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Ganesha’s blessings for eClerx Services Limited

Ganesha’s blessings for eClerx Services Limited

The Company was originally incorporated on March 24, 2000 as eClerx Services Private Limited.

EClerkx Servcies Ltd. provides data analytics and customized process solutions to global enterprise clients from their offshore delivery centers in India. Their portfolio of services comprises data analytics, operations management, data audits, metrics management and reporting services etc. The company provides service solutions using a mix of custom designed data processes, delivery teams comprising generalists and domain specialists, and in-house software to mechanize processes. ESL designs data solutions for offshore clients to meet their specific requirements. The company offers value additions by solving business issues for clients through a cost effective combination of people, process and technology. The company endeavors to increase revenues, reduce operating costs and boost profits for their clients. Their area of expertise is to increase the effectiveness of e-commerce websites.

Technical Fact Sheet:
Type of Issue : Book Built
Issue Opens: 04 December, 2007
Issue Closes: 07 December, 2007

Issue Size : 3,206,349(No. of Shares)
Lower Price Band: Rs.270
Upper Price Band: Rs.315
Total Issue Size: Rs.101 Crores

Application Multiple: 20 and in multiples there off starting with atleast 20 shares.
Maximum Shares: 300(for Retail)

Astrological Analysis:
Ganesha sees Pisces Ascendant in Sun chart. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are in conjunction in Aries. Mercury and Venus are posited in twelfth house. Rahu is posited in Cancer sign whereas Moon is in Libra. Transit of Jupiter from Sagittarius provides wide expansion in its financial positions. The employees and management enjoy peaceful time with the results optimum outcome is attained. The management encounters criticism much to their dislike. But Ganesha finds unfavorable results related to its sixth house, because of the position of Saturn and Ketu over there. Jupiter’s aspect on sixth house diminishes the malefic effects of Saturn-Ketu. Retrograde Mars over fourth house is inauspicious, as it would cause trouble through the statutory authorities.
Ganesha wishes the company all the best for all its endeavors. May it continue to grow in the years to come.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,