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Your Man’s Zodiac Sign can tell you a lot about his Love Style… Read On

Ardent, bold, wants to make the first move (this man wants to be first in everything!). Ruled by Mars, the God of War, an Aries enjoys the thrill of the chase. One Aries guy that I had a romance with liked taking charge, driving the car, ordering the food at a restaurant etc. He was also extremely flirtatious with other women (Warren ‘you’re so vain’ Beatty is an Aries) and it is generally fair to say that he likes the idea of many conquests. However, woe betide you if you so much as look at another man in his presence as he might explode (as I said he likes to be the first and also the only man in your life). He’s probably got a temper if he’s pushed too far, after all he’s ruled by the warrior planet. And he’s impatient. This man does not like to hang around waiting for love or for his girlfriend to get dressed when they’re going out. On a personal level I’ve found that men who are heavily Arian do not spend a great deal of time on foreplay and want to get down to the main event as quickly as possible. But, on the plus side, they’re adventurous and energetic with a lot of stamina to see them through the night. If you’re in the early stages of a relationship, don’t look at the notches on the bed-post! Overall, this man is very generous with his money, time and love. He’s the type to turn up spontaneously with a large bunch of flowers and whisk you off your feet with extreme declarations of love and passion. That’s Passion with a capital P.

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The Taurus man likes to bide his time and patiently wait for love to come into his life. He is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, and so is moved by a pretty face just as he appreciates all forms of beauty including art and music. He wants and needs security so would be perfectly happy for a once-a-week meeting with his lover as long as it is as regular as that. Although he is not the ‘hearts and flowers’ type he makes up for it by being loyal, true and kind. He may not gush and spend loads of money on his partner (in fact, he is very attached to money so will probably not go overboard on gifts), but he will always be there for his girlfriend/wife and will listen to her woes without complaint. The way to a Taurus man’s heart is likely to be his stomach, my advice is plenty of potatoes along with other carbohydrates and sweet stuff. And he’ll be very susceptible to everything that turns on his senses, perfume, cashmere jumpers spring to mind. He’ll like plenty of cosy nights in, watching sport and comedy programmes or a good film on the video with you of course. As a fixed sign, your Taurus man is not likely to have a wandering eye (although may take a peek at the pretty girls walking down the street, of course). In bed, he will love touching and kissing you and will appreciate soft skin. But after a while it may get a little predictable so it might be up to you to introduce a few tricks to keep the interest alive. He may love gardening and, like a plant, his love needs daily watering to keep the flames alive. They may not burn brightly but they flicker constantly and hopefully will never go out.

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Keep your Gemini chap happy with plenty of text messages, emails and answering machine messages because he loves to communicate. It might also help you track him down when he disappears occasionally and is mysteriously out of touch. Geminis, like Pisces, can be elusive but it’s often nothing to worry about. They’re just out chatting to newly found friends and spreading the word around. What word? Any word, and it’s just as likely to be French as in English for this guy is likely to have a smattering of a few languages and even be fluent in one or two. He is literate and a smooth, charming talker. It might even be what made you notice him in the first place. All things being equal he is probably very witty with a love of words. He’ll enjoy chatting to you in a bar, flirting in an Internet cafe or could even be the nice-looking innocent man that approached you at the train station that you couldn’t help getting drawn into a conversation with. He likes being friends with girls and often friendship will develop into love or it will happen vice-versa. Quite often he will stay in touch with his ex-girlfriends who will become mates for life.

The Cancer in love will go down every route apart from the most straight-forward to get to his love. Sometimes the more circuitous route the better, particularly if he is not sure about his loved one’s feelings in the early stages of a romance. Very quickly he will be thinking of how you fit into his family, whether you will get on with them and if they will approve of you. With some men this doesn’t matter but to a Cancer man even if he has other signs in important places, the family is still the heart of his life. Likewise marriage and children will be in his thoughts from a very early stage of the romance. When you see his eyes misting up when you pass a wedding shop, it’s time to panic (especially if you are a Gemini or Aquarius lass and like your freedom). But if all this homely, domestic talk is your thing then this man makes a fantastic husband and father. He will never resent the time spent doing things as a family. In fact he positively thrives on it. He will probably enjoy cooking for the family, he might even do most of it if you’re lucky and even going shopping for food. With his children, he’s a delight but could get a little too protective. Despite all this domesticity, he’s probably got a few dreams he wants to fulfil perhaps travelling the world or playing in a band. He’s definitely not boring. Sweet, gentle and considerate maybe. And emotional Cancer is a water sign and both men and women born under this sign tend to feel things at a very deep level. This man may remember what you were wearing the first time you went out and keep momentoes in a box under the bed. Sometimes it can become very difficult to match the emotional intensity of the Cancerians and this may cause some issues in the relationship.

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The Leo Man likes to have a beautiful girl on his arm or in his bed, confirming his belief that he is God’s gift to women, Mick Jagger has this placement. He will shower his loved one with expensive presents and nothing is too good for his lady love. But even though his amorous exploits may cause him to wander (only with some Leos), his fixed nature means that he will continue to love his permanent partner. He is very proud of the lady in his life and will sing her praises to anyone who’ll listen. Usually this man will err on the flamboyant even if he is the quiet type he might do amateur dramatics on the side. Affectionate and kind, the Leo likes a beautiful home where he can entertain and be lord of the manor on occasions. Extravagant at times, the Leo likes to keep up appearances and will like his partner to look good. Designer clothes? No problem this man will probably rival you in the fashion department. Hair (the lion’s mane) is another obsession. In bed, you probably won’t have many complaints as he is passionate and playful like a big cat or lively lion. Make him purr by massaging his ego (among other things!) and then he’ll become a loveable kitten.Leos can be delightful when it comes to matters of love. But, their ego can play spoilsport in the relationship. But, do you have it in you to deal with the bossy Leo man?

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The Virgo man is very discriminating when it comes to love so well done for passing the first test! He will take his time when choosing a partner and look for someone who won’t show him up when on a date. The Audrey Hepburn look is his ideal, fastidious, co-ordinated and cool looking but brains as well as beauty is his thing because this man is ruled by Mercury. He needs good communication in a relationship, a bit like Gemini which is also ruled by the airy Mercury. However, unlike Gemini he takes responsibility very seriously whether it is to his work or his mate. One thing to bear in mind is that he can be a tad critical about anything and everything including you. From your dress sense to the way you do the washing up he could well have an opinion. And it might not be the one you want to hear! But on the plus side he will praise you too and be quietly supportive of your hopes and dreams. This is not a man to flaunt his love but will be devoted in his own special way. He will work at love and strive to improve the partnership he is in which makes a change from many men who walk away at the first sign of trouble.

This man was born for love and is ready for it from a shockingly early age. There will be full blown hearts and flowers stuff with the emphasis on romance. One guy I know who is Libra studied Swedish at university just so he would be in with a chance of getting a Swedish girl-friend. A Libra dreams of being the leading man in a wash-buckling Errol Flynn type movie and of rescuing the girl and whisking her away for a happy-ever-after ending. Being ruled by Venus like Taurus, he likes and needs beauty. Libra is the sign of partnership and of the true gentleman who will do anything in their power to hold on to that romantic ideal. A Libra will support their lover in everything although they will want to feel supported in their own endeavours. Chivalrous and gallant, a Libra will go to the ends of the earth for a loved one. He needs a partner who will balance his nature as Libra represents the Scales. Perhaps someone slightly feistier than he is although he abhors arguments so he is unlikely to go for an argumentative type of woman who will rock the boat. All things being equal, this is a man who is unlikely to forget your birthday or Valentine’s Day and who will surprise you with flowers and chocolates. A Libra is very fair and will go 50:50 as far as they can when it comes to house work, finances and just sharing the load. He won’t object to looking after baby while you go to work as long as you support his dream of going to acting class. In his book, that makes sense each partner taking turns to pursue individual happiness. Despite being an excellent charmer, there may be some problems in the personal sphere because of their fear of committing to something.

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The Scorpio man is a strange, enigmatic beast and this trait seems to be even more accentuated when it comes to love. If he is interested, he will pretend not to be and simply put you under the microscope to see if you are worthy of his time and energy. This close examination will allow the Scorpio to get the bottom of all your flaws and of course all your strengths. Once he has made up his mind that you are the one he has staying power in a romance because he is a fixed sign. Loyal and true, the Scorpio will remain faithful if the attachment satisfies his emotions, intellect and soul. Nothing less than the best will do. In truth, this man craves affection and romance. He needs to be loved. One Scorpio guy I know admitted after an affair was over that he missed cuddling on the sofa while watching the television. Having said that, some of these men (the less evolved sort) can opt for a relationship just based on lust if there is nothing better around. But be warned, this man is not short on will power. In his strange Plutonic way, he can break up a relationship without warning if he feels that you have reached the end of the road.He will break things down in order to rebuild something better. While in a relationship, he expects and demands a lot from a partner but will give you his undying love and devotion for ever. Prince Charles is a Scorpio he chose two Cancers as his partners, Princess Diana of course and Camilla Parker Bowles. Although some have accused him of betraying Diana with Camilla others have said that in his own way Prince Charles shows signs of long-lasting loyalty by having pictures and other personal momentoes of Diana all over his home. All said and done, one aspecte about the Scorpio man cause some anxious moments. And this aspect is unpredictability.

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Impulsive, optimistic Sagittarius is always sure that he has found true love as he embarks on his latest relationship. He is a feet-first type of person and will dive into a romance, even though his friends and family might warn him off, sensing that these two just do not fit together correctly. Enthusiastic at the beginning, the Sagittarius could become a little bored and look for the next adventure if his feelings of wonderlust are not satisfied. He needs freedom, a foreign lover who he can see occasionally would fit the bill because that way his need for excitement would be fulfilled and also his love of travel would also be assuaged. Friendly and caring the Sagittarius will be generous to all his loved ones and not mind too much typical animal can be seen on the town with a few beers and a few girls in tow, all hanging on to his every funny word. This man is typically very gregarious with a great sense of humour who will keep all his groupies (sorry, I mean adoring girlfriends!) in stitches with the latest joke and funny story. The Scottish comedian and actor Billy Connolly is a typical Sagittarius- a larger-than-life personality who is quite child-like and endearing while being hugely talented. It is no surprise that Billy chose a fellow Sagittarius as his partner, the beautiful and talented Pamela Stephenson because fun and friendship are key to what he needs in a partner. He would have a hard time with a serious, sulky, brooding Capricorn or Scorpio. The passion and verve found in fellow Fire signs would be more his thing, look to Leo and Aries or even a Gemini or Libra would be good. (However, as always this depends on the rest of his chart and can be modified if the Sagitarius has a preponderance of other planets in his natal horoscope). This man is a hoot a minute. The Sagittarius man makes for a highly entertaining and enthusiastic partner. But, their immature behaviour on certain occasions can cause some friction.

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Down the ages astrologers have always described the Goat as a social climber who is more interested in a girlfriend’s parents background and financial prospects than his lover’s hobbies. There might be some truth in that but overall the Capricorn does have a smattering of romance in his soul. He likes intelligence, smartness and ability and because of his sense of duty and deep feelings for family life, he is also on the hunt for someone who wants to be a wife and mother. In other words, he is looking for a traditional girl who is not averse to hard work and who wants to strive after a better lifestyle. The Capricorn man is ambitious and will quietly work behind the scenes for years to secure a good salary and financial package for himself and his family. In love the Goat is already thinking ahead to retirement and medical insurance (as I said there is romance in his soul but this is balanced with his need for security). He is not interested in the flighty, flirty girls he might encounter on his travels that don’t offer him the long-term permanence he needs. And he is cautious so will only be willing to take a gamble on a girl that has ‘suitable marriage partner’ stamped through her. Of course love comes into the equation but this man does not have the impulsive nature of the Sagittarius. He is not looking for a short-term fling but for a long-term partnership, built on the foundations of trust and loyalty. Even when young, the Capricorn male will show a maturity beyond his years when it comes to romance. He does not mind settling down at an early age, older women do not phase him either. In fact he positively enjoys a mature, experienced female. Maybe it’s simply that the Capricorn has an affinity with older people but he won’t mind your wrinkles and creaking limbs. Unlike some men who at the first sign of a grey hair are looking over their shoulders for someone else. His dearest wish is that the two of you grow old together (backed by a suitable insurance policy) and you can sit by the fire and reminisce. Not a bad dream to have.

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I have found there are two sorts of Aquarius the zany, forward-thinking type that is into experimentation and ‘free love’ and the other more conservative type that acts a lot like a Capricorn. Even if they look harmless, the first type will flirt outrageously with you and try to bed you at the earliest opportunity. Once they have successfully seduced you the surprises probably don’t stop there. One Aquarius guy I knew was seriously into voyeurism. ‘Nuff said. He is likely to have a lot of female friends and remain friends with his exes on a platonic basis. The Aquarius male is likely to be intelligent even super intelligent with wide-ranging interests which could include philosophy, computers, sport, chess, mathematics and travelling. It will obviously help if you are also clever and an achiever. This man likes modern women who are in control and independent. He is never afraid that his masculinity will be compromised. If you are dealing with the first sort of beast then you will have to allow him a great deal of freedom. He will need to be on his own at times. An Aquarian is generally very fair-minded and, like his other air signs Gemini and Libra, will have no qualms about contributing 50:50 to a partnership on all levels. Overall though the Uranus-ruled male is not worried too much about domestic affairs and the tidiness of his home. In a marriage or any long-standing affair the death knell for him will be boredom. He needs a relationship that stimulates him, that maintains its vibrancy because this is a man who craves excitement and unpredictability. That is, unless he is the more reserved ‘Capricornian’ variety who prefers a steady, solid kind of relationship. Understanding the Aquarian mindset can sometimes seem intriguing because they strongly believe in individuality. But, do you have it in you to build a solid bond with him?

Idealistic, dreamy Pisces is like one of the Romantic poets in love. An affair can be lived largely through his imagination. In fact this man is very susceptible to the thrills and pain of unrequited love. He can sublimate his nature through romance and fantasy and act out his needs through intense imagery and dreams. He is looking for Romance in the true sense of the word. As the sign of the martyr, Pisces will sacrifice anything for love and will literally do anything for the loved one. A Piscean is not so good at handling all the boring practical details of everyday life like bills and shopping. He would prefer it if these mundane necessities were all miracled away. Valentine’s Day was made for a Pisces because then he can then express his true nature and be as hearts and flowery as he desires. In many ways, this fast-paced technological age with email and text messaging goes against the true nature of a Pisces. They are more in the era of knights and maids with long, flowing gowns where romance was whispered in the halls and love missives changed hands and were carried afar on steeds. A little over the top maybe but you get the idea. Thwarted in love, the Pisces may take refuge in drugs or drink to ease the pain. Anything that lets him escape from the rigours of the world is a godsend music, film and travel are three other favourite choices. A Pisces will have a certain song that he associates with you and will he will remember vividly the clothes you wore on the first date and the things you said. This guy is big on forgiveness and kindness and can easily fall prey to the type of woman who will walk all over his tender feelings. Be gentle with him for he will repay your love ten-fold.Pisces wants eroticism and sensuality and is greatly influenced by atmosphere. He will enjoy long massages. The Piscean man can sometimes become tough to deal with because of their extreme emotional tendencies.
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