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Effects Of Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 For Virgo Moon Sign

Effects Of  Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 For Virgo Moon Sign

The Rahu transit in Cancer will prove to be an highly auspicious transit for you and you will be able to enjoy gains from various areas of life. In astrology, the placement of Rahu in the 11th House is considered to be an extremely favourable one as Rahu blesses a native with new sources of income, enhanced status in the society, better chances of success and an increase in popularity. Those into business will experience a surge of positivity during the Rahu transit in Cancer, as there are high chances of expansion in business and increase in client base. You will be able to attract the right opportunities during this transit.

Your social life will experience a dash of new energy and a lot of get-togethers and parties are in the offing. But, to capitalise on these unusual blessings of the wily Rahu, you will have to master the art of cooperation and cultivate team spirit. Avoid being too dramatic about relationship matters and deal with things in a more mature and practical manner. Though the transit will be mostly positive, you may be constantly reminded of your unfulfilled desires and ambitions. Also, try not to forget your old friends for the new acquaintances and maintain a fine balance in your social commitments.

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The Ketu transit in Capricorn will strengthen your power of intuition and will enable you to consider things from a detailed perspective. You will feel that your thoughts are getting clouded and are not moving as freely as before. There will be a lot of confusion in various matters and your power of grasping may decrease. While the transit of Ketu in the the 5th House is in operation, you will have to make sure that you do not give your enemies or competitors any chance to add to your woes, as they will be waiting just for the right moment to cause problems to you.
Some unexpected troubles are foreseen for your children, so take good care of them. Also, their health may suffer. If you have been in a relationship, then get ready for stormy weather. Things may not remain entirely pleasant and you will have to face some emotional stress because of the misunderstandings between the two of you. Your creative skills may get subdued while the Ketu transit in Capricorn is in effect.

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