Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Your Zodiac Signs

Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Your Zodiac Signs

Moon is the very feminine planet in Vedic astrology, and its presence in the natal chart plays a very significant role in our lives. Moon represents our mother, emotions and feelings. Before we witness the solar eclipse of 2021, there will be a partial lunar eclipse.

However, since it will occur on Nov. 19, 2021, between 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., it might not be visible in India. With its strong feelings, the Partial Lunar Eclipse affects all of us in a huge way. Here is how.

What Does Lunar Eclipse Mean?

The lunar eclipse is one of the significant events which happens at least once a year in all of our lives. This significant event only happens on the day of a full moon, where the Moon is shadowed by the Earth. When the Sun and Moon come opposite to each other and Earth passes in between them, which blocks the light of the Sun from reaching the Moon. When the Lunar Eclipse occurs, the colour of the Moon slightly changes to orange or red. The effect of the eclipse will be softer on all of us, and the eclipse really affects all of us in a very different way.

However, though it is going to affect all of us as per different Moon signs, the effects will be different for each of us. Let’s find out.

Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Aries

For Aries, new growth in your career can be expected. Rapid changes in personal life may be coming for you. You are likely to put extra effort to complete all your tasks. You may get your energy back and start enjoying life again. Ego and pride might increase suddenly, and you need to stay alert regarding that. It’s time for introspection and to start planning for better things. New love life can be expected and a good time for love birds. Romantic life can be brought back. Good times for competition and sports events are likely to bring you success. Your desire and passion may increase.

Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Taurus

It’s time to check your bank balance and make changes to earn more for Taurus natives. You might start investing to earn more profits. Financial concerns are likely to be solved, and new sources to generate more money may be there for you. You might change your values and accept some new ones as well. Good time for family life and you are likely to finally start to enjoy life with your near and dear ones. Family problems may start reducing, and relations are likely to improve. You may be able to maintain a balance between family and personal life, which is likely to bring a smile to many faces.

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Gemini

Good time to start travelling again, Gemini! You may definitely be more courageous, and your confidence level is likely to also increase. Your passion may be back, and it is likely to be a very good time to have adventures as well. Relations with siblings may be good. Past issues are likely to be solved, and a new start can be predicted. It’s time to travel and relax. Good time for creative artists, especially singers and actors. You are likely to share more ideas with others. A big alert always thinks before you talk, or you might be in trouble, stay alert.

Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Cancer

Favourable time for Cancer natives on the domestic front. Happy family life can be expected, and past issues may start to resolve. It’s time for you to change your location. You might go to buy a new property as well. Celebrations in the family are likely to create a new bond as well. Grandparents’ health may improve, and they are likely to bless you. The career of a spouse may get better and sudden growth can be expected. Good time for government employees as some changes might be expected. You are likely to expect emotional honesty and nurturing from your close ones. You do not have to go with the flow every time, but at the same time, resisting it always is not a good idea.

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Leo

Creativity may be back in Leo’s life. You are likely to be happy, and your creative power may influence others as well. Good time for actors as well. The movie industry can expect a sudden change in business, but it is likely to work for them. Good time for speculative investments and the stock market. The business may grow, and investments might increase as well. Relationships with children are likely to be better, and their education interests may be back. You might be spiritual and take an interest in activities as well. You might be more self-centred this time, and excessive pride can affect others, try to control it.

Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Virgo

Health issues may be solved for Virgo, and changes in health are likely to make you happy. Your daily activities may be good, which are likely to make you happy. Routine change in work may give you success. You are likely to join a gym, and fitness may be your main priority. Good time to join dance classes and enjoy Aerobics and Zumba classes. A change in diet is likely to work for you. Good times for hotel owners and new positive changes can be predicted. Your business may start improving. You are likely to take the necessary steps to be more real and genuine. Your courage may also increase. Small changes are likely to bring big transformation, so make maximum use of them.
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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Libra

Excellent time for single Libra natives to commit to their loved ones. Heartbroken lovers can start a new life and might meet a potential partner. Committed people may think about marriage. It’s a good time to tie the knot. New business looks possible for you this time. Gains are likely to start improving, and you may feel better. Problems with partnerships are likely to start reducing, and you can expect some improvements there. Good time for lawyers as some court issues may start being solved. Unexpected rules from the government can be expected. Legal issues in married life are likely to finally get resolved. A happy time for divorcees to begin a new life again. You might invest in a new project which was not part of your plan earlier, but you may be happy with it.

Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Scorpio

Sudden gain might be possible for Scorpio. Interest in research is likely to increase. Good time for scientists and new inventions might be possible. If you are a doctor, your career may suddenly peak. It’s time you may gain something out of inheritance. Relations with in-laws are likely to be better. You might write a suspense thriller book. Good time for mysterious shows. You might try a lottery ticket to change your luck. The sex life is likely to improve, and you will enjoy the sensuality. You might be more aggressive to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, but it may affect others. It is advisable to speak politely and softly. Be on time, and don’t be ruthless.

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Sagittarius

Sagittarius rejoice! Travelling may give you fun, and you are likely to enjoy it. You might be very religious during this time and take on pilgrimages. It’s time to do post-graduation and get the desired degree. Good time for students. Relations with the government may benefit you. You might change your principles and or modify them a little. University is likely to make changes, and some new courses for a degree might be possible. Father’s concerns may be more, and relations are likely to be better. Good time for lawyers, as the success is assured. A new rule might come out from the government to benefit all of us. Priests may have a good time, and all religious procedures are likely to be back on track.

Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Capricorn

Career focus may be back for Capricorn, and you are likely to finally be happy. New jobs may be up for grabs for those who have wished so far. It’s time for promotion as well. A sudden change in the job might be possible. A new career might surprise others. Happy times for servants and the government may favour you this time. Higher authorities are likely to be very powerful, and new bold decisions from them might surprise us. Relationships with your father may improve. Past issues in the workplace are likely to soon start vanishing. Students may start doing well in their studies, and concentration is likely to be back. Priests may be very disciplined, and changes in religious activities might affect others as well.

Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Aquarius

It’s time to start a new business, Aquarius. An established business is likely to bring profits now. A new partnership might be possible. New ideas may come out, and you are likely to be happy to implement them. It’s time to launch a new app. Technological changes may be there. Large organisations are likely to make necessary changes to earn large profits. Social life may be back, and you are likely to start enjoying the gathering. Good time to start a new relationship. Romantic life may be full of fun. You may have your own opinions, but don’t impose on others, try to avoid that practice. Don’t hurt people’s feelings; otherwise, it is likely to turn in the wrong way. It is advisable to stay alert.

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Pisces

Finally, Pisces natives may travel abroad. Your desire to go to a foreign country is likely to be fulfilled now. The Visa process may start working, and you are likely to get the desired output. You might be spiritual as well and start practising. You might visit some kind of ashram and start worshipping. You should be extra cautious about your health and start doing yoga and meditation. You are likely to be able to pay your loans. Avoid controversies, or you might be in trouble. You may be more emotional, and try to control your feelings. If you are a businessman, your employees are likely to be devoted towards you, so be polite towards them.

A lunar eclipse is a totally transformational event in our lives. It brings big and sudden changes in our lives which we never expected before it. After the eclipse, we feel that real changes in our lives, and we value our lives. This 2021 Lunar eclipse is very special as it is happening after a pandemic that has impacted everyone in our lives. Our changes in daily life and looks for our life may be better this time. You are likely to see a reflection of your life, and you may get a clear idea of what you keep with you and move on.
So finally, a new start and enjoy the moment, this will never come again!

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