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Is Kundali Matching Important for Marriage?

Kundali Milan or Kundali Matching is a very important element in the marriage ceremony. Horoscopes play an important part in deciding the marriage of the couple. When we are ready to find out every detail before buying a new item for the house, in the same way, Kundali matching is one such aspect where both the families are not ready to leave any corner before such a big step is taken. So before Marriage where a knot of a lifetime is tied between the bride and the groom, can any aspect of life be left. So in this way, in the marriage proposal, which will lead to a relationship between the bride, groom and the two families, the Kundali matching for marriage plays a very important role. Janam kundli milan is necessary.

Janam Kundli milan is done to see whether, how compatible the two people will be after marriage; will their relationship be successful or not are some of the aspects that are a great concern for the members of both families. As per astrology, there are 36 gunas that are matched to see the compatibility of both the people. Apart from the gunas, other aspects that play an important role are Dasha periods which are analysed and declaration is made on their reading whether the relationship will be compatible or not. Remedies to the problems in the marriage are advised and are practised.

What is marriage? How much do people know about each other who are going to get married? Will they be happy with each other?

These all questions trouble the families of which this occasion is going to happen. How to get confirmation about the future and for that Janampatri or Kundali comes for help. So janam kundali matching or vivah kundli milan becomes important.

Compatibility is the basis of a peaceful and happy life. Compatibility is the checking of whether the couple will live a compatible life in this life or will continue for the next seven lives. So for this matching kundali for marriage comes to help.It is said so because it is said in Hindu scriptures that marriage is not only for this life but a relationship that will continue for seven births. It is said that the Janampatri of one person affects the life of the other spouse. Maybe the effect of one spouse may be beneficial for the other or maybe troublesome. By knowing it, we can know in advance whether the life ahead will be blissful or the decision of marriage may be troublesome. So the Janam Kundali Milan or kundali matching by rashi is done.

A very important aspect to be analysed for knowing about the relationship. The compatibility is checked on the basis of Ashtakoot or Guna Milan. For these things horoscope kundli matching comes as a help. These things are analysed to know about the future of the bride and groom. Gunas, how many are there, what is their count to talk about the compatibility. Total eight Gunas are there, and they are matched. These Gunas add up to make 36 points that come from these Gunas. The minimum Gunas that need to be matched for marriage are 18. With the matching of these Gunas, one will determine how compatible the relationship will be. Lagna kundali matching defines the relationship quotient. Important aspect of it is astrology kundali matching which is done by astrologers.

What is the kundali that describes the behavioural patterns?

How can a person read the Kundali and tell about the behaviour of a person?

The astrology Kundli matching is done by Kundali readers of Astrologers. They know it through the placement of planets in the Kundali of the person. Which parameters can be predicted by the position of the planets? These planets tell us about the mental state, attitude, areas of interest, likes and dislikes about the persons. The physical aspect is also very important in the relationship of marriage. An adequate level of physical desirability between the boy and the girl is the basis of a happy married life. So, here kundali horoscope matching of kundli check for marriage helps the couples in answering such an important aspect.

This aspect is very important when we go on to start any relationship, may it be between two people or may it be between two families or between any person and a family. This point is the main point in the janam kundli milan for marriage.The background and the nature of the family play an important role at the beginning of a new relationship. For the parents to see that the family is adjusting and whether their customs, rituals match or changes are welcome and accepted by the family or not. These are some of the questions that arise in the mind of elders and need an answer. So, at this time janam kundali matching comes as a help.

Are You Compatible with Your Partner? Check Your Compatibility

A well settled and financial security is the basis on which any parent who plans for the future of their child is keen to look at. This is one of the very important kundali matching points. When reading the Kundali, these are the basic questions that are answered by the experts. They are

‘Will the couple have a financially secure future?’

‘Would there be a promotion or not?’

‘Would there be any financial losses or any instability?’

These questions, when answered by the astrologers that everything is safe, creates safety in the minds of parents, and they are ready for the relationship. So kundli milan for marriage or marriage kundli answers this very important aspect of life.

The basis of marriage is to carry forward the family, to bear the future generations. The compatibility of the bride and groom to have a child in the future is to be checked in the lagan kundli milan. Naadi- the eight guna, tells us about childbirth. Childbirth is a great concern for the couple as well as the parents as childbirth makes the family complete.So to see the security of the generations to come the horoscope kundali matching or janam kundli matching is done.

Many times the positioning of the Stars or the dasha in the bride’s horoscope may affect the life of the groom, or the mangal in the horoscope of the groom may affect the life of the bride. So these problems need to be solved. So the astrologers can tell us about the upay that is the remedy to get rid of such an effect.

Effect of Dasha of the Child on the couple

The astrology kundli milan helps us to know this aspect. Sometimes the Dasha of the birth of the child is very important. The child’s birth Dasha may affect the life of the couple, and then these problems need to be solved. So many times, the astrologer guides the bride and groom to perform certain poojas or do certain rites to remove that dosha. So to have a happy life ahead with their children the couple on the basis of vivah kundli milan or kundali for marriage perform the activities directed by the astrologer.

While at many times the heart meets, the other things match, but the stars do not match in the Kundali’

So what to do in such cases. Here the kundali, which is a very important aspect, can be corrected with the help of following the path and the ways shown by the astrologers. It offers you the solution to the problems, if the kundli is not matching. This lagna kundli matching tries to solve problems that may arise in your married life. So kundli matching for marriage becomes very important.

Every parent aspires for a blissful and well-settled life for their children. For this, the basis is Kundali Milan which tells us about the compatibility and the upay that can be done to avoid any bad future for the children. So Kundali milan for marriage gives satisfaction to the parents and they as a help go for kundali milan for marriage. Parents do Kundali marriage.

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