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How Will Saturn Transit in Aquarius Affect Your Love & Relationships?

How Will Saturn Transit in Aquarius Affect Your Love & Relationships?

Just after an eventful Rahu transit in Aries, Saturn will move signs and enter Aquarius. Among all the things it brings with its movement, Saturn transit in Aquarius will also bring some ups and downs for each sign. In Vedic astrology, Saturn is generally a feared planet. But if you look closely, the planet is like a strict teacher who guides you in the right way eventually.

Saturn is also related to ‘Karma’, and that’s why it always promotes what you reap is what you sow. Aquarius, an Air sign, is ruled by Saturn, too. Therefore, this transit is a homecoming for Saturn in its own sign. What will it bring to the love and relationship aspect for all zodiac signs? Let’s have a closer look.

These predictions are based on the Moon signs, if you are looking for a more in-depth analysis of this transit’s effect, you can access your Personalised Saturn Transit Report.

Aries Love & Relationships

Aries’s love and relationships look to be a ride full of ups and downs under this transit. Arguments and misunderstandings may become the norm with your partner. For your relationship to work, it’s better to be careful about these things. However, if you’re married, things seem good. It would be a walk of harmony, and even if there are little disputes here and there, they may not last long. For the people thinking to propose to someone, you may just miss your chance. So hold onto your horses!

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Taurus Love & Relationships

Saturn transit in Aquarius seems to be good for the Taurians. If there’s someone special in your heart you would like to propose to, this may be the right time. On the other end of the spectrum, you may also receive a proposal from someone! If you are already in a relationship, you and your partner are likely to walk hand in hand, both literally and figuratively. Married folks may also enjoy the harmony this transit is likely to bring to their lives.

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Gemini Love & Relationships

Gemini love and relationships for this Saturn transit are all about the next steps. You may find a new partner for yourself if you’re single. Married folks can turn to a new chapter with a faraway trip. During this time, their married life is likely to find harmony. If you plan to propose to someone, a ‘yes’ may await! And the same results can be expected for the people looking to get married.

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Cancer Love & Relationships

For Cancer natives, it seems so-so. It’s advisable to try and understand your partner as it can help you fend off the stress resulting from the lack of understanding between you two. For people planning to propose to someone or have been proposed for a marriage, the times ahead look tough, unfortunately. Married people will also need to practice understanding, as some disagreements between them can be foreseen. Avoid disagreements before they arise with your Love & Relationship Horoscope 2023.

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Leo Love & Relationships

The lions may find these times a little average when it comes to their love and relationships. Make sure you plan better if you are planning to propose. One or the other dispute may plague your relationship as the result of Saturn transit in Aquarius. Support your spouse; otherwise, you may invite some stress between you two. Married people are likely to feel distant from each other, with some misunderstandings between them.

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Virgo Love & Relationships

During this time, try to stay away from the topics that may invite arguments with your partner. These arguments may lead to stress between you two. This transit is likely to bring mixed times for your love and relationships. People who are looking forward to getting married may have to wait a little longer. It would be important for them to move further and make an informed decision only when the time and the person are right. Married folks may also need to work with understanding during this time.

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Libra Love & Relationships

Understanding and supporting each other may be the key to a happy married life under the influence of Saturn transit in Aquarius. The scales of Libra are likely to tilt in favour of love due to this transit. Love life looks to be strong. You may enjoy the companionship with your partner. For married folks, spending a lot of quality time together is the key. It can help you stay away from unnecessary disputes.

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Scorpio Love & Relationships

The transit of Saturn in Aquarius may sting the Scorpions the wrong way. Some disagreements with your partner can be foreseen, and if you do not understand enough, the disputes are likely to continue. The situations are looking the same for the married people, too, and they need to avoid the discussions that may bring tension between them. Better understanding and letting can prove to be the key to a happy relationship. What are the planets that rule the matters of love & relationships in your birth chart? Find out now with a Free Janampatri Analysis.

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Sagittarius Love & Relationships

For Sagittarius, the matters of love and relationships are likely to be average. You may miss complete support from your partner, and that can bring tension between you two. If you are someone looking to get married, some good proposals may come your way. On the contrary, if you are planning to propose to someone, the timing does not look good. For married people, this is the time to forget old quarrels and find that harmony.

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Capricorn Love & Relationships

Overall, the relations between married people are likely to be good. However, due to some issues related to the family, tension may increase. Understanding each other can help you get your issues resolved, though. If you are single and want to propose to someone special, plan well and go ahead. You may get a positive response. Those who are already into a relationship may enjoy the harmony and companionship with each other and get over some little issues here and there.

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Aquarius Love & Relationships

The Saturn transit is happening in your sign, and it can be an average affair as long as your relationships are concerned. It may not be the time to be emotional and propose to someone. Think before you express your feelings. If you are already in a relationship, support them with all your might to avoid any stress in the relationship. Your partner may also complain about a health issue under the influence of this transit. Take care of them. Married people are likely to face some roadblocks in their married life.

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Pisces Love & Relationships

For Pisces natives, the times are looking average for love and relationships. People who are in a relationship may face some stress. If you are looking forward to proposing to someone, you need to think it through. Even the talks of marriage are not likely to go through under this transit. For those who are already married, some disputes can occur. For a peaceful and happy married life, it would be important to understand each other.

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