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What Are The Reasons For Divorce In Astrology? Know The Remedies And Solutions Here

In the present time, a lot of people are facing marital disharmony. Due to this, there is an exponential increase in the number of divorces. Many people have started consulting astrologers about the possibility of divorce in their kundalis. This is why it is important to get the kundalis of bride and groom analyzed before marriage. This acts as a tool to take precautionary measures for any issues that may occur in a marriage.

There can be many reasons for divorce like different thinking in partners, career issues affecting personal life, etc. But astrology helps understand some planetary placements that show the possibility of divorce in one’s horoscope. There are many astrological reasons for divorce. They can be a misplacement of planets in houses giving malefic results, conjunction of 2 or more planets in one house, and others.

Let’s find out in detail along with the solutions to be applied to save a marriage as per astrology.

The important houses for marriage are 2nd, 5th, 7th and 12th. Besides this, the D-9 Navamsa Chart is equally important in measuring the divorce probabilities. Below is the bifurcation of houses as per the areas of life:

  • The 2nd house is responsible for domestic life. Your family and relatives can be judged from this house.
  • The 5th house is the indicator of love and romance in your relationship.
  • The 7th house is exclusively for marriage prospect.
  • The 12th house represents physical intimacy between partners.

If there is an influence of a malefic planet on the above houses then it can result in divorce.

The planets that are responsible for divorce are Sun, Mars, Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu. These planets are of separative nature and may lead to an end in the relationship.

There are multiple yogas that can cause a divorce to happen. These yogas are formed due to the position of planets in the houses of one’s chart. Below are the different reasons for divorce:

  • If the 7th house or its lord is afflicted, conjoined, associated or aspected by malefic planets, it can lead to divorce. This can also happen during the transit period of a planet. Hence, it is really important to consult an expert astrologer to tackle issues that are straining relations with your spouse.
  • Placement of 7th house lord in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house can lead to separation.
  • Venus is an important planet in marriage. It is the significator of love and romance. Hence, its placement in the 7th, 8th or 12th house in a weak, debilitated or retrograde manner can cause a divorce.
  • If the Sun is placed in the 7th house then it causes ego clashes and can disturb the relationship.
  • The presence of Ketu in the 7th house may create dissatisfaction in marriage.
  • If Jupiter is placed in the 7th house, it can also create differences in marital life.
  • If the Dasha sequence of 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are running then the divorce can happen.

In Indian traditions and culture, choosing an auspicious time and date is the first step that helps one get a long-lived and stable marriage. A bad marriage timing can lead to divorce. That is why Ganesha also gives importance to an auspicious muhurat for the wedding. Taking care of the timing before the occurrence of ceremonies blesses a couple with a harmonious marriage. This is the reason behind selecting a muhurat before carrying out any auspicious activities.

There are many factors that can help save a marriage from breaking. As per astrology, the below solutions can be applied as solutions to stop a divorce.

  • Worshipping Gauri Shankar Rudraksha can help in healing the relationship.
  • Empowering the planet Jupiter with the help of remedial solutions given by astrologers.
  • Worshipping Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati for marital peace.

Besides this, some psychological factors also play a major role in resolving the issues in marriage. One should make sure that they express their love and respect to their partner. When it comes to making compromises for each other, you should have a balanced equation. Keeping your anger down can help avoid problems. You should deal with the situation with maturity and care. In addition, the expectations should be kept low as much as possible.

Separation can have a deep impact emotionally on an individual. The challenges that arise in it are not just legal but hard-hitting on minds. While fighting against challenges with strength and intelligence is a good way to go, it is also important that individuals get their horoscopes analyzed properly. An expert astrologer’s guidance can make plenty of changes and bring back peace to your life.

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