Why Pet Horoscopes Matter?

Bringing a pet home is a huge responsibility. We love the furry babies, after all they are family. And if you can get a Janampatri or birth horoscope for your baby, why not for your pets. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know the traits of your pets based on their zodiac signs? Just like humans, the traits of a Virgo pet will be different as compared to the Capricorn pet.

Let’s take a look at what the zodiac signs of these furry animals highlight:

Pet Zodiac Signs


A true boss baby, Aries born pets are highly dominating as they are born leaders. They will often show this to you in many ways. They are found to be highly stubborn and hence in any competition, are completely unbeatable. They do not give-in so easily. Aries born pets are also born fearless. As they are known to be hard-headed, so training these wonderful pets becomes challenging at times. Apart from this, they are also very sensitive. Mars is the ruling planet and Fire is their dominating element.


These pets are known for their determination. However, they love their families. They love to keep lying on a soft cushy piece of furniture and appreciate music. Physical contact and cuddling are more valuable to them than mere conversations. These pets are known as highly protective of their owners and even though they may seem disconnected, they always have an eye for your safety and security. The energy levels are lower but it all can be made up with proper training and exercise. They have a tendency to gain weight.


The Gemini pets are known for their curiosity and it is this reason that they often get into trouble. They come with limitless energy which makes it hard for them to sit in one place. It is often said that you should get good playmates for your Gemini pet as they need to be around other pets to feel good. They are found to give you an exact report of what all is happening around. They really prioritize seeking attention from their masters and hence are great entertainers.


These guys are very sensitive and even a slight amount of scolding is taken seriously and leads to an apparent retreat. It is only after you have made a special effort to makeup, they will come back to their normal selves. They do not often accept anything apart from being considered as part of the families and have loyalty beyond comparison. They are also seen to be highly possessive about their personal belongings and are seen to be very clever when it comes to hiding toys. Lastly, these pets love to eat.


As the name suggests, the king knows how to rule and the household he lives in is his kingdom. No one can challenge their authority or dare take its place. Loyal to the core, these pets defend their families till the end. The best trait of these pets is that they often are seen to be great with other pets and love children. They just want to feel that they are the best dogs. It is highly important to make them feel comfortable. They do not appreciate dark and dingy spaces and often want sunlight to enter their spaces to keep their spirits up. They often seek a lot of attention.


These pets love cleanliness and so if you happen to have these pets then you have to tidy up and ensure everything is neat and in order. They are highly fond of a great bath. Although you may not be surprised to see them digging in the grass. All they love to do is to love their families and are found to be highly trainable. You cannot wish for a better friend. These pets often have tummy aches and are prone to allergies or even skin problems.


These fur babies are good-looking and they know it too. They are known to show different moods and often appear lazy. They cannot often make decisions quickly and if at all you become slow, they become highly impatient. Libra pets want to stay close and are always with you. They love to mingle with other pets and also people. They also are seen to poke their nose at someone. They are very vocal and love to share their feelings with everyone.


Stubborn is the best word to describe these pets and you simply cannot make them do stuff. They have great memories and have excellent observations of their surroundings. They are found to be happy to wander outside their house by themselves. They love to snoop around and are very curious. They are infinitely loyal and love to entertain. They are quiet by nature and often make very laid-back companions.


They are said to have great amounts of energies and you really have to be in great physical shape to keep pace with them. It has often been seen that their love can be really exhausting for the owners. It has been seen that during their puppy years they can often disrupt the households. They are very curious and love investigation of things. Interestingly, they are said to have loud barks which are often worse than their bites. They are highly loving to their family members and often do it on their own terms.


This sun sign is highly intelligent and determined of all the pet zodiac signs. They are real opportunity takers. They often stay close to the ground and are highly trainable and are fast learners. They are happy at their ends doing jobs. They are not very social with other animals and even people. They know the whole family scene and if there is something wrong, they will definitely tell you. Contrarily, they are highly prone to skin and tooth problems.


These are the real lovers of music. They are very intelligent but will not listen to you always. They are non-conformist, wilful and even stubborn and show different temperaments. They are the life of a party and often gel with everyone. Being full of energy, they always have a special love for adventure and travel. Their love for homes and family members is completely undeniable. They are very gentle and playful. Being not very picky in their food, they often have stomach issues.


Highly sensitive and loyal pets. Their love for water is so typical of their zodiac signs. It has been found that they always want to be in and around water. They are very sensitive to the mood swings of their owners and can sense the same very soon. They can judge the character of a person very easily. They are often called best friends for life. These pets are very prone to accidents and it is advised that you have to be aware of what they are up to. They love to snuggle with their families and also love to have a private and a safe corner for themselves to enjoy their personal time.

Remember your pets also have a typically distinct personality and they also express personal traits specific to the pet zodiac signs. So, anytime you think of petting an animal, it is a good idea to check up the pet zodiac and then make your decision.

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