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Planetary combination for a political career

Planetary combination for a political career

The youth of this generation is very excited to get into politics. The reason behind is politics is such a profession which gives you fame, respect, power, wealth and money. But it is not easy to become a good politician.

Even an individual with politics background may not be a successful politician. This is why it is important to get a career prediction from an Expert Astrologer because astrology and career are strongly connected.

Special qualities are needed to be a successful politician. Qualities like communication skills, wisdom, domination, good orator, courage, leadership, diplomatic vision are inevitable to be successful as a politician.

Career astrology helps you to know whether you have these qualities or not.

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1. What are the important houses to be considered in a career horoscope?

First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, ninth and tenth are the important house to predict for a career in politics.

First house represent self, second house is for impressive and pleasant speech, third house is for thinking and decision-making ability, the fourth house is for relationship with people, fifth house is for luxury, wisdom and comforts, sixth house is for service, litigation and enemy, ninth house is for fortune, and the tenth house is for career and profession.

2. What are the main planets for political success?

Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars play a vital role in your horoscope to be a successful politician.
a) The Sun is the soul and it represents power, position, leadership, government. Sun should be in a good position to be a politician.
b) The Moon rules the mind and makes your mind strong. For taking good decisions with any hesitation, you should have a strong mind.
c) Jupiter excels you with goodwill, reputation, Justice and purity, and so the positions of Jupiter should be strong in a horoscope.
d) Mars plays a major role as it is for wars, quarrels, courage and strong leadership power. Mars empowers you with the fighting spirit and move ahead without hesitation.
e)Saturn is for justice, hard work, shrewdness, calmness, carefulness, service to people and connect with people.
f) Rahu empowers manipulation, and it is a vital trait for a successful politician.

3. What are the planetary combinations required to become a successful politician?

a) When the exalted Sun or the Sun in own house placed in ninth or tenth house, and Rahu is linked with sixth, tenth or eleventh houses then you may have a successful career in politics.
b) If Mercury and the Sun conjunction in second, sixth or twelfth houses and beneficiary Jupiter may lead to a successful career in politics.
c) Jupiter should be beneficial and in a good position like Kendra or trine and the ninth, seventh and tenth house or the Lord of these houses are connected. Such a position of Jupiter may lead you to have a successful career as a politician.
d) When the tenth house or the Lord of the tenth house is linked with the seventh or sixth house or their Lord then you may have a successful political career.
e) Rahu should be connected to the tenth house to get success in politics.
f) The exalted Saturn and Mars have a link with the tenth house, and fourth house and Saturn is placed in sixth and eleventh house can give a successful career as a politician.
g) When exalted three or more planets or own sign and at the same time in quadrants can also give success in politics.
h) People born in Cancer, Leo and Scorpio ascendant and have planetary positions as described above can become a prime minister or president of the country.

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