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Transiting Neptune in Aquarius & its effects on your Moon Sign

Transiting Neptune in Aquarius & its effects on your Moon Sign

Transiting Neptune enters Aquarius on 8th December 2009, and will remain in this sign till 18th April 2022. According to western astrology, Neptune rules Pisces. In Vedic astrology, Neptune is known as ‘Varuna’, the God of water. It signifies fraud, false hope, illusion, imagination, day-dreaming or dreaming by and large, secret organizations, unnecessary wandering, appreciation for arts and erotic matters, major influence of female in life, unexpected death under suspicious circumstances, saintly nature, intuition and premonitions, drugs or liquid intoxication, etc.

As Neptune is 4564 million kilometres/2835 million miles away from Earth, it’s effects were not given much importance in the past. Plus, it completes one cycle in about 164/165 years which indicates that it moves at such a slow rate that we human beings would not be able to feel it’s effect so minutely.

However, with development of science and technology and because of new findings in astrology, it has become easier to study Neptune’s effects in detail.

Ganesha explains the effects of Neptune’s transit through Aquarius, on each Moon sign. These predictions are for the period between 8th December 2009 and 18th April 2022. Neptune is very large and distantly placed from the earth. Hence, only the very sensitive people will be able to feel the effects acutely. Others may not be able to recognize the exact effect, but they may feel a change in their life at subliminal level.

As the transit is happening in Aquarius, the forecast begins with its effects on Moon sign Aquarius.

You are likely to become more sensitive and sensible. Your creativity will be boosted by the grace of Neptune. You may fantasise with your eyes wide open, so ensure that you are well-connected with reality. You may want to help others selflessly. You would be kind and generous to others and sensitive to the needs of those closely associated with you.

As Neptune will be transiting through the 12th House of your chart, you may prefer to spend more time in a secluded environment. You would also need to beware of illusions and hallucinations. As you are a watery sign, you need to take control of your mind which may get carried away in the wrong direction, just like the flow of water. If you are able to let out your creativity in your work, nothing like it.

As this transit is likely to happen in the 11th House from your Moon sign, you can expect some good old friends to part, but you can also expect a few new entries. However, avoid trusting them blindly, advises Ganesha. Don’t allow them to give you false hopes, especially when it comes to gaining profits out of a profession or business because 11th House is 2nd from the ‘Karma Bhuvan’ and hence it rules out the possibility of gains. Over-involvement in a a group/cult or school of thought might work against you, foresees Ganesha.

You will be associated with a profession or may start a business that requires great creativity or vision. By and large, this is the time of big changes in your work area. But these changes would take place very slowly as Neptune is a slow moving planet. Noble work will attract your attention and you will be helping others and will be respecting other’s emotions, artistic abilities, and sensitivity. It’s time to differentiate between the real and unreal, so that you are able to take wise and practical decisions related to your career.

You would want to study something that you always wanted to, but couldn’t. Maybe a language, or a musical instrument. This transit can help you a great deal, says Ganesha. You would be taking keen interest in foreign culture, religion, etc. During the transit, your communication with those living abroad/at distant places may also become more regular. You would want to gain mastery over a particular subject during this period, that’s for sure.

Ganesha feels that you might be in a better position to deal with your in-laws. It will be on a more regular basis. During the transit, there will be a tendency to spend more. You may even be taking loans to fulfil the desire to splurge. Think twice before you spend. You may become very cautious about the account and property you share with someone. Sensual desires will start warring within you and you may either overindulge in sex with your partner, or you may find alternatives to satisfy your sexual desires.

Emotional bonds are likely to establish in this period. Long lasting business partnerships could also establish during the transit, says Ganesha. You will consider helping all those in need as your duty but do not let them take advantage of your generosity. At times, you could also be taken for granted. If you are really looking for a life partner or business partner, try not to take hasty decisions. Ignoring the superficial looks, try to look inside the person’s heart before making a decision. In short, no partnership should be established hastily, otherwise, there will possibly be a disillusionment before the transit is over.

You may desire for a better and more comfortable job in this period. A confusion about your duties, area of work, or responsibilities is likely and hence it is necessary that you maintain good relations with your colleagues. You would need to be emotionally strong to save yourself from those trying to exploit you emotionally at work. Any sort of addiction is bad, so quit it as soon as possible as there are chances that you fall sick very soon. In a nutshell, pay attention to health.

Your performance will be boosted in all the areas of life. However, if you are a stage artist or if you are a creative person by nature, this is the time of your life. You may be pampering your children more than ever. A keen interest in certain subjects will keep you busy. In this phase, you may want to learn too many things at a time. But Ganesha suggests you to go step by step, in order to avoid chaos. Ganesha views this time as excellent to fall for someone younger to you but ensure that the relationship is not illicit.

Building a dream house will be your motto during this period. The same applies to other material desires like owning a farm-house, weekend house, or buying a vehicle. If you already have a house, you will try to beautify it with the best of your creative abilities. Ganesha feels that some of your desires may go beyond logic and this may ultimately lead to pain. Relationship with your mother may go for a toss if not handled properly.

Relations with neighbours and siblings may undergo some sort of confusion. There may also be perplexity regarding smaller vehicles that you possess (vehicles that are apt for very short distance trips or for local use). You would be prone to see the rosy picture of things and later on realise that it was more like a dream. Nevertheless, this is a favourable transit for poets and fiction writers. Whether you are self-employed, in a job, or in business, you need to be extra careful in communications as there is a possibility of misunderstanding about what has been mutually decided in the communication.

Finances are likely to draw your attention, says Ganesha. In order to avoid confusion, you are advised to avoid operating too many accounts and credit cards at a time. Your financial planning has to be solid so that nothing can shake the foundation. You may need a really creative approach to sort out your differences with the family members. You would be trying hard to save as much money as possible but remember, Rome was not built in a day.

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