Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 goes missing – Can Astrology help find some clues?


The chart created suggests that since the Moon is in the 7th House in this chart – the lost object/ article seems to be in water. This, to some degree, contradicts the view that the plane had taken a turn back – a detour – or may have been taken to an unknown location by hijackers/ terrorists (another theory). Additionally, the Moon is in Taurus (that is its Sign of exaltation) in this chart, and is in its own constellation – all of which indicates a strong Moon influence. Moon signifies water, rules water bodies and also emotions. It is noteworthy that the Boeing went off the radar as it cruised over a water body!

Another major factor that’s noteworthy in this Chart is that the 2nd House Lord is placed in the 8th House. This is indicative of the some more time will be spent behind searching the fallen airplane’s exact location. And, before the week is over (week from the date of the take off), the teams searching will have some firm answers – and location of the debris/ traces.

As Jupiter is in an enemy’s Sign in the 8th House and the retrograde Saturn and Mars are posited with Rahu in the 12th House in this Chart, Ganesha feels that plane must have crashed into the sea.

Why/ How?
Plenty of analyses indicate that this may also be some terrorist activity – Astrology, although, supports this side, but only to some extent. Astrologically, the reason behind the crash seems more of a technical malfunction. Three retrograde planets in the Air Sign in the 12th House of mysteries and Ketu in the 6th House of enemy are also attention drawing factors. The Lord of the 6th House Mars, which is the Ascendant Lord too – is in the 12th House.

Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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