…said Ganesha, and how correct he was!

Ganesha has been correctly foreseeing and forecasting the political developments in the country. Here are a few recent examples of the accurate predictions he had made in the past.

Ganesha had foreseen the rift in BJP as a precursor of a complete overhaul of the party structure by the year end and the chief ministership of karnataka by Yeddyurappa sinking before completion of full term. He had published the forecast on his blog ‘BJP rift: Ganesha foresees a complete overhaul of the party structure by the end of 2011‘ and Mid-term polls seem inevitable in Karnataka, foresees Ganesha‘ respectively. Some excerpts from the articles on the blog are as mentioned below for a ready reference. You can however click on the enclosed links to go to the articles and read them in toto.

BJP split

BJP split
“Rahu’s transit through Scorpio will be very important for BJP, as it indicates a high-voltage political drama and constant manipulations”.
“there may be differences between what the party leadership says to the world, and what it actually does. It indicates the breaking of the ethics and conventions that make up the party’s fabric. Lack of spirit and inspiration of national leaders will create an even more serious situation for the party. This is a crucial period for BJP as a political party. There will be indiscipline, rebellion and defections. The transformation process that had begun in 2010 will see a complete overhaul of the party by the end of 2011”.
“This will bring change in the party leadership and a leader, who has a persona larger than any other party leader, will rise to prominence. The BJP will be a changed outfit and will try to rope in wise, youthful and respected statesmen, who are thinkers and capable of leading the party in the right direction”.

Mid-term polls in Karnataka

“Although Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has won the vote of confidence in the Assembly by a voice vote, the opposition is in no mood to accept the speaker’s decision, and thereby, their defeat. With Congress and JDS deciding to seek the Governor’s intervention in the matter, the drama is far from over”.

“However, all is not well for him, at least till 15th November, 2010, and his political career seems to be extremely eventful as there’s more to come. Though he may survive the battle this time, it would be difficult for him to complete his full term as the chief minister of Karnataka”.
“He may have to face extremely challenging situations between 5th August and 12th December, 2011. The oath chart also indicates that the government may face problems due to internal party feuds and pinpricks from the opposition”.

“Despite winning the trust vote and the CM being confident of holding his office for another two-and-a-half years, Ganesha says, Karnataka is heading towards midterm poll in the year 2012”.

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