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10 Things to be careful of whenever Mercury is in Retrogression.

  • Have you been lately finding it frustrating to deal with your phone/s, or computers, tablets or any other gadgets, which may seem to have been misbehaving lately?
  • Have you recently lost all/some data in your phone or computer due to an unexpected crash, or has your phone been getting hung frequently, or is slow Internet speed bothering you, since some days?
  • Did you suddenly bump into an old friend, with whom you had gotten disconnected a long while back?
  • Overall, are things appearing to be very confusing, or are you having problems in understanding a new subject being taught at school or a new project that has lately begun in your office?
  • Do you feel people around you have been misunderstanding or misquoting you too often?
  • Have you been facing travel delays?
  • Have you noticed that you have been facing some unexpected losses, in the last few days?!

If your answer to any of the above is yes then welcome to the crazy world induced by Mercury in Retrogression!

It is generally observed that even the biggest non-believers or non-conformists in Astrology, tend to believe in the concept or Astrological phenomenon of ‘Mercury Retrograde’. Why is that all things around look crazy and confusing during Mercury in Retrogression? What is Mercury Retrograde exactly, and how does it affect the general happenings in people’s life?

Mercury retrograde or the retrogression of Mercury is the phase or period when the closest planet to the Sun – Mercury ‘appears’ to be moving in a backward/reverse motion for approximately a period of three weeks.

Ganesha is using the word ‘appears’ because literally and technically no planet can move backwards in its orbit. Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees apart from the Sun, so when it reaches the farthest point from the Sun, it changes direction to rectify its path.

But this phenomenon, when Mercury appears to be moving backwards, that is, when it is moving in a retrograde motion, takes places around 3-4 times in a year and its retrogression period is approximately 18% in a year.

What does this phase indicate –
The decision-making power of individuals gets affected, in this phase, making them prone to confusion and irritability. So due to this, people tend to select the wrong things, and end up repenting later.

Communications and communications equipments, correspondence, speech, thoughts, information relay, internet connections or speed, gadgets, technological items all are represented by Mercury. To know all about Mercury and its associations, you may also read the article – A better driver, an eloquent orator and an intelligent moderator – Mercury can make you all this and more…

1) Do not sign any documents/contracts or agree for a proposal or enter into a partnership or any such area requiring commitment or assurance till Mercury does not get direct. Mercury is going to retrograde from February 17, 2020 and will be in retrogression until March 10, 2020.

2) Do not get easily offended by anything anyone says, they may be under the spell of the wayward Mercury. Their thoughts may be clouded and their communication mechanism would have been infected by the virus of the retrogression! Take a chill pill and relax! If you also start reacting, only meaningless quarrels and unproductive arguments will be the result!

3) Be very careful and precise about what you write, what you speak/utter or what you express. Moreover, do not be harsh in your words to people. Anything done without due thought or wisdom will make you repent afterwards and will land you into trouble, leading to frustration, loss of time, energy and money!

4) Be extremely prudent and pragmatic while spending money! There is an adage in Sanskrit that goes like this: “Buddha Vakre, Dhanakshayahe”. It means whenever Mercury is retrograde, there will be loss of money and finances.

5) Back-up all your data on your phones or computer, there may be chances the data getting deleted all of a sudden.

6) If any important issue has been kept on hold for long OR if some mails have to be replied OR if some relative is awaiting your call OR if some matter requires your immediate attention then attend to it at the earliest, before they worsen!

7) Do not purchase any expensive gadget or electronic appliance in this period. But in case, if you have to compulsorily buy it right now, then make sure that you check the products completely and clear your doubts by asking a lot questions; it does not matter if the sales person is getting irritated with you. Also, make sure that all the paper-work is properly done and that you get warranty for it.

8) Be very alert and careful about where you keep your house/locker/cupboard/vehicle/drawer keys, there are chances of them getting misplaced or lost.

9) Do not draw any conclusions in haste or impulse and do not present your views and opinions unless someone asks for it.

10) Don’t tell any lies or present false statements to anyone; it may be possible that when Mercury turns direct, the truth and real picture will come out, harming your image!

Each planetary transit is bound to give mixed effects, some negative, many positive or vice versa. This also depends on where and how (aspecting whom and which House) a planet transits through your Personal Horoscope. Generally, though, too there may be mixed results of a planetary transit. Here, Ganesha gives you a lowdown on how the feared Mercury Retrogression be a blessing in disguise for you. Read on….
1) How long has it been that you have been wanting to watch that favourite programme of yours on TV but could not, owing to a lot of activity on social media and your mobile phone? You can’t keep that favourite programme of yours on hold for infinity, right? So there has to be a way out for it! So your phone or computer has crashed recently and thus you have got an opportunity to watch that show. Isn’t it a wonderful experience? So, there it is, a positive side of Mercury Retrograde! ?

2) This is a good time to reconnect with your long-lost buddies or that long-forgotten friend of yours. It may open up new avenues for you!

3) Utilize this time to plan well for your future activities. In this period there will be chances of you getting some key ideas, which may have not struck you till now.

4) This time gives you an opportunity to tie up loose ends and complete unfinished tasks.

5) You are directed to keep your gadgets and communication instruments in good condition. If they need to be repaired or given for service, then go ahead and do it.

6) If you have been wanting to edit or update some documents or profiles of importance like the Resume/CV/Bio Data or your social networking websites, then do it. It may be possible that due that
one missing point or a little mistake in your Resume, you have not been getting proper job offers! Mercury favours editing, re-writing and formatting information of any sort.

7) If you were on a busy work schedule and have been deprived of proper rest and sleep, then this time offers a chance for you to relax and rejuvenate yourself! Re-organize your life and routine for a better lifestyle.

8) Instead of wasting your precious energies on implementing and executing a particular idea or strategy, use this time for contemplation and modification. Review the work that you have done till now, may be there’s a clue hidden in that, which may prove to be of formidable help to you!

Though the Retrogression of Mercury has some serious influences, you need not worry much about it. Just be a little more careful! Follow Ganesha’s guidance to live a happy life!

Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,