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Facebook’s New Name: Will ‘Metaverse’ Change Our Universe?

There was a time when social media was single-handedly ruled by Facebook. It was the success story of the digital revolution, where it became one of the most valuable companies, beginning from the dorm room of Harvard University! An Exalted Saturn in the founder Mark Zuckerberg’s birth chart along with a better placed Sun may have taken him and his innovation to this journey!

Today, there are 1.9 billion daily users of the platform, despite the competition like Google and Twitter growing stronger. For all these giants, we can draw out some excellent astrological similarities, too.

Moreover, Facebook is not just now limited to being a social media website. It also has apps like Instagram and WhatsApp under its umbrella. With tremendous success, the brand has also been under some scrutiny with governments of the world, mostly because of the concerns over the privacy issues of user data. Getting back to Mark Zuckerberg’s planets, the conjunctions of Moon with Ketu and Sun with Rahu indicates these issues being persistent with the company.

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In Feb 4, 2004, it launched as ‘TheFacebook’, and has now changed to ‘Meta’. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, ‘the name will better encompass everything the company does now’. Here, it is important to note that, Facebook as a social media site, WhatsApp, and Instagram will have no changes in the name. Apart from these two, the company will also cover Facebook Messenger, Facebook Watch, Facebook Portal, Giphy, and Mapillary. The parent company of these all will be called ‘Meta’.

So, when will Facebook change its name? The Facebook name change was announced on Thursday, Oct 28, 2021. It will be called ‘Meta Platforms, Inc.’ The shares of the company will also trade under the name: Meta.

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Team Zuckerberg say that they are trying to create a three dimensional virtual world where users can create their avatars and interact with people. It would not be limited to using the internet on your phone and computer, but being a part of the internet instead. That’s where the name ‘Meta’ comes from, ‘the Metaverse’. The word comes from a 1992 Neal Stephenson novel ‘Snow Crash’, where it represents an encapsulation of a 3D digital world into real-life.

At the time Facebook’s name was changed (Oct 28, 2021), the chart that is created with the new name is of Cancer sign. Moon and Saturn in their own signs, along with exalted Mercury makes Meta’s chart extremely strong. On top of that, the Lord of the House of Money, Sun, is with a yog-karak Mars (favourable Mars). However, the Sun in the chart is not really powerful, which may create some initial hiccups for the company, and the journey ahead for Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta might not be as smooth as he might have expected!

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