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Mars Transit 2017 In Pisces: Time To Vent Out Stale Emotions

Mars Transit 2017 In Pisces: Time To Vent Out Stale Emotions

Mars Transit 2017 In Pisces: Time To Vent Out Stale Emotions - GaneshaSpeaks

The fearless, confident and aggressive Mars will be transiting through a domain that will be somewhat contrary to its core nature. The transit of Mars through the Sign of Pisces between 20th January, 2017 to 2nd March, 2017 may strongly influence our emotions and overall psychology. During this period, there will be a stronger urge within us to express our emotions and feelings to others, as the action-oriented nature of Mars will be working towards the channelisation of our emotional energies. This transit of Mars will have diverse effects on the 12 Signs. In this article, Ganesha predicts how the transit will impact our lives in the days to come.

Mars Transit For Aries

ProsA good deed from the past may bring good results. Situations might get a bit intense, as Mars is the element of force and action. But gradually you’ll feel happy and relieved as the obstacles blocking positive energy will get removed, says Ganesha.

Cons Ganesha feels that under the effect of this transit, you may be compelled to express your true self to others. This may stress you and affect your health adversely. You may find few mishaps if you don’t relax and sort yourself well.

Mars Transit For Taurus

ProsYou are likely to remain active throughout. You’ll be more focused at work. However, relationship fronts may attract your immediate attention as you might take important decisions for the same. In a nutshell, you can achieve your dreams now without any kind of hindrances, feels Ganesha.

Cons Ganesha predicts, that you are likely to over think matters which might result in a fight during the transit period. You may give some advice to others, which might not go well with them. Also, you can even suffer a personal or monetary loss due to its negative effects.

Mars Transit For Gemini

ProsGanesha says, that you’ll be more focused on your career now. You’ll utilise your energy on all productive areas. This is the time when your work will get noticed and appreciated. You’ll actively participate and make necessary planning at work now.

Cons Ganesha foresees that you may become impatient during this transit period as you may divert from work and eventually, it would affect your reputation. You may take an unfavourable decision now without considering its pros and cons. Hence, the relationship at work may get more strained.
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Mars Transit For Cancer

ProsProfessionally, life looks good as your pending work will get completed on time. There are chances of promotion at workplace soon. There are possibilities of a trip with your close ones now. In short, this is a favourable period for you both professionally and personally, says Ganesha.

Cons You should not hurry with your task and to take the proper time to finish it, suggests, Ganesha. There are chances of some negligence at a task and it might tense the atmosphere at work in this period. Even if it seems difficult, try to be more focus and patient at work before meeting the deadlines.

Mars Transit For Leo

ProsDue to this transits, you might suddenly want to take step towards transforming yourself. This is a good time to learn new things and expand your knowledge and skills. This transformation could be possible by taking a short trip with your friends or dear ones, feels Ganesha.

Cons This transit is not favourable especially on your health front, as you need to be extra careful while driving now, there are chances of you to come across an accident. Ganesha advises, you to take care of your health and be more focused towards your fitness.

Mars Transit For Virgo

ProsGanesha feels, that you are likely to have mood swings, and this would show your vulnerable side to your partner. You would feel more adventurous and might want to involve yourself in some sports now. There are chances of an outing with your family now.

Cons Ganesha Predicts, that you may get hyper at work due to some miscommunication. You may take an unnecessary risk, for which your office mates might not support you. This transit could go against you if you take the risk at work.

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Mars Transit For Libra

ProsGanesha says, that you are likely to come across new job opportunities now. There are possibilities of some investment, as you are likely to take a loan which will be approved easily during this period. Also, you’ll get health conscious and start taking care of your health.

Cons Ganesha advises, you to be polite as you may face conflicts with your relatives. There are chances of some financial problems if finance is not managed properly. Also, you need to be alert, as there can be health issues if you do not follow health regime properly.

Mars Transit For Scorpio

ProsGanesha feels, that this transit is favourable on your personal front as you may spend some quality time with your dear ones. Your performance at work will improve and it may inspire your colleagues now. For a change, you might like to visit at your relative’s place.

Cons Ganesha warns, that you need to be extra careful while consuming outside or junk food. However, you need to control your anger, or else it may affect your relations and end up in some kind of conflict.

Mars Transit For Sagittarius

ProsGanesha feels, that you would be working towards improving your relationship with your partner and try to make your home a better place. Your Professional life will be occupied and you will make progress in work. There are possibilities that you may stay away from your home mostly for professional reasons.
Cons Ganesha predicts, that your relations with your mother could be disturbed during this transit. You may get hyper very quickly to express your inner thoughts, but it would not go well with others. Hence, due to this, you will feel emotionally drained.

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Mars Transit For Capricorn

ProsYou would finally take the first step towards your dream. You will get appreciated and inspire others. You will also possess the courage to chase your dreams. You will be determined and may do whatever it takes to achieve your goal and desires, feels Ganesha.

Cons Ganesha advises, you to stay calm as you are likely to face opposition from your friends and your dear ones. You may lose your temper which may go against you. So, you should try to stay calm and relax during this period by focusing on your goals.

Mars Transit For Aquarius

ProsThis seems a pretty good period for you as you are likely to get financially rewarded for your efforts and hard work. You would feel proud as everyone at work will praise your work strategy. Be focused and keep working hard, as this will bring positivity in life, says Ganesha.

Cons Your harsh speech may not go well with others. Too much mood swings, may affect your personal life as well. Also, you need to start taking care of your diet, as too much negligence can affect your health, feels Ganesha.

Mars Transit For Pisces

ProsGanesha foresees, that you will finally initiate to complete all your pending work first. There are possibilities of big projects coming your way soon. Most importantly, luck will be in your favour especially in this period. You are likely to feel very active and positive to do any task that comes your way now.
Cons You may work very hard at work while this transit is active. Just make sure that you don’t stress yourself, advises Ganesha. You should not take your health related matter lightly as it could go wrong. You might feel like staying alone as of now, and this may strain your relationship with your dear ones.
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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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