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Mars’ Retrograde Ends – heralds good times for Cancer & Capricorn

Mars’ Retrograde Ends – heralds good times for Cancer & Capricorn

The mighty Mars (Mangal) recently ended its retrograde movement on 1st March 2010. This planetary event is due to have an extremely positive impact on two of the zodiac signs namely Cancer (Karkata Rashi) and Capricorn (Makara Rashi).

This has been more or less a fruitful time for both these rashis, as many of their graha positions are already favourable. However, the retrograde movement of Mars (Mangal) had been affecting the development of these two signs considerably.

The Mars came in retrograde from 21st December 2009, and lasted till 1st March 2010. This event could also be attributed as the main reason for Haiti and Chile earthquakes, tsunami scares, spread of infectious diseases, and major accidents around the world.

The retrograde had happened at Cancer (Karkata Rashi), and in the 7th place for Capricorn (Makara Rashi). The individuals of these two rashis have been enjoying a number of positive planetary aspects namely Rahu, Ketu and Brihaspati movements, and their subsequent benefits since 21st December 2009. However the Mars’ retrograde movement had created sudden obstacles in their growth graph.

After the end of Mar’s retrograde movement, these two natives can expect sudden positive changes in their personal, professional and business life. Obstacles to their work and new initiatives shall seem to vanish in thin air. Health is bound to witness a remarkable upward trend. Stress and stressful activities shall be on a downturn. Pleasant developments can be expected in all relationships with misunderstandings on their definite way out.

This event also heralds the best time in their charts for activities related to partner search, love and marriage. People in these zodiac signs, looking forward to getting married anytime soon, can now expect stupendous results. Stars look all set to marry them off by November 2010. Fingers crossed!

Also a marvellous time for new initiatives, ventures in business or profession. Financial position looks set to strengthen considerably. It is a supportive time to make new property deals, and undertake construction of a home; this could also be related to renovation, redecoration or relocation. Whatever it is it will bring in sterling results. Businessmen can expect splendid gains this year; such people may even diversify their trade.

The favourable planetary position shall strengthen further from June 2010 onwards, after the departure of Mars(Mangal) from Karkata rashi. The time period from June to October 2010 is slated to be the most constructive time of the year for both the rashis. Particularly for Capricornians (Makara rashi) the year 2010 will be golden, one of the most memorable, joyful years of their lifetime.

The year 2010 would, thus, be wonderful for the following celebrities as well who belong to Cancer (Karkata Rashi) and Capricorn (Makara Rashi) as per vedic astrology. Most of them might have already been reaping gains since January 2010 itself.

  • British Prime Minister GORDON BROWN
  • German Chancellor ANGELA MERKEL

  • Offer prayers to Lord Sri Shiva and Brihaspati on Thursdays.
  • Visit Shiva and Navagraha temples on Thursdays.
  • Try to visit ancient temples during tours.
  • Offer green grass, navadhanya and fruits to cows on Thursdays.
  • Chant mantras of Shri Brahma, Shiva and Brihaspati.

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