BJP rift: Ganesha foresees a complete overhaul of the party structure by the end of 2011

induction of the Reddy brothers, Janardhan and Karunakar, in the
Karnataka cabinet has sparked off serious infighting in the national
BJP ranks that could potentially lead to a
break-up, or a complete overhaul of the party structure. The
brothers, who are mining magnates in Karnataka and are facing charges
of illegal mining, are said to be close to Sushma Swaraj, the Leader
of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, and it is widely perceived that
she played a major role in the elevation of the Reddy brothers to the
Karnataka cabinet. However, Swaraj has categorically denied being the
political mentor of the controversial Reddy brothers of Bellary,
saying that they owe their political profile to her Rajya Sabha
counterpart Arun Jaitley, Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa and
other party colleagues. Swaraj and Jaitley have often been seen as
being at loggerheads and rivals in the race for who gets projected as
BJP's prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.
This has brought the rift in the national BJP cadres out in the open.

Lok Sabha elections are a long way off – slated for 2014 – but
Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology, analyses the consequences
this Sushma-Jaitly rift on BJP's future.


BJP's chart, the transiting Rahu is approaching the natal Moon and it
will conjunct the Moon in August, 2011. This will create
circumstances that are in some way new or unfamiliar to
the party. The period between 12th
July and 8th
November, 2011 will add to the aggression, agitation within the
party, and also prompt the party leadership to take some radical
actions. Rahu's transit through Scorpio will be very important for
BJP, as it indicates a high-voltage political drama and constant
manipulations. BJP is currently under the influence of Venus
Mahadasha and Ketu Bhukti. Ketu is placed with the Ascendant Lord. So
there may be differences between what the party leadership says to
the world, and what it actually does. It indicates the breaking of
the ethics and conventions that make up the party's fabric. Lack of
spirit and inspiration of national leaders will create an even more
serious situation for the party. This is a crucial period for BJP as
a political party. There will be indiscipline, rebellion and
defections. The transformation process that had begun in 2010 will
see a complete overhaul of the party by the end of 2011, with
transiting Jupiter in Pisces and transiting Saturn in Virgo. The BJP
will be under the influence of Sun's Mahadasha from 18th April, 2012.
Sun is placed in the 10th House in exchange with Jupiter. This will
bring change in the party leadership and a leader, who has a persona
larger than any other party leader, will rise to prominence. The BJP
will be a changed outfit and will try to rope in wise, youthful and
respected statesmen, who are thinkers and capable of leading the
party in the right direction.

Ganesha's Grace,
GaneshaSpeaks Team