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Effects of Venus transit in Capricorn on all Zodiac Signs

The gorgeous planet of love and luxury, Venus is going to make it’s transit to Capricorn sign this time. In astrology, the role of Venus is to govern our sentiments and values in life. It is also said to gift one with charm, grace, and beauty. Being the ruler of two different zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra, it is said to represent money and love area of life. It is also considered a mentor of the demons and a signifier of conjugal affairs, marital bliss, wealth, materialistic things, luxuries, automobiles, electronic gadgets, and lifestyle. It majorly impacts these areas in one’s life.

If Venus is strongly placed in your Janampatri then you would enjoy great success in your marital life, love relationship and worldly pleasures.

However, if Venus is placed in a malefic manner, it would hinder one’s marital or love-life and elude one from being prosperous. Consulting an expert astrologer can help curb the malefic effects of weakly placed Venus in your horoscope.

Venus is going to enter the Capricorn sign on December December 29, 2022, at around 04:13 PM. As per Hindu Ephemeris; transit of Venus will commence during Pausha month, Tritya Tithi of Krishna Paksha.

Venus is transiting in its friendly sign, Capricorn. This is because the ruler of Capricorn sign is Saturn which is friendly to Venus. This Venus transit to its friendly sign may bring happiness and financial fortunes to certain signs. However, the effect of this Venus transit varies for natives of each sign. Venus mainly signifies leisure, romance, beauty, luxuries, arts, literature, creative inclination, and poetic essence. Hence, this Venus transit will affect the natives in the mentioned areas of their lives. Let’s find out whether Venus is going to bring sweet or sour experiences to the natives of different signs.

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned as per Moon signs.)

  • For the Mars-ruled Aries zodiac sign, Venus is going to enter the tenth house in your birth chart. This is the house of profession and aspects related to it like promotion, fame, power, and authority.
  • Working individuals will achieve desired growth at the professional-front. Your hard work and dedication would bring you fruitful results in your workplace. Your seniors would recognize the sincerity and efforts you put forth in your field.
  • The perfect blend of the Martian energy and Venus will allow you to bring desired growth and attract financial growth through your efforts. You are likely to get promoted during the transit period. It may also give you the desired results in your business endeavors. Your stocks may rise and give you high profits during this time. Hence, be ready for the blessings of fortune in your finances.
  • On the other hand, you would receive adequate support from your family. This would make your personal life flourish with happiness. In addition, transiting Venus on the tenth house will shower it’s positive effects to the fourth house which will bring an increase in the property. There are favorable chances to purchase a vehicle as well.
  • In all, this Venus transit in Capricorn is predicted to be the blessed phase for the fiery sign. Make the most usage of it!

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  • Venus transit in Capricorn: February 27, 2022
  • Venus transit in Aquarius: March 31, 2022
  • Venus transit in Pisces: April 27, 2022
  • Venus transit in Aries: May 23, 2022
  • Venus transit in Taurus: June 18, 2022
  • Venus transit in Gemini: July 13, 2022
  • Venus transit in Cancer: August 7, 2022
  • Venus transit in Leo: August 31, 2022
  • Venus transit in Virgo: September 24, 2022
  • Venus transit in Libra: October 18, 2022
  • Venus transit in Scorpio: November 11, 2022
  • Venus transit in Sagittarius: December 5, 2022
  • Venus transit in Capricorn: December 29, 2022

  • Venus is going to make a transit in its own sign in the ninth house of the birth chart of Taurus individuals. This house represents luck, dreams, higher education, and religious travels.
  • The transit is going to be in the house of luck and hence it is going to attract a good amount of financial fortunes during this time. There are chances of getting the desired amount of financial income in the work front. You might receive incentive awards for your efforts at your workplace or earn huge profits in your business deals.
  • During this phase, Venus will remain in full strength and bring you immense happiness. Your long-prevailing dreams may get fulfilled. Hence, you are suggested to remain in your best gear to welcome that contentment in life.
  • You are likely to get comfort and fruitful results through long-distance travel at this time. Your domestic life would envelop you with positive vibes. This would also grant you happiness in your personal life, whether it is your relationship with spouse, love partner or family.
  • In a nutshell, this is going to be the perfect phase of growth for the Taureans.

  • For the Gemini twins, the transit of Venus is going to be in the eighth house of your birth chart. This is the house of worries, obstacles, debts, and enemies. Despite Mercury ruling this zodiac sign which is friendly with Venus, the transit will give you mixed results.
  • You are likely to be spending money unnecessarily during this phase as you will be attracted towards the worldly pleasures. These unplanned expenses might be a cause of concern for you. You should not trap yourself into debts due to this. Hence, it is suggested that you remain vigilant about your expenditures and keep your savings separately.
  • On the other hand, it is predicted that your love matters might get a boost. Venus will shower love and may help you to create some secret love relationships during the transit period.
  • Venus will be transiting to the eighth house due to which it may create misunderstandings with your near and dear ones. Hence, it is suggested that you deal with your personal and family-related matters with a calm mind during this phase.
  • Summarily, this phase is demanding you to manage your funds judiciously and control your expenses strictly.

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  • The friendly Venus, for the Moon-ruled zodiac sign Cancer, is going to make its transit to the seventh house of your birth chart. This house is the significator of marital life, spouse, partnership, desires, and hopes.
  • As the Moon is a natural friend of Venus, this transit would give fruitful results in terms of income. You are likely to receive a good bonus incentive or an appraisal at the workplace.
  • Venus will open various channels of financial gains via partnership during its transit. As Venus is transiting to the house of partnership, it will activate the significance of the spouse. Your spouse would play a major role in contributing and supporting you financially. You will have the mental satisfaction and security due to this.
  • Your business prospects would give you great benefits and profits at this time. This is a good time for business partnerships to flourish.
  • Your life would be better and you would feel contented during the transit phase. The betterment in wealth and your relationships would make you remain blissful.
  • In all, this is going to be a great phase of your personal and professional life due to the positive effects of the Moon and Venus.

  • The sixth house is where Venus is going to enter for the Lions in your birth chart. This is the house of debts, disputes, disease, and misery. This is an unfavorable house for Venus. Additionally, the ruler of this zodiac sign, Sun is incompatible to Venus and, hence this transit is going to give you some sweet and sour experiences.
  • There may be some arguments and disputes in your personal and professional life. Hence you are suggested to remain soft-spoken and use wise words in conversation to anyone.
  • From the sixth house, Venus will aspect to the 12th house which signifies losses and expenditures. Your married life also may get affected and there might be some conflicts with your spouse. Healthy and caring treatment to your partner will help you maintain peace in your conjugal relationship. You may also experience an increase in unnecessary expenses during the transit. It is suggested to observe control over your expenses and manage your budget strictly.
  • On the health front, this phase demands you to keep control over diet and avoid street or junk food. You are also suggested to exercise a bit, this will make you remain fit and in perfect health too.
  • Overall, this is going to be a bit challenging time for you in terms of relationship and finances.

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  • This time Venus will be transiting to the fifth house in your birth chart. This house signifies romance, love, emotional pleasures, and creativity.
  • For Virgo Moon signs, the transit of Venus is going to be the most auspicious and productive for you. During this transit, Venus would be aspecting the house of gains and so your efforts would give you good results.
  • Your intellectual ideas would start developing more. This will help you attract the attention of your senior authorities at the workplace or in your business projects. They may also help you spread your wings wide and head in the right direction. Your work would be appreciated and you are likely to get positive growth in your career.
  • As Venus is transiting in the house of love and romance, you would experience a perfect boost in your love life or marital life. This will bring satisfaction in your relationship and the domestic front will remain filled with positive vibes.
  • The positive growth in your personal and professional life will fill you with mental satisfaction and contentment.
  • In a nutshell, you are likely to see progress in your personal and professional-life fronts during the Venus transit in Capricorn.

  • Venus is the ruler of Libra sign and it is going to enter the fourth house of your birth chart. This house signifies near and dear ones, worldly pleasures, landed property and movable assets.
  • The Venus transit in its own sign in this house will give desirable growth to your personal life. You are likely to come closer to your family and friends during this time. This would strengthen the bonds between you and your near ones.
  • You are likely to get good growth in your career. Your work and efforts would help you reach new levels in your organization. On the business front as well, you would experience an increase in the progress. Your shares may increase at this time of the transit.
  • Those who are waiting for their desires to be fulfilled for a long, their wait is over. The transit phase of Venus will activate the chances of fulfillment of desires. This would boost the possibility of spending money for the purchase of vehicles and investments in property. Hence, you are likely to purchase your dream car or home that you were hoping for.
  • In all, this seems to be a period of gifts for the Librans.

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  • Venus is going to transit to the third house in the birth chart of the Scorpions. This house represents relatives, courage, valor, intellect, and communication.
  • The transiting Venus will make you courageous, increase firmness and will boost your communication powers. Your positive qualities may get a good boost due to Venus’s transit in the third house.
  • Your improvement in communication will help you yield effective results in your profession. It will enhance your writing skills and talents which can be utilized for growth at the workplace. You would become more practical and apply your efforts in the best manner. This can help you bring changes in your career.
  • You would be practical while communicating with anyone in your personal life as well. Being more communicative and on the alert-mode would be your prime focus to benefit from this golden phase. Your desire for comfortable living is likely to make you focus on improving your financial condition.
  • You will bring change to your lifestyle to get in proper shape. You can start a daily routine of exercise and yoga to meet this fitness goal.
  • Overall, the Venus in Capricorn is going to be an auspicious phase for you.

  • It is the second house of your birth chart in which the bright Venus is going to transit for you. This is the house of wealth, family and financial matters. These are the major areas which are going to get affected during this transit. Other life matters are likely to remain average.
  • Money is one of the key factors for you to lead a convenient lifestyle. This is why you focus on earning and saving more. Hence, your financial status is likely to improve during this phase and you would not have to worry about any issues on this front.
  • During this phase, Venus will also be aspecting the eighth house. This will bring some changes to the food habits also and you may face challenges in your health. Therefore, a nutritious diet and paying attention to health is strongly recommended at this time. This would help you enjoy the transit of Venus in the form of financial stability with happiness and contentment.
  • The wealth gain during the transit would make your personal life secure as well. Hence, you are likely to come close to your family and maintain a peaceful atmosphere with them.
  • In a nutshell, Venus will bring positive changes to the monetary front in your life.

  • The charming Venus is making its transit to the first house of the birth chart of Capricornians. This is the house of self, dignity, prosperity, and fortune. Venus is going to be in a favorable position and is likely to shower its beauty and auspiciousness on you.
  • At this time Venus will directly aspect the seventh house. As this house signifies spouse and partnerships, there are chances of gains through partnerships. Fortune is on its way to make your life prosperous.
  • There would be a good deal of financial gains through various channels. Your spouse will prove to be financially supportive and the sources of income would increase your financial security. This will bring happiness in your married life as well. Partnership in the business is also likely to flourish during the Venus transit.
  • If you were suffering from ailments for a long time, you are likely to recover from them. As Venus will improve your health and make you more disciplined towards the health front.
  • Summarily, this seems to be the fortunate time of your life and you can utilize it for further growth.

  • For Aquarians, the transit of Venus is going to be in the 12th house of your birth chart. This is the house of expenditures, losses, and marriage. This is likely to be the most bizarre phase for you.
  • Venus is going to bless your domestic and marital life with the perfect pleasures at this time. You are likely to experience a boost in romance as the spark increases between you and your significant other.
  • On the other hand, you would have to be vigilant about your finances. Any impulsive decisions at the monetary front may lead you to the financial crisis. The mishandling of your expenses can become a cause of concern for you later. Therefore, you need to control the expenditures strictly at this time to avoid any cash crunch.
  • Venus would also be aspecting the sixth house during the transit. Hence, it is likely to make you spend on the hospital bills due to short illnesses. It is suggested that you maintain a dietary regimen and take special care of health to avoid any such situations from arising.
  • Making your life disciplined and following proper hygiene and fitness habits in day to day routine will help you enjoy the transit phase with happiness.
  • In a nutshell, this transit of Venus in Capricorn would bring some twists and turns in your life. You need to be careful in your financial dealings.

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  • Venus is transiting to the 11th house in the birth chart of fishes. This house represents gains of all nature, prosperity, rewards, and fulfillment of desires. This is a perfect phase for those who are facing a financial crisis.
  • Your work at the office would be appreciated. You are likely to receive rewards and recognition for your dedication and sincerity. From the 11th house, Venus will shower its radiance by aspecting the fifth house. This would help you attract the attention of the seniors in your professional life. You are likely to get good growth in your career and position to a higher role as well.
  • For business individuals, this phase is giving a green signal for new business ventures and expansion to your existing business as well. You can start working on ideas that were there in your mind for a long time.
  • The efforts you put forth in your organization will turn into financial gains in the form of incentives or appraisal.
  • Love relationships are going to blossom and give positive vibes during this phase. The energy in your love life is likely to bring new spark and excitement in you and your partner.
  • In all, the transit of Venus in Capricorn is asking you to be ready for the glorious time of your professional and personal life.

Venus transit can prove to be the most auspicious and fortunate time in the life of many. However, if you are facing any malefic effects of the transit, our remedial solutions can help you cure them. Our expert astrologers would help you with personalized guidance and decisions about the same.

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