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Women How to Heal Broken Heart the Sun Sign Way

Women How to Heal Broken Heart the Sun Sign Way

Heartbreak is a universal reality that one needs to face even though it brings a great deal of emotional pain and sorrow with it.
Okay, maybe you did not have a great Valentine’s Day this time! Or probably, your other half was all worked up because of their office banter. Or, you are feeling heartbroken over a relationship that was not meant to be, and the one which you recently bid goodbye to. Whatever it was or is, it’s best to stay strong and move on. But then, everyone has different ways of recovering from heartbreak.
Throwing tantrums, getting angry, shouting and shrieking, crying into the pillow all through the night, or blaming the world for your pain – what all emotional people do when they get their heartbroken over lost love. Here we bring you insights into how you, as an individual, are likely to handle healing from heartbreak, based on your Zodiac Sign!

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
The fiery Aries natives are strong – but usually on the surface. Guileless or quick to trust others, Ram falls in love – fast and hard. And, when they go through an emotional ride, expect plenty of crying, wailing, and sobbing. These fury filled individuals will be full of a feeling of suffering, which may be followed by anger and rage too. However, after some time, they will be quick to forget and move on – after all, “tomorrow is a new day” for most Aries.
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Heartbreak by Sun Signs
The brooding Bull may go very quiet and withdrawn initially when they get a no in love. However, this may soon give way to depression, quiet self-admonishing, and even a deep analysis of what went wrong. The good thing is that even though they may take time, the headstrong Taurus natives’ remedy for a broken heart is to tumble out of this broken heart mode eventually and that too stronger. They will begin by reinstating the lost stability, post which they shall be all composed – even if the hurt remains.

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
Gemini twins may be strong, but when it comes to recovering from heartbreak, they really do not find it easy. It may be, in fact, quite difficult for them to cope with their emotions – especially till the time a break-up is recent. Happily, Gemini natives are quick to recover and would rarely spend a lot of time healing from heartbreak and their hurt selves. Intelligent and quick-witted, these individuals are also smart enough to learn their lessons from their setbacks. Before an ex can even think about getting back, most of them would have moved on to another love interest.

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
The emotional and sensitive Crab has a tendency to cling to the past. Naturally, Cancer individuals take a lot of time to get back to normal, heal broken heart after they suffer a lot of pain. For them, either it is never-ending love or never loving again, at least for quite a while. Their aching and lamenting, thus, may last longer than for the people of most other star signs. On the surface, many Cancer natives, however, would be very composed, even when hurting inside – and would complete all their practical tasks to perfection. But, inside would be a different story! Casual fling is seldom their choice – love is taken very seriously in the Cancer individual’s world.

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
The Lion/Lioness of this sign don’t forget or forgive any slights quickly or easily. And, when it comes to a broken relationship, recovering from heartbreak – the loss is monumental for Leo – of dignity, of their superiority, and their pride. Break the heart of a Leo native, and be ready to be shunned for life! All your pleas may fall on deaf ears. In fact, the Lion/Lioness will not let their ex-lover even feel that they are hurting. Hunt for a better partner will be initiated, even an attempt of PDA may happen, and demonstrative gestures to make an ex jealous.

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
Virgo individuals are nothing if not logical and intelligent. Logic rules their brain! After analysing the relationship (if things are not working or something is amiss), they may themselves decide to bid adieu, even if it may take them ages to heal broken heart. Most of these rational Virgo women will amicably end a relationship, especially if there ever was a friendship they valued. They may avoid getting back to the same places or meeting people that would remind them of their relationship gone sour. However, on the face, they would rarely make a show of a relationship gone wrong, and even when they (accidentally) bump into their ex, they would almost always ensure plastering a smile.
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Heartbreak by Sun Signs
Ever the charming diplomat, the Libra native rarely gives away what’s going inside their heart – even after a heartbreak – what remedy for a broken heart they use – especially to those not close to her. The tell-tale effects of a broken heart and pain may start to show physically on them, but they prefer moping silently and healing from heartbreak, rather than making a hue and cry about it all until they are pushed to limits. And, when that happens, the sight isn’t pretty at all. Once the deed is done – the relationship over for good – the Libra individuals don’t believe in spending too much time grieving. Wiping the slate clean, they move on by getting involved in their hobbies, careers, travels, or even new relationships.

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
Scorpios are intense, passionate beings, and for them, a break-up is usually harsh enough to topple their worlds – at least for a while. It’s difficult for the obsessive Scorpio native to take/accept defeat – thus, they never really recuperate from their heartbreak. Even when they move on, a reticent pain will keep them glued some way or the other to their past, because of which it is difficult for them to heal broken heart or find love again. Their intensity in love also makes them vindictive – hurting or betraying a Scorpio comes at a high price – they never really forgive or forget. They will sting you when you least expect it. Be aware, we already warned ya!

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
Their freedom-loving nature and understanding of philosophy and life’s deeper meanings often aid the competent Sagittarius natives to deal better than most others – with a break-up and a heartbreak. In fact, most Archer individuals believe that there’s much to be learned from a failed relationship. They will let go of the past, even if deep down they may still crave for their soul-mate – if that person even came close to being one. Sagittarius individuals are quite accepting of changes and thus are on the lookout for a new relationship. So, when one ends, obviously, they have (however harsh it may sound) at least one reason to smile.
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Heartbreak by Sun Signs
Forget about getting over one. It’s even difficult for the super-selective and careful Capricorn to admit that heartbreak actually happened to them! There is no grandma’s remedy for a broken heart, and these Earthy individuals will find it difficult to tell themselves or their close ones that they are in pain – over a relationship that was not meant to be. So, post a break-up, most of the Sea-Goat natives will go on and about, immersing themselves deeper in their work, careers – whatever works – even a rebound relationship to ease the ache and help to heal from heartbreak. The pain may haunt them for a long time, maybe subconsciously, but to most others, they will appear to have moved on.

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
The modern and analytical Aquarius water carrier tends to approach matters of the heart rather methodically. Although they won’t mourn the break for long, the Aqua natives will not accept the break-up easily and would do their best to dig up the dirt – to find what went wrong, how, and why. The initial period, thus, would most likely be spent in finding answers and clues – rather than sobbing and crying. Once they figure out the real reason (and, if that’s anything, but betrayal), they will not take long to close the chapter – amicably. They believe more in the friendship than the love that was there. This is a Zodiac Sign that always looks forward and finds a remedy for a broken heart!

Heartbreak by Sun Signs
Emotional and sensitive Pisces fishes naturally find heartbreak devastating and painful. They may take huge amounts of time getting out of messed up situations and may add to the complexities by calling up ex-es, begging for return, and writing letters declaring apologies and undying love – all very film-style. For starters, they will cling to their love and love story for dear life – and once that fails, and they let go of the relationship, the crush, the love – whatever it was – they would cry, sob, wail, spend sleepless nights, sing sad songs, may even try indulgences like alcohol – to get over. Surprisingly, the Pisces individuals do get over and move on soon. And, once they do – they are quick to look for greener pastures. In fact, most Pisces have intense rebound relationships to heal broken heart.
It is impossible to alter the past, but it is possible to learn from it. You can always adjust habits or alter your perspective to avoid repeating mistakes, encourage yourself to grow, and continue to cultivate self-love, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

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