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The impact of retrograde Saturn

Shani, the son of Surya, is considered as the of God of Justice. Shani or Saturn is becoming retrograde in Virgo from 13th January, 2010. In conjunction with Earth, Saturn moves in the forward direction for eight months, and then becomes retrograde for four month. It rises and moves forward after 135 days, and then combusts after 105 days. It revolves round the Sun in 29 years, 5 months, 16 days, 23 hours, and 16 minutes.

Saturn is a versatile planet and it has a great impact on a person’s life. Exalted Saturn signifies that an individual will get involved in the field of Judiciary or the business of iron and steel, in one way or the other. There are different opinions about the effects of retrograde Saturn on an individual. A few prominent ones are:

If Saturn is your benefit planet and it goes retrograde, the results are favourable. It also helps you complete your delayed tasks.

According to Western Astrology, if Saturn is retrograde in your birth chart, and it is also retrograde while transiting to your Rashi, then all important things you have started working on, will get delayed. Also, those born under Capricorn and Aquarius Sun sign, should not start working on new, important assignments at the time when Saturn is retrograde as many problems can crop up during completion of the assignment.

According to Brihaddevagya’s opinion, if two planets are retrograde, there is a probability of danger on the border of the country. If three planets move retrograde, it leads to a large scale war, and if four planets are moving retrograde, there is a possibility of losing the state to the enemies.

Predictions based on Retrograde Saturn

Retrograde Saturn delivers both good and bad results. It relieves you of stress and struggle, and accelerates progress. You will be full of ideas and this will help you plan your future. It enables an individual to tackle the difficulties in ongoing assignments and simultaneously start new ones.

If Saturn is retrograde in birth chart, it makes a person less confident, suspicious, and dependant on future. Such a person may have to face enmity with relatives, especially siblings. However, they are very religious.

The effects will be significant if retrograde Saturn is transiting in your Sun sign, or your Moon sign, or your Ascendant sign

Retrograde Saturn in your 6th House may affect your eating habits, resulting in some illness. Ganesha advises you to concentrate on your health.

Retrograde Saturn in your 5th House may affect your sex life, thereby making you feel embarrassed in front of your life partner. Ganesha advises you to be honest with your sweetheart. Your children too will need more attention.

Retrograde Saturn in your 4th House may make you careless about your belongings. Ganesha says, you need to be more discreet in order to avoid a theft that may probably involve your domestic help. Travel for business and pleasure is on the cards.

With retrograde Saturn in your 3rd House, a major illness is not ruled out. Also, you may have to go through financial crisis and emotional disturbances. Hence, both finance and emotions need to be handled carefully. Meditation may help you a lot during this period.

With retrograde Saturn in your 2nd House, be prepared for disappointments, expenditure, hard work and an upset mind. To avert or lessen the malefic effects of retrograde Saturn, you will have to properly plan all your activities.

Retrograde Saturn in your Rashi may make you arrogant. The period will be eventful. Ganesha advises you to go ahead with new ideas and projects as success is assured.

Retrograde Saturn will be placed in the 12th House in your chart. It will make you idle and incompetent. Ganesha warns you against falling into bad company.

With retrograde Saturn in your 11th House, there are chances of falling in bad company. Personal life may not be all hunky dory. Ganesha says your wife and children need extra attention.

Retrograde Saturn in the 10th House in your chart may compel you to misuse your power. You may become arrogant and may flaunt your wealth. Ganesha advises you to indulge in some social welfare activities.

Retrograde Saturn in your 9th House may make you careless regarding finances. Hence money matters need to be taken care of. Renovation of your house is on the cards.

With retrograde Saturn in your 8th House, misconceptions and differences with seniors are predicted for you. You may find illegitimate sources of money. Be discreet, says Ganesha.

Retrograde Saturn in the 7th House of your chart might cause a separation of long duration from your wife. Also, there are chances of being betrayed in business.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni