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Ford Shuts Down India Operations: What Can We Predict Next?

Ford Shuts Down India Operations: What Can We Predict Next?

American automobile company Ford has decided to shut down its vehicle manufacturing factories in India due to long term losses. It is believed that the company has suffered even more losses during the COVID pandemic. However, the company will continue to serve its existing customers with service and maintenance.

After incurring a loss of about two billion dollars, Ford India has informed its employees about the closure. Due to the closure of this plant, more than 4000 people will be affected in terms of their employment. We analysed the Solar horoscope of the company, and here are our predictions.

Ford’s Future in India

Born in America on July 30, 1863, Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company on June 16, 1903. According to astrology, the closure of the company’s plant in India may not affect its popularity much. Even after this, people who like their cars and are loyal customers are most likely to continue following the brand.

According to Ford’s horoscope, Saturn is transiting over the natal Saturn, which is causing problems. However, it is not likely to affect the company for long. There’s even a possibility that people might miss their cars, and the popularity would live on even after their exit from the Indian market.

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Sanand Plant Will Remain Operational

At the event organised by Ford India, it was announced that all the plants of the company would be closed. However, the company is going to continue operating its engine plant in Sanand, Gujarat. Along with this, they are also going to continue providing service to their customers.

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