Weather Predictions for India based on Astro-Meteorology

Ages, various Astrologers like Polemy, Al Biruni, Maharshi Garg etc.
have given many Astrological clues on the subject Astro-Meteorology.
Lot of research has been done on this subject in last 100 years. Jim
Lewis an American Astrologer has gifted this world with the
subject named Astrocartography or Astrogeography. Based on various
old and new fundamentals, Ganesha would like to present an academic
study on how the Weather would be during next six months, in India.

Ingress chart

Ingress horoscope or Surya
Sankraman Kundli

is the key to changes in weather at any location.

is Solar Ingress chart for India. As IST is decided from Allahabad,
Ganesha has taken that location into main consideration to cast the
horoscope. Various charts can surely be casted for each region using
Coordinates of that state's Capital. As we are to understand how the
weather would be in India, this chart would be fine.

Ingress Chart for Sun in Aries
Date : 13
April 2008
: 18 hours 28 min. 45 second
: Allahabad

of this horoscope is ruled by Venus which is posited in Pisces, a
watery sign and it is in Scorpio Navmansha. Moreover, Neptune a
planet with strong watery influence is placed in the 4th
house at critical degree 29. Moon is in Watery sign in the 10th
house. Mars is at 22 degree in Gemini so chances of hot winds in
Western parts of the country are there. As watery sign also has a
strong hold over the chart, there are chances of some raindrops even
in Summer. In this Summer, weather will be quite unstable, feels

Ingress chart for Sun in Cancer
: 16
July 2008
: 08 hours 57 min. 30 sec.
: Allahabad


Sankraman Kundli

for Sun's Ingress in Cancer has some interesting clues. Venus a
watery planet is in Watery sign and 4th
house obviously is ruled by watery sign Scorpio but it's Lord Mars is
in Leo a fire sign. In some parts of India, crops may burn due to
heavy rains in this monsoon so farmers will have to be extra careful
this time. Mercury in Gemini indicates that heavy rains would not
maintain location but will shift from one location to another. This
time some regions on the seaside of the eastern coast will have to be
extra careful and take precautions for flood, Tsunami or some
catastrophe due to water. This Monsoon is going to be heavier for

is Astrocartography chart for Sun's Ingress in Cancer, as per
Western Astrology


ACG Chart Courtesy

observes heavy changes and activities from weather point of view for
three months from 21st
June 2008 based on this chart. Specifically area near Calcutta,
Himachal Pradesh and area around the Bay of Bengal are under heavier
planetary influences.

short, India is going to experience heavy Monsoon this year so keep
your raincoats and umbrellas ready!

wishes Good luck to all Indians for better disposition during changes
in weather.

luck and may Lord Ganesha bless you.


N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team