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Budget Session 2008 crucial for Indian Political scenario

Budget Session 2008 crucial for Indian Political scenario

Budget 2008-09 is just around the corner and everybody – from the common man to industry experts – can hardly wait for the day to come. People are hoping to get more reliefs from United Progressive Alliance’s (UPA) Government in this Budget. Whether or no our Finance Minister (FM) fulfill the wish of citizens of India? If the Budget is friendly or unsympathetic to the common subject of the country. Ganesha takes a look at the commerce and industry of India and gives his Astrological Analysis on Budget 2008-09.

Planetary influences during the Budget Session:
Sun is passing through the 10th house with Saturn in sign Aquarius in conjunction with North Node. So Sun is terribly afflicted. In addition to this, Sun will be in the Satataraka Nakshatra on the day of Budget and transiting Moon will be in conjunction with Natal Ketu in Scorpio. This conjunction will take place in Jyeshtha Nakshatra. Conjunction of Transiting Saturn and Ketu will take place in Leo in Magha Nakshatra. India is currently passing through the Venus-Mercury-Saturn Period. Saturn is moving retrograde.

Impact and predictions:
Taking all these planetary influences into account, some harsh decisions in this budget and hike in price of petroleum products may disrupt the proceeding of this session and central government will be under tremendous pressure.

India is entering into a crucial period now. Controversies on various issues will surely act against the UPA government. The election of the fifteenth Lok Sabha is scheduled by May of 2009. But it is unlikely that the UPA government can survive for full term. The next three months will be full of Political dramas and there are strong possibilities that this Lok Sabha may dissolve well before the schedule and elections for next Lok Sabha will be declared in next four months.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,