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This Valentine’s Day, don’t fall in love, just rise!

This Valentine’s Day, don’t fall in love, just rise!

1st to 17th February 2008 Love Theme Jupiter Venus conjunction

According to Western Astrology, Capricorn is going to host the two celestial bodies viz. Jupiter and Venus from February 1 to 17, 2008. This get-together of big-hearted Jupiter and lovely Venus may be highly important time for your personal life, love and related matters. Jupiter has tendency to expand things. Although currently it is passing through its sign of debilitation, which is a cardinal sign ruled by Saturn, it will have strong influence over matters ruled by Venus. Based on Western Astrology, Ganesha would like to give an overview of how each Sign may be influenced during this period.

How to strike balance between your personal and professional life? This will be the moot question for you during this period. Your work stress is there to suppress you, and you seem to be more inclined towards work during the phase. Ganesha advises you to take care of your love life also. Fix at lease one amorous alarm daily. Read more about Aries.

The luck of your life partner may flourish like a lotus. Your partner may be very happy with his/her disposition on the career front. Simultaneously, since Venus is the ruler of your sign, you may have intense feelings of giving and receiving love in this phase. This will inspire you to spend as much lovely time with your darling as you can. Read more about Taurus.

Your passion comes out ripping your skin in this period, says Ganesha. You may also feel strong Karmic bond with your loved one. You may be overwhelmed by the beauty of your partner. This is also a good time to provide moral support in your partner or lover’s family issues. This kind gesture will bring lot of love and respect in your life. Read more about Gemini.

If you are looking for your dream partner, you may stumble upon somebody with whom you can take a plunge, or at least a ring-ceremony is expected. Those who are already in tango may experience lots of warmth but at times, they may also feel irritation, therefore, this period may need a little careful handling. Read more about Cancer.

In this period, your meetings with your sweet-heart may become more regular despite your busy schedule. If you have an affair with a colleague, you may wish to propose. If you are already in a relationship or if already married, this period may provide you with more clarity and may add more dimensions to love life. Read more about Leo.

This is the best time to fall for someone! Truly speaking, this period is excellent for expressing emotions artistically. If you are already in a relationship, you may have ball time and great pleasure in the company of your partner. Try to make the best out of this phase, advises Ganesha. Read more about Virgo.

Married couples may wish to spend good quality time with partner and may discuss important domestic matters. Those in relationship may feel like starting a home together. Good humour prevails in your matrimonial life during this time. Idea of purchasing new things to beautify home may fascinate your mind.  Read more about Libra.

You may discuss subjects of your interest with your mate. Your love life may be impressed by intellectual and spiritual aura during this time. For a long time, you have been planning some activities like visiting an art gallery, participating in Yoga classes or discussing philosophy with friends; now is the time to realize these small dreams. These activities will strengthen the togetherness between you two. Read more about Scorpio.

Ganesha feels that you and your honey may be entangled in financial cobweb. Together, you both may try to do much for the family. At the same time, both may also desire to earn more money. This is the best period to put in joint efforts to improve the lifestyle. Read more about Sagittarius.

You will be able to strike better level of understanding with each other. If possessiveness is avoided from both the ends, this period is very favourable. You may shower your love freely and in return may receive encouraging response.  Read more about Capricorn.

This is slightly dicey phase for your love life for you may indulge into many activities linked with your career progress. Make sure that you spend enough time with your lover to keep her in good spirits. If you cannot do so, at least do not make your partner feel ignored. This is a good time to travel together to enjoy togetherness and to celebrate privacy. Read more about Aquarius.

The time for entertainment activities with your partner. Those who are unmarried and looking for ‘good friends of opposite gender’ may find one. This period also indicates stronger desire for the companionship. You may generally remain in a very good mood whenever you are with your beloved one. Read more about Pisces.

This was the overview of what may happen when Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction. However, to know what exactly is in the offing for you in your personal life and love domain, order Ask a Question – Love to The GaneshaSpeaks Team.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,