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Rahu the Dragon’s head and Millionaire

Rahu the Dragon’s head and Millionaire

Rahu, known as Dragon’s head in colloquial terms, is classified as a strong malefic in Astrology terminology. Rahu is also known as Moon’s North Node. During transit, it may lead to either positive or negative effect which is usually strong and noticeable.

Rahu is considered to present results which are related to “Karmic effects”. At times, it is also seen as cause and effect of the approach adopted by native while conducting one’s self.

For example, Rahu passing through a favourable sign in 1st house i.e. the Ascendant may give a sort of upper hand in dealings on account of one’s dominating position. Now, if you assert yourself rather overly and manifest loudmouthed expressions, transit of Rahu if favourable here, will allow you to conduct in rather indiscriminative manner.

On other side is transit of Rahu through not so favourable sign in 1st house leading to more hardship and at times you may feel humiliated. You may face difficult situation lying low. No shouting and loud verbal expressions for the sufferings.

In first case, once Rahu leaves 1st house and enters 12th house, one may feel harassed and loosing the ground faster than anticipated. If benefice is not supportive enough, you can get sort of bowled out.

In later case, transit of Rahu through 12th house in Natal chart will surely open doors which were sort of closed for you. With benefice supporting, one may find the right ladder to climb upon to make it big.

Now apart from this ethical aspect, the main issue for discussion is position of Rahu in Natal chart, Ascendant coupled with its transit. Generally the ill effect comes to fore when Sun is in square position. This not so favourable period may last for 3 to 4 months. If one gets in to trouble, it may become difficult to retrace the steps taken. As motion of Rahu is in retrograde mode, one may get deeper into problem. Now this sort of thing happens in most of the charts.

The effect of malefic period gets reduced if the Ascendant falls between 28′ degrees to 2′ degree. The reason, being obvious here. As when Rahu enters the sign, the initial degrees may not present strong results. As soon as it reaches mid way, the effect may show declining trend. In this way the duration of negative is greatly reduced. In turn, the damage is not huge in proportion. This enables one to move further on road to prosperity rather easily. Rahu may work more effectively around its own degree in Natal chart. So, if Rahu in your birth chart is either of last degrees i.e. 28′ to 30′ or of o’ to 2′ degree, you stand a good chance of escaping from malefic effects of transiting Rahu. If benefice is also supportive, you can surely make it big. That is to say, you are on your way to become a Millionaire. Now, let us have a look at this phenomenon in some known and some not so known personalities.

Date of Birth: 11/11/1918
Time of Birth: 07//13//00 am
Place; Pillani

His Ascendant is Scorpio 00.01.12

His contribution to Industrial growth in India is well known hence, need not elaborate.

Date of Birth 04/0901942
Time of Birth;10/42/00 wartime
Place Ahmedabad

His Ascendant is Libra 00.32. 01

He started his career in the field of Finance. Later on, he developed a keen interest in Astrology. Soon he won confidence of some well known Astrologer of his time. They entrusted him with the job of preparing and publishing of “Panchang” which is around 100 years old. He mastered commercial Astrology predicting market trends. Famous Daily News Papers have been publishing his comments regularly. People eagerly watch for his views.

Date of Birth: 10/07/1949
Time of Birth; 20/42/00
Place: Bombay

Watch position of Rahu. It is Pieces 28.13 in sort of last degrees as explained earlier.

His achievements as Batsman in cricket world are immortal. He came in the scene when facing giant fast bowlers was a sort of nightmare. He came out and showed that you do not need a big built body to face fast bowlers. His ability to play them was duly appreciated and rewarded as well.

Date of Birth: 16/04/1974
Birth time: 09/28/00
Place: Chandigarh

Her Ascendant is Gemini 02.06 and Rahu in Natal chart: Scorpio 28.51

She hails from a middle class family. She is now a successful business woman and that too in a foreign country. Her courage to meet challenges has brought her the success she deserved.

All these persons have risen high from their early position and left a mark of their abilities and achievements thereof.

So, let us see whether Degree of your Ascendant or Rahu is consistent with your plans to make it big. GaneshaSpeaks Team is equipped with sound knowledge of above said positions and can tell you about your chances to become a Millionaire and hurdles in your road to success.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,