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The command Position in Feng Shui

The command Position in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an art which brings prosperity to life by the proper placement of objects in the environment. There are many Feng Shui guidelines available and one of the most significant is the placement of your bed and desk in the “Command Position.” The best command position can be viewed from that corner of the room which is diagonally farthest from the main entry. One faces the door from the far side of the room though one is not directly in front of the door, in a Command Position. A true Command Position is one which provides support in the form of a wall.

With the help of the command position you can be in the visual command of the space. It gives you the strength to face life directly. This position confers you with the advantages that the flowing Chi brings with it. At the same time, it also ensures that you are not open to strong chi, as you will be away from the doorway. Do you have concerns about your relationship? Then, Get Guidance With Relationship Ask Question: Detailed Advice

There are different consequences, if you can see the door or cannot see it while you work or sleep. If you work or sleep directly in line with the door, then you may get exposed to additional Chi. This may result in health problems, churlish nature, stress etc. If you cannot view the door from the place where you perform work or sleep, then it means that you do not want to confront issues in life. It also implies that you are continuously facing unexpected incidents. But, if you are in the command position, then you can control your life in a better way and get rid of the negative influences.

One important Feng Shui guideline is that you should not have your work desk or home office in your bedroom. The main reason behind this is the existence of incompatibility between the energy of work and rest and hence they both should not be placed in the same vicinity.

Apart from the above guidelines there are certain environmental factors which hold importance. There are various situations, where a bed or a work desk can be kept. But, every situation has its own degree of value and importance. A place which may be a perfect command position may not be physically comfortable for you. For instance, keeping your desk at a place which gives you a view of the door requires your back to face a window. This means dearth of support in career and also the light from the window may obstruct your work if you are working on a computer at your desk.

There are some problems which may make a command position less desirable. Problems which can be counted on finger tips are interior corners having sharp angles, a low ceiling having an overhead fan, low side of a slanted roof etc. You should also not forget to consider the things going on in adjoining or neighbouring rooms as well as outside the house. For example, the place where shower, stove, fridge are kept and the place where your bed is kept may share a common wall. The second instance would be a bedroom which is too close to the road. In this situation, the command position would command you to place the head of the bed against the external wall. But, literally you will never enjoy a good sleep if you sleep in this position. It has been observed that in many cases a close retrospection of the pros and cons of a space may show that the most appropriate location for your desk or bed may be the one that is not in the Command Position, but it can definitely protect you from negative influences. Avail Investment Advice And Take Smarter Decisions

Your cognizance on those characteristics of your home which influence your space will enable you to choose the positions which are most apt for you. A compromise between various guidelines of Feng Shui can give you the best position where you can place your furniture.

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