Future of Sesa Goa Limited

Most interesting-risky yet most beneficial script Sesa Goa's future seems very bright to Ganesha. As per the horoscope of the date on which public issue was announced, earth and fixed ascendant i.e. Taurus was ruling. Taurus being the Lord of second house of Natural Zodiac gives satisfactory financial progress. Currently, transiting Jupiter is passing over Natal Moon in Sesa Goa's chart, which indicates that till November 2007, Sesa will be earning good fiscal gains and traders may also benefit out of this script. However, as soon as Jupiter changes sign to Sagittarius in November 2007 and at the same time Saturn is transiting in Leo with Ketu, Ganesha feels that Sesa Goa may have a negative turn in its script. Ganesha suggests all investors to come out of this script after the month of November 2007, in order to avoid setbacks.

Ganesha's Grace,
Dharmesh Joshi