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Tulsi Vivah, the beginning of the wedding season for Hindus

Tulsi Vivah, the beginning of the wedding season for Hindus

Tulsi vivah is a festival of great significance to Hindus. The Tulsi plant is nurtured by the Hindu families to achieve success in various fields of life. A Tulsi sapling is planted on top of the altar of Tulsi and is regularly fed with nutrients and water. When the sapling grows fully and starts producing flower-spikes, it is considered that the sapling has attained puberty and hence needs to be married, just like a daughter in the house. So on the bright lunar fortnight of the month of Kartik (popularly known as Dev-uthni Ekadashi), the Tulsi plant is ceremonially married to Lord Shaligram. The plant is decorated with clothes, garlands, flowers, and jewellery just like one does in his own daughter?s wedding.

By performing this ceremony, one can overcome the sins of his previous birth. Another belief is that unmarried girls and boys are likely to get a good life partner on performing this ceremony.

This year Tulasi Vivah is on 24th November 2023, Friday.

Sage Parasara, the revered astrologer and mathematician, had great love for nature. He advised people to serve the society by planting trees. He advised them to plant the Tulsi plant, which has medicinal values and bears a cure to many ailments. The leaves of this plant are an indispensable ingredient in the worship of various Hindu Gods.

Men and women who are not happy in their married life are advised to offer Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu. It is mentioned in many holy books that a single leaf of Tulsi pleases Lord Vishnu more than a thousand jars of ‘Amrit’.

It is believed that:

  • In case of a delay in marriage, a Tulsi plant should be gifted. It is far more efficacious than the donation of a thousand cows.
  • The obstacles in the way of marriage are eliminated if one silently prays and chants ‘Sri Hari’ with a Tulsi rosary mala.
  • In case of misunderstandings in marital life, lack of love, and frequent quarrels, the wife should water the Tulsi plant and light lamps at the altar of Tulsi every morning and evening.
  • For pleasing mother Tulsi, one should silently chant the following mantra:

Sreeng Hreeng Kleeng Eng Vrindaavanyai Swaahaa.

  • Mother Tulsi should be worshiped for a good fortune by lighting a ghee lamp and incensed sticks along with vermilion, sandalwood paste, naivedya, flowers and other articles of pooja. The ‘Tulsi Strotram’ is also to be chanted.
  • Vrindaaa Vrindaavanee Viswapoojitaa Viswapaavanee, Pushpasaaraa Nandinee Cha Tulasee Krishnajeevanee.
  • People who are facing problems in their married life, must offer Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu in the month of Kartik and silently utter the eight different names of Tulsi mentioned above. The difficulties, pain and obstacles in marriage will vanish if the eight names in Tulsi Stotram are chanted with devotion.
  • We can achieve happiness and wealth if we worship the Tulsi plant with Shodashopachaar, i.e. sixteen articles essential for a complete pooja.

According to Brahma Purana, the marriage ceremony of Tulsi with Shaligram was performed on the Karitik Shukla Ekadasi. This year, Tulsi Vivah falls on the 11th lunar day of the bright fortnight of Kartik, that is, on the 5th of November.

Hymn addressed to Tulsi (Tulsi Stotram)

Vrindaaroopaascha Vrikshaascha Yadaikatra Bhavanti Cha,
Vidurbudhaastena Vrindaa Matpriyaang Taang Bhajaamyaham.

Pura Badhaoova Yaa Devee Twaadau Vrindaavane Vane,
Tena Vrindaavanee Khyaataa Saubhaagyaang Taang Bhajaamyaham.

Asangkheshu Cha Visveshu Poojitaa Yaa Nirantaram,
Tena Viswapoojitaakhyaang Japatpoojyaang Bhajaamyaham.

Asangkhyaani Cha Viswaani Pavitraani Yathaa Sadaa,
Taang Viswapaavaneeng Deveeng Virahena Smaraamyaham.

Devaa Na Tushtaah Pushpaanaang Samoohena Yathaa Vinaa,
Taang Pushpasaaraang Suddhaang Cha Drashtumichchaami Sokatah.

Viswe Yatpraaptimaatrena Bhaktaanando Bhavet Dhruvam,
Nandini Tena Vikhyaataa Saa Preetaa Bhavataaddhi M e.

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