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Why temples are closed during Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan?

Why temples are closed during Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan?

Eclipse can be Solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse also known as Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan respectively, and it occurs due to the obscuring of astronomical rays on the path of rays either fully or partially because of the placement of the second object.

It is a rare event and a very spectacular sight, but it is visible only in a few areas. Many people find it is exciting, but according to the Hindu texts or scriptures, it is not an exciting thing for which one should wait.

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Rahu and Ketu when moving around the celestial sphere denote the two points of intersection of the Moon and the Sun. Hence Rahu is known as North Lunar Nodes, and Ketu is known as South Lunar Nodes.

The moon is aligned perfectly between the Sun and the Earth when the Moon is passing through North or South Lunar Nodes to create eclipse or Grahan.

According to the Myth the Sun gets swallow when the Sun and the Moon are at one of the North or South Lunar nodes. In an Indian Vedic Astrology the cycles of Rahu and Ketu in celestial fear is known to all but their relation to the eclipse or Grahan make the character of Rahu and Ketu mysterious, strange, frightening, dark and hidden.

So, it is not good to see a lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) or solar eclipse (Surya Grahan)

A temple is a place where one experiences deeper subjective tranquillity of pure awareness. It is a place where the divine aspect of life can be admired through deep observation. The geometry of places of spiritual healing is used as a Yantra which can create tenuous energy flow.

The devotees are able to experience the divinity in them when they are inside the temple is only due to this tenuous energy flow. Thus, a different holy place induces a different kind of tenuous energy. This tenuous energy also interacts with the cosmic energy arriving from the Sun and the planets.

The idols inside the temple have been placed by performing all ceremonies and rituals, and they constantly emerge positive energy. Most of the individuals don’t visit the temple to experience subjective tranquillity within but to present their wish-list in front of God.

Effects of Solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) and lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan)

During the time of Grahan, the aura around the idol is little-bit disturbed. As per Hindu texts and scripture, the heavenly bodies, especially the Sun and the Moon release abnormal negative energy. Therefore the door of the housing of the main deity of the temple is closed so that the negative energy released by the heavenly bodies could be prevented or minimized. This negative energy can disturb the effects of tenuous energy on the devotees.

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After closing the door, tulsi leaves are placed on the idols to cover them against the abnormal negative energy released during the time of Grahan.

All the holy places are closed during the time of Grahan except the Kalahateshwar temple in Sri Kalahasthi (Kailash of South India). It is the only temple in India that offers puja and prayers to Rahu and Ketu. Hence the effect of Grahan is not there on this temple.

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Our wise ancestors were aware of the effects of the Grahan on the temples and resulting effect on the devotees. So, the temple doors are closed during the time of Grahan to minimize the negative effects of the heavenly bodies on the aura of the idols of the temple and resulting to the prevention of this negative energy on the devotees.

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