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Vaastu and it’s Significance in our Lives – GaneshaSpeaks

Vaastu and it’s Significance in our Lives – GaneshaSpeaks

Understanding the Concept of Vaastu

About Vastu

An interaction takes place between diverse natural forces namely water, earth, wind, fire and ether (the 5 elements) to uphold balance, as these elements greatly impact, steer, and alter the living patterns of not just human beings, but also of every other living being on earth. This process of interaction between these five vital elements is precisely defined as Vaastu, which can greatly impact our work, behaviour and destiny and other essentials of life.

Vaastu Shastra is an exalted clarification of your surroundings and their impact on your life.

Literal meaning of Vaastu is ‘Abode (a resting place)’, and its doctrine helps in establishing a concordance between the elements namely water, earth, air, fire and sky in the atmosphere. Vaastu Shastra is nothing but the mixing of art, science, astronomy, and astrology. Additionally, it can be said that it’s a very age-old mystic science of planning, sketching a design and finally constructing.

The Significance of Vastu in our Lives

It is believed that Vaastu Shastra facilitates in making our lives better and shields us from things that may lead to wrong path. In other words, Vaastu Shastra guards us from all negative elements. Vaastu shastra is the age-old science of constructing, which includes the theory and philosophy of architectural tasks to build any property and the lifestyle of the people as a whole.

The roots of Vaastu Shastra depend on different natural energies that are available to us without any charges – completely free! This may include the following:-

1) Energy obtained from Earth
2) Energy from Day Light
3) Sun’s Energy or Solar Power.
4) Energy from the Wind
5) Energy obtained from Sky
6) Energy from Cosmic/ Universe
7) Moon’s Lunar Energy

The energy source would also include magnetic, thermal and electric power.

When we joyfully make use of all these energies, it gives us utmost inner happiness, peace of mind, well being and also wealth to prosper in life.

Vaastu can be implemented to any type of room, home, commercial or residential property, bungalows, villas, temple, city planning etc. Vaastu can be executed to both small and large undertakings/ projects.

To create absolute concordance – three forces play an important role and they are water (jal), fire (agni), and wind (vaayu). There will be absolute harmony and peace, when all these three forces are placed in their appropriate locations. When these three forces are wrongfully placed or misplaced unknowingly – for instance: wind is kept in place of water or fire is placed in place of water, or any other wrong combination is created – these forces will start working accordingly, which will create lack of harmony or unrest.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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