Sun, Moon, Pluto and Uranus to control the world in 2011



year 2011 is beginning on a Saturday. With the help of numerology,
let's take a look at what the new year has in store for us. If the
digits in 2011 are summed, the total comes to 4. Now,
numerologically, the number 4 represents Uranus. This 4 is not a pure
number, but an addition of 2, 0, 1, and 1. If considered
individually, 2 represents Moon, 1 represents Sun, & according to
few western astrologers, 0 represents Pluto. Thus 2011, though it?s
total comes to 4, is actually the combination of Moon, Sun &

combined characteristics of all these 3 planets will be ruling the
world in the coming year.

is the most sensitive & fast moving planet. It rules over rivers,
lakes, seas, all types of seafood, chest, and mental fitness.

is the most important planet for life on earth. It is the creator of
the whole world. It rules over the heart, blood related organs,
spinal chord, leadership, and popularity.

rules over the atomic energy, atom bomb, all types of destructive
weapons, earthquake, major political issues & war.

rules over science, new inventions, maths, new technology &
occult science.

although the year 2011 is under the influence of Uranus, it is not a
pure Uranus influence but an influence of the combination of all the
three planets mentioned above.
enemies of number 4 are number 6 (Venus) and the number 8 (Saturn).
The number 7 (Neptune) is a friend of the number 4. Rest of the
numbers are neutral. Thus, for those whose lucky numbers are 6 or 8
are likely to face some problems such as tensions, disorder in blood
circulation, heart related problems, back pain, spondylities, losing
popularity, a demotion in office or a step down in politics, some
loss due to an earthquake or a war.

the other hand, those with lucky numbers 4 or 7 will be benefited in
the fields of research, science, maths, an upgradation in political
life, a promotion at work, and a good business in seafood or liquid
items. Those having lucky numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 or 9 will experience an
average year.

countries or areas that are controlled by 6 & 8 will face the
problems of earthquakes, floods, war, political uncertainty, a
civil war, bomb blast etc. Where as the countries or areas ruled by 4
& 7 will be progressing in science, adopting some new
technologies etc.

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Santosh Deuskar
Ganeshaspeaks team