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Sun-Signs, Love, Romance, Dream Dates and a lot more – Find out all about them here! 

Sun-Signs, Love, Romance, Dream Dates and a lot more – Find out all about them here!

Fast and furious is an apt description of a date with an Aries. Always ready to charge at the slightest provocation, the Ram doesn’t mince words and goes for the kill straight away. Never shy to take the bull by its horns, the fiery Aries craves for excitement and adventure. Don’t be surprised if your typical Aries love interest proposes a date in some exotic wilderness, where he can fulfil his need for adventure and channelise the vast reserves of energy effectively. Never let the Ram take you for granted, if he feels that you have been conquered, his interest in you may wane quickly. In that case, it may not be long till he takes on to some other interest. Play hard to get and always keep him on his toes, so that the interest in you doesn’t extinguish. Be bold and match up to his or her aggression. Your Aries date wouldn’t hesitate to gear up for a challenge, hence always keep them occupied. As they are impulsive to the core, you can never anticipate when their fiery passion will overpower you.

Adopt a sophisticated approach while dating the Bull, keep the pace slow and relaxed. The earthly Taurus takes his or her own time to open up, be patient till the Bull feels comfortable and secure. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, they have a refined taste and love a regal and luxurious setting for a date. Thus, gifting them exotic and expensive flowers (orchids will do) will touch the right chord with them. Gourmet food and champagne are a must. You must learn to fine tune your senses in order to exhibit class and a rich taste. You may not have loads of money or fancy degrees, but if you appeal to their senses, and are able to gratify them, then you are all set. Your hard work and preparation will pay off once your Taurus date gets closer to you. Leave the rest to imagination.

Before dating a Gemini, prepare yourself to match up with their pace, which is lightening fast. The quicksilver temperament of the Twins can show you varied hues in the same outing. You have to be a good listener, so that, your Gemini date knows he or she has an intelligent audience, something which is quite important for these restless souls. A sure shot way to the heart of your Gemini date is, stimulating them intellectually. Once they get the inkling that you can match up with their verbosity, you can hold their attention for a while. It is precisely at this point that you make your move, and try to kindle their curiosity in you. Once they find you worthy and interesting, things will definitely be upbeat. The ideal setting for a date can be a museum or some modern art gallery. Though a flea market is not a bad option either, as long as there is interesting conversation going on.

It may be quite a task to lure the sensitive Crab from their familiar and homely surroundings which provide them with a lot of comfort. Hence, take care to choose some really cosy place as the venue of your date, someplace calm and peaceful. Be attentive and nurturing with these emotional creatures, and try not to rush things up. Give them a warm, fuzzy feeling of security and cater to all their whims and fancies. Your Cancer date may be quite moody, hence never ever take them for granted. Pay attention to every word uttered by them, and the least you can do is to make them feel wanted and cared for. For these introvert and shy creatures, trust never comes easily. Hence, you have to do all the homework in order to gain their trust. Once they feel comfortable with you, they will start to open up and let you venture in their sanctuary.

You are dealing with someone regal and gregarious, when you date a Leo. Everything has to be king size, and remember that they love to hog all the attention and limelight. A sure way of winnig their heart is by praising them and feeding their ego. The Lions love to be admired, and once you praise them for all their qualities (good or bad), they will open their generous heart to you. Remember, your Leo date loves to be in charge, hence relegate your position secondary to him or her, because they despise playing the second fiddle. An ideal setting for a date with them could be some grand concert, with lots of people around, some place brimming with pulse and energy. A dinner at some swanky restaurant naturally follows, and you should make it a point to entertain your Leo date with your humour and verve, making him or her know that they are your number one priority. This should set the tone for some sizzling time later.

Practise makes a man perfect! This phrase probably was invented by a Virgo, the reason being, these individuals are obsessed with attaining perfection in everything. That includes love and romance, and hence, you should be careful enough not to invite their blunt criticism if they find you lacking in any department. Pay attention to every minute detail, like the dress you are supposed to wear, the make-up, the venue of the date and the kind of food you order. They are fitness freaks as well, and hence it would be a good idea to order something healthy and fresh. In order to grab their attention and make them interested in you, try asking some intelligent question regarding some problem you have been facing, and they will be more than happy to dissect the problem and present their carefully drafted analysis. When you feel that the ball is in your court, just go for the kill and you will be surprised to find them more than willing for a gala time.

In order to attract the sensuous and indulgent Libra, you have to ooze elegance and beauty. These charming creatures love to be in love, and they thrive on the excitement that a romantic date creates. A good idea would be to organise a candle lit dinner at your place with soft music playing in the background and the fragrance of fresh flowers flowing all around. Such kind of setting would definitely appeal to their senses. You are now all set to woo your Libra date, and do everything possible to make them feel desired and loved. Make sure you maintain a sense of balance in your every action, because Libra has a strong preference for balance and harmony. Hence, try to be poised and receptive to the banter of these charming individuals, and make sure that you make your presence felt by offering your own opinions and suggestions as well. They love a partner who is strong and decisive, willing to take the initiative, so make sure you display all these qualities.

Your Scorpio date is intense and alluring for sure. No wonder that Scorpio is considered to be the most sensual sign of the zodiac, and hence sex appeal oozes in their persona. In order to attract the mysterious and enigmatic Scorpio, put on a veil of mystery on your own persona, inviting them to explore you and unlock the secrets that you have been holding. Far from being an open book, Scorpio Natives do not reveal all of their cards, so be prepared for an element of surprise. For these passionate and intense individuals, you should choose a secretive and a dark place for a date, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Once you both are on your own, just surrender yourself to their charming and sensuous ways, and bare yourself to all their probing. They like to experience a sense of power over their partner, so ensure that you give them all the access to the innermost you.

There is something raw and untamed in the half human and half horse sign of the Archer. If your date is a Sagittarius, be prepared to hop the trail of adventure, so that they can satisfy their wanderlust. Philosophical and intellectual, engage them in discussions regarding their various adventures, and they would love to oblige you. Never make the mistake of trying to restrict them in a particular place or infringe on their personal space. That will make them recoil from you forever. Just be your own self with them, and you will do just fine. Instead of confining your Sagittarius date indoors, try to accompany him or her on a hiking trail, explore a beach or the mountains, and ignite their enthusiasm. Once they are in their own element, make it a point to talk about your wildest dreams and fantasies, and how you would like to explore the world with him or her. Your efforts will pay off handsomely as you lose yourself in the depths of unadulterated pleasure.

To impress the conventional and stable Capricorn, adopt a traditional approach and project an image of being classy and intelligent. These introvert and shy individuals may take their own sweet time to open up, and hence being patient with them is the only way you have. Instead of rushing into things, these earthly creatures like someone who is in total control and dependable. Take them to a high end restaurant where reservations are required, and a dress code is enforced. Being ruled by Saturn, they prefer structure and authority in their lives. The Mountain Goat prefers all things expensive and of high quality, which reflect their sense of class and refinement. But take care not to over indulge or be extravagant, for they prefer someone cool and composed, not unpredictable or impulsive. Once you succeed in melting their resistance and gaining their trust, you will be surprised with the passion and exuberance your Capricorn date exhibits.

If you want to impress the free willed and independent Aquarius, be unconventional and spontaneous in your approach. The Water Bearer has an affinity for being unpredictable, and avoid any dogmatic and rigid behaviour. Aquarius is known as the humanitarian of the zodiac, and they love to take up public causes. Keeping all these things in mind, the best way to woo these innovative souls is to engage them in a discussion about a popular social cause, like environmental protection or banning plastic bags. Once you have got them into the groove, dazzle them further by displaying your knowledge regarding cutting edge technology and all the jargon associated with it. Choose some hep place as the venue for your date, preferably with free wi-fi and latest gadgets on display. However, don’t press the Water Bearer for commitment at once, as they value their freedom highly. Once you realise that they are openly sharing their thoughts and feelings with you, you can expect some ravishing times ahead.

In order to impress the reclusive Fish, make an attempt to understand their emotions and sensitive nature. The dreamy Pisces seem to be lost in their own imaginary world, so accompany them in their flight of fantasy. Most of the times, Pisces are insecure and vulnerable, hence it is sensible to assume the role of a mentor and a protector. The crave for someone thoughtful, sympathetic and caring. Make sure you reflect all these qualities in your behaviour. The venue for the date can be some quite and calm place, preferably with proximity to water. Like the gush of a free flowing waterfall, the Fish may drown you with their feelings and emotions, and you should be prepared to deal with their insecurities and vulnerabilities. However, don’t try to suppress or dominate these hyper-sensitive creatures, otherwise they may swim away before you even realise what happened. Once you have won their confidence, your Pisces date can transport you to a wonderland, and perhaps fulfil your wildest fantasy.

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