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Rahu Transit in Aries: Tough On Your Finances Or Not?

Rahu Transit in Aries: Tough On Your Finances Or Not?

The major transit of the year 2022, i.e. Rahu transit in Aries, is going to occur on Apr 12, 2022. This transit is likely to bring many challenges as well as opportunities to your life. It will also impact your finances. So, will this transit boost your financial prospects, or are you in for new financial problems? Let’s find out.

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Rahu Transit in Aries: Its Impact On Finance


This transit may bring mixed results for Aries. You may get some financial benefits, but you have to remain cautious before taking on any big financial projects. However, spend your money cautiously. Don’t make any big investments without taking experts’ guidance.


Taurus, during this time, your expenses might increase. There might be some unexpected expenses. During this period, you may face financial problems. There are chances that you may take a loan for some work. So take care of your budget because planning without thinking can get you into trouble.


Financially, it will be a good time for you, Gemini. There are chances of getting unexpected profit. You could find new ways to make money. You may be able to obtain the money that has been pending for a long time. At this time, you may spend more, but this time may strengthen you financially.


Financially good time for Cancer natives. However, it may not be a favourable time for long term investment. Hence, it is advisable to invest wisely. This transit may make you financially strong, and you may get new sources for income. Be careful in making any type of investment.


Leo, this time is likely to be beneficial for you. You can get your money back and also there are chances of getting benefits from your past investments. You may also invest for the long term. Also, you might be stronger on a financial front. Which planets are strong and weak in your kundli? Know with your Free Janampatri!


Financially, this transit is likely to be full of ups and downs for you. So you need to do proper financial planning. During this time, avoid taking loans. Also, make sure you do not make any unnecessary expenses. You may not get much return from your long term investments. Not a favourable time to trust anyone in financial matters.


Financial benefits are on the cards for Libra. You may get good returns from your investments. This may be a good time for long term investments. You may become more financially stable. If you want to take a loan, it is a favourable time. However, it is advisable not to be careless in making any transactions.


Financially, this transit is likely to remain good for Scorpio. Also, a favourable time to take a loan, and you are likely to get your money back, which you have been waiting for a long time. Furthermore, it is a beneficial time for long term investment. Will you be financially fit in the year 2022? Reveal with your Finance Horoscope 2022.


Financially a good time for Sagittarius. This time you are likely to invest in stock markets to earn more money. But before investing, take the expert’s guidance. You might also get benefits from long term investment. It is advisable to avoid taking money from anyone this time.


Financially, not a good time for Capricorn. You might have a difficult phase in obtaining money. This is not a favourable time to invest in property or the stock market as there are chances of losses. If you want to invest, it is advisable to take expert guidance. Also, during this time, avoid lending money to anyone.


Financially a good period for Aquarius. During this time you can invest in new business. Also, you are likely to get your money back, which was stuck for several days. However, there might be expenses, but new sources of income might also be available. Also, a favourable time for any long term investment.


Financially a good time for Pisces. Also, a good time to make long term investments. However, proceed carefully while earning more money in less time. You can also make a profit by investing for a short period of time. During this period, there are chances of getting a loan. You might also get your money back during this time.

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