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Saturn Becomes Progressive in Capricorn: Effects on Your Sign

Saturn Becomes Progressive in Capricorn: Effects on Your Sign

Saturn is one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology, and it is the significance of moksha. Saturn represents delays, hardships, discipline, routine, anxiety, and sorrow. It is the taskmaster and only blesses the soul with pure hard work. Saturn blesses the native in the latter part of life and tests endurance for fruitful results. In Vedic astrology, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius signs.

Capricorn is the 10th zodiac sign, an earth sign representing structuring, stability, solidity, and practicality. Saturn rules this sign and shows true dignity of life. It is the sign which knows how to balance themselves and be grounded.

As much as Jupiter transit plays an important role in our lives, the same way Saturn transits also plays an extremely significant role for long-running and stability. Things that we do during Saturn transit helps us to build a strong solid foundation for future success. It gives a new way to approach things.

Saturn’s progression in Capricorn on Oct 11, 2021 will be the major turning point in 2021 for all of us, especially after this pandemic. This will start a new era as we will get a strong build-up of things for our future now. Things will start to move finally, and we will go back to our lives. This progression will undoubtedly make changes in government administration. We will change our living patterns and value our life more. We will take care of our health more seriously and make necessary changes as well. Children’s concerns will be more, and we will do the things required for their future. New rules for government employees might surprise us. Education will be different and better.

After retrograde, this Saturn progression will finally bless us all positive energy to make a new start but depending on different Moon signs. It will affect all of us differently, so let’s talk about it.

Progressive Saturn in Capricorn is likely to give very good results for the Aries Moon sign this time. Excellent time to start a new career for those who are interested in doing so. Promotion in the job for you can be predicted. Don’t be surprised if there comes a relocation. Gains through the government is possible. Your father’s health may start improving. It’s a good time for relationships as well. New rules from higher authorities may come your way. It is also a good time to clear government exams. Students might perform well in their education, as the times are favourable for them. You are likely to focus on your career, and your approach is going to be very serious. Good time for the priests to make changes in their lives. Your love life is likely to be good; however, it is advisable to be alert when committing.

Saturn’s progression in Capricorn might give Taurus Moon sign natives a flourishing time. You might have to travel for your work. Lawyers may be happy with the changes in regulations. You might feel like completing your post-graduation and taking admission in college—a good time to expect positive results in studies. Students may take the blessings from teachers and enjoy their school life again. You might invent a new belief for your future. You might get spiritual and start practising spirituality. Your sudden interest in religious activities may surprise all. Excellent time for priests and all their religious activities may incur good results. You might perform a religious activity for the safety of your home.

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Saturn Becomes Progressive in Capricorn, and it may give good results for the Gemini Moon sign this time. Your interest in the occult might surprise others. You might become an introvert and reserved suddenly. It’s time to watch a suspense movie. Sudden gains or investments might be possible—relief for those suffering from injuries or health issues. Students are likely to get serious about their studies and be concerned about their future—a good time for scientists or researchers. Relations with in-laws are likely to get better. Stay alert when you travel. Chances of accidents or minor injuries are there. Health might get affected suddenly, so stay alert. Avoid unnecessary issues, or it may land you in trouble.

Saturn’s progression in Capricorn may give extremely favourable results for the Cancer Moon sign. Excellent time for love birds to take their relationship to the next level. Marriage may be the top priority, and loneliness might hurt you. You may demand commitment from your partner and might be in a hurry in taking decisions. Singles might think about assurance. Also, a new start for business and growth. A new partnership is possible, and your patience is likely to be finally rewarded. Travelling can make you happy. Some legal issues may get solved. Students are likely to make teachers happy with their performance. People in the media may execute plans and get success as well.

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Saturn Becomes Progressive in Capricorn, and it can give mixed results for the Leo Moon sign this time. Excellent time to change your routine for long successful life. Change in diet is possible, and you may get very serious about your health. Joining a gym should be your priority. You might join a dance club as well. You might visit some lavish restaurants. Legal issues may start resolving. Health is likely to improve with time. Students should also be cautious and take care of their health. You may be relaxed, and mental stress may gradually start reducing. Hidden enemies may not be able to harm you much. Love life is likely to be satisfactory, too.

Saturn’s progression in Capricorn will give good results for the Virgo natives. Good time for politicians. Sudden growth might be possible. Spiritual interest and practice may help you a lot. You might perform religious activities at home. Puja and havan may give you some positivity. Good time for the people involved in the movie industry as it is finally a new start. Theatres and channels are likely to get big relief. Children may enjoy playing games. Parents’ concern for kids is likely to reduce. Excellent time for the stock market and speculative investments. It’s time to remove karmic debt, and you may feel the positivity. Singles might think about getting into a relationship.

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Saturn Becomes Progressive in Capricorn, and it will give good results for Libra natives. Excellent time for those who were waiting for relocation. You might think about buying a new home. Security might be a major concern for you. The career is likely to be good, and a happy environment makes you comfortable as well. Good time to perform a puja and vidhi in a home. Blessings from grandparents might help, and your health is also likely to improve. You may destroy your hidden enemies as well. Scientists are likely to be happy with their research. Your career might take a turning point, and it is likely to be in your favour. It’s time to improve your relations with in-laws. Sudden fame and name are possible.

Saturn’s progression in Capricorn for the Scorpio Moon sign would be average during this period. Sudden adventures may make you happy. You are likely to feel more confident in your approach. Relationships with siblings may get better, and your worries may start reducing. Travelling can make you happy. Good time for meditation. You may be serious in your creative activities, and others might be surprised by this. Try to maintain balance. Good time for the media as changes are indicated. Electronic media might change their approach for connectivity, and print media may have a good time. Writing books may give you success. Good time for publishing and name and fame can be attained.

Saturn Becomes Progressive in Capricorn, and it will give very good results for Sagittarius Moon sign this time. Your family life is likely to be good. You would value your family members. This is the time which may show the true importance of family. Your bank balance may be a serious concern, and you must do all the necessary things to improve it. A new business might be possible. A new person may also enter your life. Your relationship with in-laws may improve with time. The right time to invest in property. New food is likely to bring you happiness. There are times when you may want to eat outside. The time looks favourable for the students, and close family bonds can be created.

Saturn’s progression in Capricorn will give good results for the Capricorn Moon sign this time. You may be extremely serious and practical. You are likely to be reserved, and others might be concerned about it. You are likely to act more mature. You need some security for your future. You are also likely to plan new things for your career. You may restructure your principles and goals to achieve more success in life. A serious love affair can be predicted. You might be hyper and try to control it. You may seriously think about getting married and finally start putting effort into it. Committed people may have a great time. Changes in businesses, and it’s time to construct things again. Your organising abilities are likely to be at their best.

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Saturn Becomes Progressive in Capricorn, and it will give good results for the Aquarius Moon sign this time. Thoughts of travelling to foreign might come to mind. Success away from your homeland can be foreseen. Excellent time to start spirituality. You might be extremely religious as well. You may love solitude. Visiting pilgrimages and ashrams may soothe your mind. You might follow a Guru and become a great devotee. Control on expenses as you might lose something. Avoid new investments. Health can be a concern, and your serious approach is likely to bless you with good health. Excellent time to do yoga and meditation. Good time for priests. You might meet a spiritual guru from a foreign land. A new love affair might be possible, but you may need to stay alert.

Saturn’s progression in Capricorn will give very beneficial results for the Pisces Moon sign this time. Excellent time to start a new business. You may restructure your old business and start fresh. Gains from investments can be seen from now on. You might be concerned about friends and may make sure to spend enough time with them. Excellent time to plan your long term loans. Plan a good strategy to earn more money. Large organisations expect faster growth from now on. Gains through government are strongly indicated. Growth in MNC’s companies may be at a higher level. Good time for salaried employees as promotion and growth are likely to be there. Good time for divorcees to find new love. Love life may be very busy, and love birds are likely to have a great time with wine and dine to strengthen their relationships.

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Saturn Becoming Progressive in Capricorn will kick start a rapid and new start for all of us. The obstacles and hurdles created by the pandemic will start disappearing slowly, and finally, we will get what we want. Changes in all areas such as education, jobs, career, government rules and Law will affect all of us. Saturn rules Capricorn, and changes will be very serious and practical this time with Saturn progression. It’s time for things to happen.

Let’s feel and see the start of a new decade and era, READY FOR A BIG CHANGE!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,