning Mars’ return to it’s Natal point will be a big and important event for Real Estate and related matters in India’s National Horoscope.

Studying the past, Ganesha notes that recently Mars return has happened on 2nd October 2007 with Scorpio Ascendant so 2nd October 2007 to 15th November 2007 is the phase in which Real Estate rates should go up and Agents can expect to earn more out of this but this is more like stock Market waves going up and down so, again when Mars reaches to it’s Natal degree’s point while it is retrograde, has Cancer Ascendant. Cancer being fallen sign for the Mars Ganesha feels that Real Estate prices should go down to it’s previous point, after 27th December 2007. Here, Markets may experience reversal of trend.

Again, when Mars goes direct on 30-01-2008 there may be change in the trend, as Mars return will happen with Scorpio Ascendant. Here Ascendant will be ruled by Mars hence again Real Estate has scope to go up. Mars is in Ardra constellation at birth and hence in return chart too. There will not be any other planet in Ardra constellation at the time of Mars return hence Mars and Rahu have full freedom to express their energies in a very volatile way, again.

In short, keeping Mars return in Gemini in view, Ganesha finds that the times to come are likely to draw our attention to Real Estate rates. 2nd October 2007 to 15th November 2007 is when Real Estate Market may remain up. Between 15th November 2007 and 27th December 2007, it may go down to it’s previous point. From 27th November 2007 to 30th January 2008 it may be so down, that situation will be worrisome. But these worries are going to vanish soon again with Mars’ direct move on 30th January 2008. Finally, again after 8th March 2008, Ganesha foresees Real Estate Markets shooting high, with Scorpio Ascendant in the Mars Return chart of 8th March 2008.

May Lord Ganesha bless all Real Estate agents good luck with this volatility foreseen in their business.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni and Dharmesh Joshi