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Saturn Retrograde In Scorpio 2017: Know How Will It Affect You

Balance and Harmony- The Way of Vastu

Saturn Retrograde Dates

Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio will take place between 21st June 2017 and 25th August 2017. Saturn will turn direct in Scorpio on August 25, 2017 and will stay in the sign till October 26, 2017.

Saturn holds a very unique and interesting place in the list of celestial bodies. It is considered the watchman of our conscience. It is also called a serving & spiritual planet and is stated to move in a slow, thoughtful pace. Most significantly, Saturn is justice loving and is supposed to be a great judge in the Indian astrology. Many people share certain beliefs about Saturn which are not true. It is generally believed that Saturn brings hurdles and difficulties in the lives of people. But this is far from real. Saturn influences the lives of the individuals as per his/her karma (the good or bad actions). If the actions of the natives are meritorious, Saturn not merely gives them good results but also moves them on the path to Moksha (salvation).

The retrograde of Saturn in Scorpio from 21st June 2017 to 25th August 2017 will impact the natives of the 12 Moon Signs in different ways. This retrograde will trigger various small and big changes in the lives of the people around the world. Indeed, world is an exciting place. But you can enjoy this excitement all the more if you are successful and happy. Money is one of the important factors to be happy. And we have the means to make you happy.We have the method by which you can see your future, which will help you boost your finances. You can do this by getting our Free 2023 Finance Report.

Now let us see the effects of Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio, on the 12 Moon Signs. [Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to the Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, CLICK HERE.]

– Retrograde Saturn In 8th House

Aries natives may face some health issues during this period. There are also chances of meeting with an accident, undergoing an operation or sustaining injuries due to fire or burns. You may face defamation or get demoted. You will face obstacles while pursuing higher studies or while going on a pilgrimage. Also, you may behave unethically or become less religious. You may even lose your belongings due to developments like robbery or you may incur financial loss and unexpected expenses. Some untoward incident may take place in your life. It could be that your father falls sick and is hospitalised, during this period. Saturn is the great judge in the planetary cabinet. It can influence all the areas of your life. Do you want to know about Saturn’s influence and improve your life? Get Saturn Transit Report For All The Areas Of Life and know all about Saturn’s influence on your life.

– Retrograde Saturn In 7th House

During this period, Taurus natives who are wanting to get married may face some delays due to one or the other reason. You may also develop differences with your life partner. This may cause some disharmony in your marital life. You may even incur a loss during some financial transaction. Also, your business may also not yield the required results. You will stay anxious due to competition in business, says Ganesha. There are chances that you may break up with your business partner this time around. You may face disturbances in studies and obstacles while travelling. Business is full of uncertainties and complications. But you can make your business grow. You can do this by knowing the impact of Saturn retrograde and turning it to your advantage. Buy the Saturn Transit Report For Business and get guided for a bright future.

– Retrograde Saturn In 6th House

Gemini natives may face some health issues due to their irregular eating habits. Also foreseen are challenges in job, legal issues and setback in competitive exam. Stars also foresee some financial problems in your life. Your debt too is likely to increase. Further, your plans to buy a house or vehicle may get delayed. You may also face difficulties while repaying your home or vehicle loan. Your mother may also fall ill and even your health may deteriorate. As a result, your routine may get disturbed. Our domestic problems also influence our personal life. Saturn retrograde may worsen this situation. However, you can lessen the influence of Saturn by knowing your future and addressing your problems. You can do this by buying the Saturn Transit Report For Career.

– Retrograde Saturn In 5th House

If you are involved in stock markets, you may earn less during this period. Also, your plans to bear a child may get delayed. Those who are employed are likely to change their job or they may lose their current job. Thus, you may see a decrease in your income. Besides, businesspersons may get cheated by their partners. Disappointment or break-up in love matters is also foreseen during this period. Love relationship is most important to most people. Well, you should not allow your love life to suffer due to Saturn transit. Get the Saturn Transit Report For Love and make your Love Life go on top.

– Retrograde Saturn In 4th House

If you are planning to buy property or vehicle, you may face delays. Besides, relationship with your mother is likely to be less cordial. Students may lose their interest in studies, this time around. There is also the possibility of miscarriage for pregnant women. Other developments foreseen during this period are losses in speculative or stock market activities, failure in love relationship, separation from children. Our life partner is very important as he/she helps us all through our lives. Marriage is important. So, make the most of this Saturn transit. Get the maximum out of marriage. Access our Saturn Transit Report For Marriage.

– Retrograde Saturn In 3rd House

Virgo natives may lose some of their courage and hence avoid taking risks during this period. You may have a misunderstanding with your siblings. You may even face disturbances while studying. You may also need to go out on short trips. You will stay very tensed due to heavy workload. It is also likely that you change or sell your house or stay away from your home for some time. Besides, you should avoid getting involved in legal matters. If you are planning to pursue higher studies, your prospects may get delayed. You may not get your mother’s love during this period. Love is important for life, whether of our parents or our partner. Don’t let this Saturn transit worsen your love life. Access this Saturn Transit Report For Love and make your life more interesting.

– Retrograde Saturn In 2nd House

Libra natives may face some domestic problems during this period. As a result, relationship with your family members is likely to get strained. Also, your expenses may exceed your income. You may also suffer from an eye disease. Moreover, you are likely to encounter some difficulties while travelling. Diseases and expenses cut down our wealth. You can make your wealth grow in spite of this Saturn transit. Buy the Saturn Transit Report For Wealth and know the ways to increase your wealth.

– Retrograde Saturn In 1st House

If you are appearing in competitive exam during this period, you are likely to taste success. You may also get some legal problem solved. The good thing is that your earnings may increase and liabilities may go down. On the other hand, if you are planning to get married, you may face some obstacles. It is also likely that you may terminate your business partnerships, during this phase. To avoid Saturn transit’s negative fallout on your business, buy the Saturn Transit Report For Business. This way you will know your future and prevent damage to your business.

– Retrograde Saturn In 12th House

You may go on a foreign trip during this period. There is also the possibility that you may fall sick and get hospitalised. Money matters too may make you anxious. Besides, your expenses are likely to exceed your income which may cause you some stress. You are likely to get confused while taking decisions. Expenditures for house or vehicle maintenance are also foreseen during this period. Students may get an opportunity to go abroad. We can do justice to education only if we surge ahead in career. Buying Saturn Transit Report For Career will help you in career during this Saturn transit. You will know your future and make your career grow.

– Retrograde Saturn In 11th House

You will make financial gains during this period. Your income too is likely to go up. Besides, you will take accurate and appropriate decisions. Your domestic problems too shall get resolved. Relationship with your family members will stay warm and cordial. We need to focus on all areas of life. You can get huge help in this direction. If you buy Saturn Transit Report For All The Areas Of Life, you can know the future in all areas and taste success and happiness.

– Retrograde Saturn In 10th House

You will enjoy honour and appreciation at workplace during this period. You will also be blessed with a rise in your professional status and promotion in your job. Besides, you will successfully complete all your tasks and achieve your predecided goals. You will get success in government related work during this period. You can remove the obstacles in your career and surge ahead during this Saturn transit. You can do this by accessing the Saturn Transit Report For Career.

– Retrograde Saturn In 9th House

It is likely that you may change your job or business during this period. You may also face some hurdles in getting promoted. You may go on a pilgrimage. The guidance provided by your teacher or guide will benefit you. You should avoid getting involved in legal issues and matters of courts. Moreover, your plans to pursue higher education may also get delayed. Saturn can play havoc with peoples’ lives. He can also bless them with success and happiness. You can buy the Sade Sati Report – Premium and remove the negative influence of Saturn.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Sanghapriy Sadanshivkar (Sangamji),
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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