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Effects of Saturn Transit on Taurus Moon Sign

It takes about 30 years for the taskmaster Saturn to cross all the 12 zodiac signs. Now it’s time that this planet will be transiting in its own sign, Capricorn. Saturn is said to be the strict teacher in Vedic astrology. This transit in its own sign will be a feeling of coming back home after a long journey. It is going to enter the Capricorn moon sign on January 23, 2020, will stay there for approximately two and a half years and then enter the Aquarius zodiac sign.

For the earthy Taurus sign individuals, the grand entry of Saturn is going to be in the 9th house of their birth chart. This is the house of fame and fortune, dreams, and religious inclination. This is an important transit for Taurus individuals as the planet is going to impact your luck. This transit will help you understand the importance of taking up responsibility with care and putting effort in various areas of life.

During the phase till January 2020 (2.5 years approximately), you were under the influence of Saturn’s small panoti. Hence, you might have been concerned about your career and its growth, future progression, and better financial prospects. Your father’s health and children or family issues would have made you worried. Also, there might have been issues related to your beloved one since long. You might not have yielded desired financial rewards during a major part of this period. But, there will be a change in your focus in the next phase. What changes are on their way to you? Get your answers with the help of your personalized Saturn Transit Report.

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to moon sign.)

During the period after January 23, 2020, you may be more focussed on matters like getting your desires and benefits fulfilled. You might be strongly inclined towards religion, philosophy, and spiritual journeys. This will help you get some mental relief in your life. Ganesha feels that you will now be relatively tension-free. You will try to maintain a very good rapport with the people around you. This time can prove to be a favorable phase for you, given that you work with determination. Saturn will teach you patience in handling situations with the superiors in your professional life.

  • There are chances of friction with the superiors in your organization. What you say may not be taken in a positive manner and hence, you are suggested to remain careful while communicating with seniors. Let them put across their point and try to stay away from arguments as much as possible.
  • This will be a good period to fulfill your professional aspirations.
  • You can prove your worth at the workplace with your dedication. This would speak for you and pave the way to success and fame in your office.
  • You will get the support from your destiny and your sincerity will be recognized. You may get promoted during this transit.
  • This may lead to loads of responsibilities. Hence, you should work smartly and efficiently to meet the requirements. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report to increase the graph of your career growth.

  • There might be a lot of expectations in terms of getting results in your projects. To meet these expectations, you will have to put in extra efforts and give your 100 percent.
  • If you are planning any long-distance business trips, there are chances that they would yield good results. This would directly have a positive impact on your profits.
  • Your business is likely to flourish during the transit of Saturn. This will be due to an increase in orders from clients.
  • However, the increasing orders mean you would have to double your efficiency in completing those orders. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report to get benefits of boosting your business.

  • The financial conditions are likely to improve gradually due to the increase in your profits in business.
  • Your excellent performance at the workplace may also fetch you good incentives or monetary rewards.
  • You might get lucky in terms of financial gains from the other known or unknown sources.
  • There are chances of getting benefits from your past investments as well.
  • You are suggested to plan your budget and think about long term investments. The investment you plan now shall reap you beneficial fruits in the future. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report for the betterment of your finances.

  • There will be an increased understanding in your marital or love life. You will handle your relationship with your spouse or love partner with maturity and care. This will be beneficial for your personal life.
  • Your love partner or spouse will show understanding in terms of the expectations you have from them. You will also be able to understand their expectations and try to meet them.
  • Your love or marital life will be filled with happy moments and you shall be able to enjoy it after hard work. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report to take your relationship to the next level of happiness.

  • As you might load yourself with busy and long working hours, there are chances that you will get exhausted and stressed.
  • It is suggested that you take sufficient rest in between your work to maintain your health.
  • You can practice meditation and exercise to keep your fitness levels intact.
  • Your health is likely to take a hit, hence regular medical checkups would help you improve it. Get your personalized Saturn Transit Report to improve your health.

Make the best use of this Saturn transit which is going to shower miraculous fortune and fame on you. The planet has meaningful teachings for everyone in their course of life. Hence, the more you learn, the better life gets.

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