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Mercury Transit 2017: Mercury In Pisces – Try Creating A Fine Blend Of Emotions And Logic

Mercury Transit 2017: Mercury In Pisces – Try Creating A Fine Blend Of Emotions And Logic

Mercury Transit 2017 Dates:

Mercury will be entering the Sign of Pisces – which happens to be its debilitation Sign on 11th March, 2017 and will exit on 27th March, 2017. Thereafter, it will be entering the Sign of Aries.

Mercury will be transiting in Pisces between 11th March , 2017 and 27th March, 2017. Mercury is neutral and it changes according to the placement in a sign. Mercury primarily rules education, nervous system, intelligence, communications and short journeys. It gets debilitated in Pisces sign. Mercury in watery sign brings fertile imagination, intuition, and hyper sensitivity. Negatively, it brings unknown fears, jealousies, and hidden resentments. Deep rooted feelings, fears and needs come to fore. Unsolved or puzzling issues take control of the thinking process. Interest in psychology or behind-the-scenes aspects of life may attract more during this phase. Conversations of all types will get activated and there can be miscommunication, misunderstandings or confusions around you. It makes people believe more on instincts and people tend to focus less on details or facts. In this article, find out how the Mercury Transit In Pisces will influence you in the days to come.

Mercury in Pisces: Predictions For All The Signs

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to the Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants.]

-Mercury In The 12th House

You should avoid unnecessary arguments and discussions to stay way from major issues during this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces. Disagreements may erupt as you will be in no mood to overlook even minor irritations. You have to be careful on this point. There are chances of travelling due to personal or professional matters. You may not find desired support of your luck. You may experience strong temptations for online shopping particularly for communication devices. However, you must avoid hasty decisions as there are indications that your devices may begin to malfunction. Read more about Aries.

Expected problem areas: During the Mercury Transit In Pisces, confusion, inability to focus on some important task, poor understanding with your beloved ones or miscommunication between yourself and your associates may disrupt the harmony.

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-Mercury In The 11th House

During this Mercury Transit in Pisces, you will be inclined to spend your time with friends, going dancing, or doing something stimulating and fun. However, useless outings may disrupt your routine and may also affect your efficiency. There are chances of meeting some interesting people and develop relationship but your love life might get disturbed. You will be hyper sensitive, impressionable or dreamy this time around. Lack of discipline or focus may also affect your career and education. You need to take care of these points in order to lessen the problems. Read more about Taurus.

Expected problem areas: There are indications of throat infection, eyes problems or some allergic health issues. Your irregular food habits may disturb your digestive system. You should take care to avoid these eventualities during Mercury Transit In Pisces.

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-Mercury In The 10th House

There would be delays and obstacles in your career during this Mercury Transit in Pisces and you will not be truly focused to do anything seriously. Lack of initiative or motivation may not allow you to be sufficiently enterprising. Also, you will have a tendency to postpone your work. Avoid unnecessary discussions with seniors and gossip with your colleagues There will be some health issues which may affect your efficiency. Lack of concentration in studies may cause problems for students. You need to take care of your health. Read more about Gemini.

Expected problem areas: Lack of focus and interest is the chief problem you will experience during this period of Mercury Transit In Pisces. This will impact other areas of your behaviour as well. This laid back mood will act difficult to carry on your life smoothly.

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-Mercury In The 9th House

During this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces, you may presume that the delays and obstacles are destined and hence may not try enough which will not allow you to take advantage of the positive side of this period. There will be some issues or obstacles in completing your projects and hence you are likely to face problems in your higher studies. You have to take care of all this things. You may spend money for unnecessary articles and devices. Conversations, negotiations, meetings, travelling and communications will remain important for you. Read more about Cancer.

Expected Problem areas: Your resignation towards certain obstacles is crucial detriment during this phase of Mercury Transit In Pisces. It is going to make you external problems more difficult. There are also chances of skin disease or ENT problems.

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-Mercury In The 8th House

The most important factor for you during this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces will be your communication. You should take extra care while discussing matters. That can save you from several unpleasant situations created by people who are not your well wishers. In order to avoid possible problems, don’t participate in any discussion at work place. There are chances of taking wrong decision related to money, so you should stay very cautious while making investments. Some of your friends, close associates or family member may disturb the harmony of your life. You may also face some dissatisfaction and disruptions in your love life. Your health will require more attention this time. Read more about Leo.

Expected problem areas: During this Mercury Transit In Pisces, there are chances of you coming in a difficult situation due to some problems in communication. You have to be very careful about your communication.

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-Mercury In The 7th House

Pressure to perform will increase at work place during this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces. You will require lot of determination and self control during this period in order to tackle problems and achieve success. Intense competition or conflict with colleagues at work place is quite likely during this period. Your hasty, abrupt, impulsive actions may disturb your personal life and relationship with life partner. You will probably be a bit too critical and hard on your beloved ones which could bring some disruptions in your life. Your health may also require extra care and your energy levels will require constant watch. Read more about Virgo.

Expected problem areas: There will be several external and internal problems which may bombard you . They may be about conflicts at work place or your own quick, hasty decisions during Mercury Transit In Pisces.

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-Mercury In The 6th House

During this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces, you would require your freedom and independence to expand your horizon and to explore new ideas. But, you may not find the opportunities/options that you desire and deserve hence a sense of dissatisfaction may bother you during this time. Your luck might not support you. You can be quite logical in your thinking but, you may be in dilemma and also indecisive and that might not allow you to implement the ideas into practice. Read more about Libra.

Expected problem areas: Your internal thoughts will want to explore and expand but you may not get the proper environment to take them forward which may dissatisfy you. You will also be prone to stomach problems, skin or allergic health issues during Mercury Transit In Pisces.

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-Mercury In The 5th House

A certain impracticality will be one of your shortcomings during this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces. Also, there is some risk of jumping to the conclusions and avoiding facts while trying to arrive at a proper decision. You will waste your time and money in fun, online shopping or unnecessary outings which might harm your education and career progression as well. You may face problems in competitive examinations and may find your performance disappointing. You will also have temptations for specuations which you must avoid. If you are married, you will remain concerned about the progress of your children. Read more about Scorpio.

Expected problem areas: During this Mercury Transit In Pisces, you will be more impractical and less logical during this period. This could create problems for you. You need to take care of this.

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-Mercury In The 4th House

This period of Mercury Transit in Pisces may trigger some resistance in you and so much more focus, dedication and care will be required to maintain harmony on the professional front. Some personal matters may divert your attention from career. You may not be able to distinguish properly between the required and unrequired things. Extra care has be taken in this regard so that right decisions are taken particularly if you are looking for change. Besides, practical concerns will dominate your married life. You may not be able to spend quality time with your family members and that might frustrate you. You must avoid partnerships or joint venture during this period. Read more about Sagittarius.

Expected problem areas: You need to tackle your inner resistance in order to maintain the smoothness in your professional life. Your clarity may get clouded during Mercury Transit In Pisces.

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-Mercury In The 3rd House

During this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces, your mental processes will speed-up and you will grasp new ideas and concepts easily. But, you may have the tendency to evade real responsibilities and will be busy in your “own world”. You may become argumentative and impatient while discussing your ideas or some important matters with others. Conversations with others may be fruitful if you don’t allow your frustration to get out of control. There will be some problems in your communication devices. You have to take care of that. You may also face some problems while travelling. Read more about Capricorn.

Expected problem areas:Your mind will function fast and efficiently. However, it may also wander in the unreal world during the Mercury Transit In Pisces. You will need to manage the situation well.

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-Mercury In The 2nd House

Some limits in growth and gain may make you restless and somewhat uncomfortable during this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces. You are also advised to avoid hasty decisions regarding financial matters and your investments. This period may not allow you to break the shackles and as a result frustration may rise. It will be important for you to remain focused and think twice before making any financial commitments. There will be some exchange of words and miscommunication between you and your family members. Read more about Aquarius.

Expected problem areas: You may be wanting to grow and gain but reality may be restricting it during Mercury Transit In Pisces. This could make you frustrated. You need to tackle this frustration in a proper manner. You will also be prone to ENT problems and allergic health problems.

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-Mercury In The 1st House

During this period of Mercury Transit in Pisces, confusion and indecisiveness may create problems for you. It may lead to some emotional turmoil in your married life. It’s time to ask your well wisher his/her view on you and your relationship. Cooperation, compromise, and adjustments will help you to improve the equations of your relationship. You need to keep these points in mind. Restlessness and anxiety may affect your health. So, you need to remain calm and composed to avoid majority of problems. Staying calm and composed is very important for you. Besides, you must think twice before making investments in property or vehicles. Read more about Pisces.

Expected problem areas: Your internal confusion could lead to some problems in your married life. This may make you emotionally disturbed during Mercury Transit In Pisces.

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