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Know your yearly financial state of affairs

Know your yearly financial state of affairs

Dhanteras is the third day of Diwali festival. Also known as Dhantrayodashi or Dhanwantari Triodasi, Dhanteras falls on 13th lunar day of darker side in the Hindu month of Kartik (October/November). The word itself tells the value of `Dhan’ i.e. money. People worship Goddess Laxmi and pray for prosperity and well being. The festival holds special significance for business class.

As always, Ganesha celebrates this festival in his own way. According to sun sign, Ganesha tells you what would be your financial state of affairs in the year ahead.

Wonders of fate will be experienced in your business, profession and job also. You might think of taking loan for buying old property, machinery & vehicle etc. But, you are likely to face barriers regarding this between January & June 2008. You might get new residence or office in January 2008. Your health and working competence is likely to get better. You might get opportunity to enjoy with your family members.

From the middle of January to the middle of July 2008, all your awaiting works might get completed. If you are connected with local administration or social development organization, in that case you may achieve special success and post of responsibility in your field of working. This year you can earn through trading and speculating in stock markets. This year is comparatively progressive.

You are likely to reap benefits of expansion of your business especially if major period and sub periods are also favorable. This year there is very strong probability that you might make good amount of money from your business, job or side business as compared to the previous year. If you need financial aid for starting a business, or technical assistance, an expert manager or a partner, you may be benefited in this regard because of favorable transit of Mars.

This year you may be successful in getting into new business ventures. If you are in job, there are chances of your promotion. In addition to that, there is a prospect of an increase in your repute. In terms of employment there are more bright chances of your increasing the sources of income. To get benefited completely, you should start devising plans in advance in this direction. You won’t be facing big problems in making arrangement of funds from financial institutions & banks. Your health will remain better than previous year.

From April to July 2008, you can bring major change in your professional strategy. In the month of January you would be busier in your professional matters. In April 2008 & October – November, you are likely to face obstacles, losses or the problem of difference of opinion in your profession. Transit of Ketu can give some kind of tension regarding your rights, payment or use of any old property. You can face troubles in this matter from March to October. There shall be an increase in your income after expansion in your area of work. Your financial plans that you have completed recently shall also cause continuous income to you this year.

This year, immovable property can fetch you good gains. It would be difficult to arrange funds especially if you are in the habit of remaining dependent on others to equip resources. From January to July 2008, you may spend lot of money on your business. In April, August, October & November 2008 lot of money might get spent on the repair of some technical problem in plant machinery, vehicle or electronic instrument or else it might get spent on changing this machinery vehicle or instrument. You might get pressurized for paying your debts during January to June & October-November 2008. There is strong likelihood of your getting gold ornament in the month of June, July, September, October or December.

This year your area of social contact shall also increase & you shall be able to enjoy closeness with prominent people. It shall cause an impact on your area of work too. Your number of customers shall also increase & you shall be able to open new branches & show rooms for your business at different places. You shall be getting business contacts, which would enhance your reputation. You can utilize the modern techniques of communication in your business along with new marketing strategies for earning name & fame.

The cooperation of your old friends at right time can prove helpful in the form of guidance & financial control. You shall be able to arrange funds easily for the expansion of your business. In addition to that you may also succeed in getting assistance of technical expert to give attractive shape to your business. Upgrading business can be one main aim of yours this year. This year you shall be benefited because of the liberal policy of the government. You shall succeed in associating yourself with a new work or business.

This year shall be profitable for your progress in your work. There is strong possibility of your promotion & you might get an important post in your organization like that of director, manager, or executive officer etc. You might get a chance to start new business & succeed in associating yourself with the management. The auspicious transit of Jupiter can result in your marriage or your sacred thread wearing ceremony etc. If you are in job you might get a promotion with the formation of a new post and your promotion might come to you.

Your intentions regarding business shall be satisfied now. If you want to expand business your old friends or colleagues can be of great help. You can get their assistance, cooperation, support & technical assistance. If you want to go out of city, state or country or else want to test your destiny in new organization or new business, your current time shall favor you. In these types of jobs from January to April you can face temporary type of hurdles or your progress shall happen with slow pace. You might become careless about your health.

This year there is possibility of your enjoying permanent income. In the month of January you shall be spending money for buying permanent property and domestic items. There shall be stable income to you from different sources. From June to September, November, December 2008 time period is auspicious for acquiring land for cultivation & horticulture, residential land or ready built shop or house. This year auspicious indications are there for the engagement or marriage etc. of any senior member, brother or sister.

This year you might get opportunity to link yourself with a new work. If you are in job you might get promoted because of the creation of new posts or you might get posted in other department with a bigger salary. Yes, there is possibility of your staying in beautiful places & you might gain new means of comfort & pleasure. The auspicious influence of Jupiter shall maintain your general health & working efficiency. Worshipping Goddess shall help you to discard hostile impact of Planets.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,