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Mars Transit in Leo 2021: Effects on Your Moon Sign

Mars is the warrior and fighter planet in Vedic astrology. Its placement and transit play equally important roles for all-around success. Mars represents actions, energy, passion, desires and assertion. Mars motivates everyone in your day to day activities. Mars shows your action to every reaction to the outer world. On the other hand, Leo is the grand and majestic sign of the solar system. Leo shows brightness, Purity, ego, authority, fun, drama and power. Leo is the sign ruled by king Sun who is the soul significator in Vedic astrology. The Lion is a creative and ambitious sign.

Mars transit in Leo this time will bring many changes on all of us in all parts of our life. Professionally many unexpected events can be predicted for all of us. Promotion or business growth strongly indicated that Mars transit in Leo will be hugely beneficial this time. This transit will help us to push our limits to a greater level and we can expect something new in our life especially after this pandemic. This will bring an excellent time for new love. Romantic encounters can be seen between the couples. Love life will be grand this time. Singles can find new love and commitment will surely take their love life to a new level.

Even though this Mars transit will impact everyone but still as per different Moon signs it will give different results in specific areas of life so let’s talk about it-

Mars transit in Leo will be extremely beneficial for the Aries Moon sign. This time you will be very enthusiastic and excited for the fun part of your life. You will be very creative and might start something new which you have had in your mind for so long. Your education will be good and you will make all the necessary changes in your curriculum as well. You might start a new love relationship as well. If you are single then definitely you will meet someone new and commit.

Mars transit in Leo will give mixed results to the Taurus moon sign. Mars transit will be very favourable for property and land dealings for the Taurus moon sign. This time you will definitely buy some new home or enter into the new home. Mars Leo transit can create some issues in the domestic environment. You must control your anger and not be aggressive. You must avoid any unnecessary discussion or topic at home so that family happiness can be maintained and relations flow smoothly.

Mars transit in Leo will be good for the Gemini Moon sign. This Mars Leo transit will be very beneficial for travelling. If you have travelling in your mind then you must make maximum use of it. Your courage will increase and your desire to achieve something new will be heightened this time. Control your desires otherwise, it can get you affected in a negative way. Try to maintain cordial relations with your siblings otherwise, relationships may get damaged. Your willpower will increase and you will be very active this time. You will be adventurous and brave. You will be happy with friends and plan a picnic this time.

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Mars transit in Leo will be good for the Cancer Moon sign. Your financial matters will get solved by this time. Your approach will be very fiery towards financial concerns so control on it. Your family will be the main priority for you this time. You will try to make the necessary changes in your family life. You will evaluate your values this time and will get to know what works for you best. You will put more effort during this time to create solid financial gains in future. Family celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries will be top on your list and it will be grand for sure.

Mars transit in Leo will be very good for the Leo Moon sign as it is transiting through the first house of the horoscope. It will affect hugely as fiery and aggressiveness will be there in personality. Try to control it otherwise, it will create adverse effects on you. Your courage and motivation will be at their best. You will want to achieve the best position in your career this time. Your approach to married life will be very fiery and royal. You will feel that much-needed energy this time to complete all your unfinished projects this time. You may want to increase your self-identity which will help to elevate your status as well this time. Ego and unnecessary pride can affect you in a negative way.

Mars transit in Leo will give mixed results to the Virgo Moon sign. This transit will definitely allow you foreign travel abroad and visit new countries. If you have anything in your mind then you must try and enjoy this fruitful transit. Control your expenses as in the end you will be at a loss. Avoid anger and try to maintain balance this time. Maintain good relations with your colleagues or chances are there your enemies might increase. Stay away from legal issues and avoid all court cases with dates this time. Invest and use your money very consciously.

Mars transit in Leo will be very beneficial for the Libra Moon sign this time. This is the time you will be very social and extroverted. You will be very charismatic and enjoy the company of your friends. You might feel like changing jobs. You will want something better this time for your growth. You will be more outdoor this time and want to explore yourself. You will attend marriage functions or any events in grand style. You will take pride in all of your celebrations. Your desire to express yourself will be at its best.

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Mars transit in Leo will be very good for the Scorpio Moon sign this time. You will be extremely fiery and aggressive in your professional life. Your desire to want professional achievement will be at its best. You will try to change your job or get a much-needed promotion which you have desired for so long. You will be aggressive this time which can create some adverse effects. Maintain good relations with seniors. You will express yourself very pride in your working environment without any fear. Your performance will be better and everyone will love you. You can also plan some things for your future growth.

Mars transit in Leo will be very lucky for all Sagittarius Moon sign individuals. This time you will definitely try to visit some new religious places. You might change your belief systems and take pride in expressing them. You must control it as it may affect others in a negative way. You will be very aggressive in your approach this time. You will stick to your philosophy this time and might invent something new. Foreign travelling is also for you. Try to maintain cordial relations with your father. Relations with the government will improve. Good time for students to concentrate on their studies and success in examinations.

Mars transit in Leo will give mixed results for the Capricorn Moon sign this time. There will be many ups and downs in your life with Mars Leo transit. Finance will fluctuate and you might not be able to maintain balance this time. You might want to investigate something new and your interest will be very majestic this time. You will be very secretive this time and want to hide from others. Relations with in-laws might be damaged because of your aggressive nature. You must try to control it. A hidden issue might come out suddenly but you must be alert.

Mars transit in Leo will be good for the Aquarius Moon sign this time. This is an excellent time for couples to get married. This transit will be very good for a royal wedding. You can plan and get desired outputs in it. Already married couples must handle this transit very carefully as it can create some problems. All business partnerships must be handled carefully as breaks in it might be possible. New partnerships can occur. You will take the initiative to take your business to the next level. You will try to do many things this time to improve your relationship with your spouse. Romance will be royal this time. Travelling also indicates for couples.

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Mars transit in Leo will give mixed results to the Pisces Moon sign this time. Your daily life will improve and you will take the initiative to change it. Control your diet as this transit is not good for your health. You will do more exercise this time and include a new fitness routine in your life. You can find new ways to remove your debt and get some relief. You will be very workaholic and quite focused this time. You will be very egoistic and pride will be very fiery. Your relationships with colleagues can break because of your nature this time. Control on expenses as excessive expenditure can be there. Enemies might increase but you will win in it. Good time for competition and examinations.

So, overall a very positive period can be expected by Mars transit in Leo. This will definitely trigger some new things in our life after this destructive pandemic. We can move ahead very positively and confidently with the help of this transit. We all need that motivation to go ahead in life and this transit will surely bless us all. Every individual is going to get affected by this somehow so we can expect unexpected things now and a new start as well.

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