Effects of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 12 Moon Signs

It’s time to turn the page and step outside of your comfort zone because the full moon eclipse is here and you are going into a full WARRIOR mode. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth aligns in between the Sun and Moon in an imperfect manner. This way it blocks the Sun’s rays from reaching the Moon. Not only astronomically, but the Eclipses also have a deep relation with astrology as well

So, are you ready for a wild card in your horoscope? Yes, Eclipses are considered as one of the most dramatic wild cards that the universe uses as a tool to make you more focused and pay attention to important life areas that need to change. Eclipses surprise you, uproot you and get you moving. Lunar Eclipses just PUSH you from one level of maturity to another higher plane. Here you will see some specific points for your zodiac signs that you can keep in mind when dealing with eclipses. First, some basic information:

Lunar Eclipse Date and Time Duration

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur on June 5, 2020. This eclipse will last for about 3 hours and 18 minutes.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse begins: June 5, 2020, 11:15 PM

Maximum Eclipse: June 6, 2020, 12:54 AM

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse ends: June 6, 2020, 02:34 AM

Effect of the Lunar Eclipse on Moon Signs

During the Lunar Eclipse, the Moon will be in Scorpio sign and in Jyeshtha nakshatra. It will have different impact on individuals of different zodiac signs. Let’s find out what effects the Lunar Eclipse will have on each moon sign.

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned as per Moon signs. If you are unaware of your moon sign, you can access your Free Personalized Janampatri!)


You need to stay cautious, Aries! This lunar eclipse is likely to affect the 8th house of adversities. There are chances that you may face challenges in your personal and financial front. Moreover, it may be difficult for you to manage finances. Thus, you are advised to plan your finances very carefully. Furthermore, stay cautious about your health and take proper care of your diet, as your health may get affected. Also, the health of your mother may get affected and that may lead to mental stress. This is likely to be a confusing phase for you, as things may mess up during this period and that may add to your frustration. At the professional front, there are chances of delay in getting desired results. There are high chances of an increase in your job responsibilities and you may find it difficult to manage your professional and personal life. Consequently, relations with someone in your workplace may get strained. 


Well, this phase is going to be a bit challenging for you. Lunar eclipse may affect the 7th house - house of partnership and spouse. You may get less support than usual from your spouse. But you need to focus on tackling the situations with patience and avoid any type of frustration coming your way. If you are in a relationship, then it may not be a favorable time for commitment. At the financial front you, think twice before making any important decision as impulsive decisions may backfire. Despite a good inflow of money, a sense of dissatisfaction may continue to bother you. In case you are in the import-export business, this period may help. If you are a working professional, you need to be more determined and focussed in order to finish your projects on time. Moreover, take care of your health. It would be helpful to keep emotional outbursts under check to avoid anxiety and stress in your personal environment.


Good news for you, Gemini! The eclipse will affect the 6th house of your birth chart. This house represents obstacles and subordinates. At the professional front, making new connections may help you get rich dividends, if not immediately then sometime later in the future. Being part of a community or circle of friends and building your social network is important to you at this time as it is likely to help you in finishing your tasks on time. At the financial front, you may make important financial decisions with ease, which may in turn help you boost your financial management skills. You may face some difficulties at the relationship front. Cultivating a nurturing attitude with your partner may help you resolve problems. Additionally, try to connect with nature and spend some time alone as that may help you in gaining emotional strength. 


Ah, what a relief! Cancer, this phase is likely to be favorable for you. The eclipse will affect the 5th house  of your birth chart. At the professional front, your creativity is likely to get a boost and that may help you in creating effective presentations. Additionally, you may find yourself possessed by a strong and unshakable desire to work harder to get professional success. In a relationship, your willingness to look at the root of problems may help you  resolve the conflicts with your partner and as a result, you may be in better condition to make progress in your life. On the financial front, long-term investments, or some past investments may bring fruitful results. Money gains through some of your family members are foreseen. Furthermore, you may be able to maintain good health with the help of meditation and regular exercise.


Leo, you will need to be careful with spending. This eclipse is likely to affect the 4th house  in your birth chart. This is the house of mother, and loved ones. Thus, you need to take proper care of your mother’s health and take medical help as a precautionary step at the slightest need. There are chances of some sudden expenses on your vehicle. At the professional front, there are chances of heated arguments. Thus, you are advised to  be careful in this regard. The pressure to perform is likely to increase and you may work hard in order to fulfill your professional commitments. If you are involved in the business, you need to take care of the government policies and procedures. At the financial front, you may need to remain attentive during this phase and avoid creating any new liabilities. Additionally, try to avoid new activities and ventures as it may not be beneficial.


It’s your time to shine, Virgo! This eclipse is likely to affect the 3rd house  that indicates your relationship with your siblings and neighbors. At the financial front, there are chances of gain from your old investments and your destiny is likely to support you in stabilizing your financial position. You may also get support from your father. At the professional front, you may be given additional responsibilities and you may see an increase in your optimism and courage. This may help you in fulfilling the expectations of your seniors. There are high chances of your work being appreciated which may make you happy. Additionally, you may get an opportunity to meet your old friends and you may be discussing the memories of the good times that you have spent with them. To maintain your good health, practicing meditation and yoga may be helpful.


Avoid negative people and tense situations during this phase. This eclipse is likely to affect the 2nd house . At the professional front, you may get opportunities that may help you in proving your creativity and your willingness to accept responsibilities. Additionally, you may get support from your colleagues which may help you in completing your projects on time. Not only this but also you may find yourself more disciplined at the financial front and you are likely to develop financial strategies. This phase may help you in stabilizing your financial position in the time to come. You may be able to maintain your health as you are likely to be inclined to have healthy foods. You may show maturity in your relationships and may get the desired support from your loved ones.


For the Scorpio moon sign this eclipse will affect the 1st house. Being the house of self, you should take proper care of your health. Moreover, there are chances of ego clashes in your married life and hence you should refrain from ego issues. Couples may experience differences of opinion which should be handled maturely. At the professional front, your work may get delayed, which might result in mental stress. Small issues may cause anxiety. Hurdles in your career and profession path are also indicated. You are advised to avoid starting any new activity during this period. Also, control your speech. At the financial front, you may not be able to save money which may lead to frustration. Moderation and planning are very much important. Mental stress can lead to health issues, hence you need to keep a calm approach while dealing with situations. 


Favorable period for growth! For the Sagittarius moon sign, this eclipse will affect the 12th house. You should take your health seriously. Seasonal changes may impact you as your immunity is likely to be low. If you are in business, this period is good. However, if you’re doing a job, it may lead to unhealthy competition. You may not get the desired support from your subordinates which may result in a delay in completing your projects. At the financial front, planetary situations during this period may affect your decision making ability. Hence, you should avoid taking any major financial decisions. In other words, you may need to remain attentive during this phase. Treat family members with respect and the same will be reciprocated. At the relationship front, try to understand the expectations of your partner else you may face some challenges in the relationship.


The lunar eclipse is likely to affect the 11th house  in your birth chart. This is the house of elder brother and gains. At the financial front, the planetary equations may remain good and inflow is likely to remain positive. So, utilize this period to make systematic investments for financial security. Additionally, you may be able to put more efforts to reap more benefits. At the professional front, you may get an opportunity to win the trust of senior officials due to your skills and intelligence. You may get excellent results through your creative activities. Expansion in your professional circle is also foreseen.  At the relationship front, you may have clarity about your relationships. This phase is likely to help you  strengthen your bond with your life partner and family members. Furthermore, avoid junk foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to stay fit and fine.


For the Aquarius Moon sign this eclipse is likely to affect the 10th house. At the professional front, you may be more energetic, so make the best of this phase to accomplish as much as possible. It is time to take the initiative and lead from the front. You may enjoy discussions which are intellectually stimulating and will flock around like-minded people.  There are chances of increase in your income. Additionally, gains through past investments are also quite possible. On money and possessions, as well as personal values, this may be a strong period for implementing new money-making ideas. At the relationship front, it will help you to understand the different aspects of your relationship and may also make you able to resolve some pending issues related to your personal life. You are advised to take proper care of your parent’s health.


This eclipse may have a direct effect on the 9th house . This house indicates long journeys and religious inclination. At the financial front, you are likely to be highly optimistic to achieve your financial goals. You may be able to consolidate your financial position. Destiny may support you for your financial goals and hence you may think to invest with a long time perspective. At the professional front, you may be motivated by your achievements and you may work hard to prove that you are ready to accept further responsibilities. There are chances that you may finish your pending projects. You may have to travel to fulfill your assigned duties. In a relationship, you may show enough of romance and creative expression. Your willingness to enjoy and explore new places with your loved ones may add spark to your love life. Your health is likely to remain moderate.

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