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HDFC Life Acquires Exide Life: What is the Deal’s Future?

HDFC Life Acquires Exide Life: What is the Deal’s Future?

A massive financial deal is happening in the business world. In fact, it is the biggest insurance deal in the country so far. Yes, the big brother in the insurance sector HDFC Life Insurance is going to acquire 100 per cent share capital of another big insurance company, namely Exide Life Insurance Company, as per the announcement made by HDFC Life Insurance officials.

This deal is going to be executed in approximately Rs 6,687 crore. As per the kundli of HDFC Life Insurance, it will take around a year to complete this deal. However, as per the astrological predictions, the Exide Life customers may take some time to develop faith in HDFC Life Insurance.

Winning The Trust Of Exide Life Customers May Be A Challenge

HDFC Life was launched on Aug 14, 2000. If we see it’s kundli on that day, Sun and Mars are together. That is why the marketing strategy of the company has largely been aggressive. In future, too, the company will have to work harder to gain the trust of the Exide customers. However, the transits in the future indicate that the customers will start trusting HDFC. It may take a year for the deal to get fully completed. The transiting planets are also indicating that the deal of buying Exide Life Insurance may be somewhat expensive for HDFC Life Insurance.

HDFC Life Will Expand, Numerically & Geographically

This deal may give a lot of benefits to the customers. After this news, the shares of HDFC Life jumped sharply. It is said that Exide Life Insurance Company has an excellent hold in South India. This deal will expand HDFC Life very much, including increasing its geographic spread.

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