Virgo celebs with watch-worthy love lives in 2014

Virgo celebs with watch-worthy love lives in 2014 - GaneshaSpeaks

Kareena Kapoor
It has been a while since the Bollywood queen bee and the Kapoor Khandaan blue-eyed girl Kareena Kapoor tied the knot with the long-time beau Nawab Saif Ali Khan. Trouble is we we haven’t seen much of her post her starry shaadi. In 2014, we would surely love to see (and hear) of this lovey dovey couple. And, will we have some good news too? We would be all ears!

Sameera Reddy
The dusky South Indian beauty, Sameera Reddy is all set to enter matrimony in 2014. Late in 2013, post her low-key engagement, she announced an April 2014 wedding to her motor-biking mate and beau, Akshai Varde, CEO and Founder of Vardenchi Motorcycles. We would be all eyes, as this good looking couple ties the knot.

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