Know what lies ahead for you in 2011

The new year is just around the corner, and we all are curious about what the coming year, 2011, has in store for us. Here is an overview:


19 March-20 April
You’ll be gearing up for major changes in your career and love life. Moon and Mars will divert your professional direction, job prospects and close relationships during the beginning of the year 2011. And so, Ganesha hints that it’s time to chill and relax. Especially during the first week of May. Good relationships will strengthen. You can look forward to dating period during the months of June and July. There will be times when you will stand at a crossroad; the right decision will decide your destiny. You’ll be stepping out boldly towards mid of October, more independent and extrovert. Luck will be on your side and your confidence will be high due to Mars and Jupiter’s transit in your sign Aries.


21 Apr-20 May
The Transit of Jupiter and sign Lord Venus will grace your future plans and ambitions. There’ll be challenges, at times, and you will have to put in a lot of hard work and efforts, for which you may not get enough appreciation. However, your optimistic attitude will help you during the year 2011. Surrounded by a wider circle of good friends, you’ll be the flavour of the season. Your brain will be brimming with innovative idea between April and July. Focus and hit the target, you may just succeed. Ganesha has surprises in store for you from late August or September onwards for three months. This will make you  realise where you have been compromising till now, living a lifestyle that really does not suit you any longer. Give yourself, family and loved ones your quality time. All’s well that ends well and the year 2011 for the Bulls is surely going to end on a good note! Read more about Taurus..


21 May-21 June
Both the solar eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini indicate that major decisions about your future will be taken. Thus, the starting month of the year 2011 is very crucial. You’ll certainly feel more successful in the first few and last few months of the year. However, there are few confidential, financial and emotional matters, which would need your attention. But, there’s no doubt that luck is on your side towards the end of summer. The mid-year would begin with lots of enthusiasm as you see your future plans shoot up. You’ll be in the midst of the fun crowd, with your hopes flying high. Home and love life will require efforts to ensure everything runs smoothly.


22 June-22July
Slowly but surely, you’ll be moving away from the past into the future, letting go the old ways of handling your resources in the beginning of the year 2011. When it comes to making choices, take your time, as you will have to stick to the final decision till the end of the year. You’ll be aiming high, wanting to broaden your horizons, and finding that your lucky transition period of sudden change of direction into the mid-year. You will lay a strong foundation at home front to sort out domestic and family matters, as well as move to where you want. You’ll be popular and vibrant in the final month of the year 2011. Read more about Cancer….


23 July-23 August
Everything has its own pros and cons. The year 2011, for the Lions, may prove to be a value addition in their lives. However, at the same time, it may be challenging enough for them, especially during the months of January and February. On the upside, you’ll find generosity and good luck coming your way to make you feel more secure, financially and emotionally. You’ll also be able to give a considerable push to your career. Saturn will create some obstructions either in business or in job. This may make you feel insecure at times. At this point of time, make sure you do not neglect your work and health. When it comes to work, be sensible and double-check everything. Don’t assume your view will always be the right one. Ganesha thinks that the Sagittarius in January 2011 eclipse covering the first six months hints that stepping back to mull over the past may be helpful.


24 August-23 September
Due to trine conjunction of Saturn and Sun, Virgins will manage thzir lives in a better direction in the first quarter of the year 2011. Suddenly, you’ll find that all your relationships – personal, professional and social become cordial during the first half of the year. You’ll smooth the rough edges, put yourself across with enthusiasm, and meet with positive responses. Your presence on the social scene will be a powerful one, with the right people keen to meet you. You’ll be demanding more attention and getting it. In the second half of the year, your personal finances will need caution. This need not be a disaster, just a feeling that you have to re-organize what you have, in a more structured way. This is because you believe in long-term security, feels Ganesha. For a fresh venture or job, wider circle of friends after mid-year is a must and will happen if you make an effort. Read more about Virgo…..


24 Sept-22 Oct
Due to Venus and Saturn’s trine conjunction, you will come across vital changes during the first two months of the year 2011. According to Ganesha, this will be a life changing year for the Scales. The year may see a series of event happening in your life when you undergo image transformation, sort out your domestic and family life, re-balance your priorities and take a firm stand when it comes to your beliefs. It’s time to give a makeover to your life and it certainly has to space for anything worthless. This may include an outdated attitude, old ambitions that have lost their spark or even friendships which have not meaning in your life. In the second half of the year, the situation will take a u-turn. You’ll be enthusiastic at work, feeling more exuberant, physically. Mid-year onwards, you may be more popular, outgoing and definitely sociable, foresees Ganesha. Read more about Libra….


23 Oct-22 Nov
Due favourable transit of Saturn and Jupiter, 2011 will prove a luck shining year for you. Stars are aligned in a way that they assure you a busy, entertaining year ahead. But, at the same time, it will make you realise that life is not a bed of roses. You will go through your share of highs and lows, throughout the year. Because you’ll be pushing self doubts to one side and stepping out boldly to be yourself, you’ll find that others take you at your new higher valuation. In the second half of 2011, a couple of friendly planets will touch your zodiac sign. This will improve not only your social life, but your work prospects as well. But for all that, you’ll need to start clearing out of your life’s excess baggage, old ideas and opinions for new thoughts and actions, which won’t start this year. Post mid-year, your stars seems to be shining bright. Read more about Scorpio……


23 Nov-22 Dec
Jupiter’s movements in Pisces and its aspect with Saturn or Virgo, in your House of profession will open a new horizon in the middle of 2011. Happier at home and more emotionally content within yourself, you’ll be wrapped up in personal matters early and late in the year. However, between February and June, it’s the time when you’ll be keen to sort out long-term plans, and be relying heavily on the advice and support of old and trusted buddies. Apart from few months during the mid-year, you may be less sociable than usual. However, that won’t stop you digging in your heels very firmly, over matters of money and security. Right reason or none, you intend to be in control and will be stubbornly determined till you feel you have everything you need
in place. Put on your party shoes between June and mid-August as that’s when you rave it up socially and romantically! Read more about Sagittarius….


23 Dec-20 Jan
The Sign Lord Saturn’s transit in Virgo will dig your fortune base to some extent. You’ll know that you are standing at a crossroads during the first half of the year 2011, with major decisions to be taken about the path ahead and the company you want to keep. You’ll be more independent in the second-half of the year, not relying on others to make up your mind. After mid-year, you’ll want to share and relate more effectively, so will be prepared to adjust your approach. There will be upheavals at home towards mid-year, which will allow you to see things differently. Your daily schedule will be full of new opportunities and challenges that may keep you enthusiastic towards you work, and your routine may not get boring, feels Ganesha. Read more about Capricorn….


21 Jan-19 Feb
Due to the eighth position of slow moving Saturn and transiting Jupiter in your sign in the beginning of the year 2011, some unexpected plans will materialized suddenly. The world will seem a more generous place to you than it has done recently, This will surely put a bright smile on your face as the year opens. You won’t be so weighed down by concerns about your security and will be aiming higher. You’ll need time for yourself in the second-half of the year to get the past into perspective. That way you’ve more of a chance to forge the future you want for yourself. A sudden surge of energy, vitality and a speedier schedule during the middle months will keep you on your toes, never bored and always aware that life is opening up around you. As Ganesha says, a hard working second half of the year will keep you firmly focused. Read more about Aquarius…..


20-March 20
Due to total aspect of Saturn and transit of Jupiter’s through your zodiac sign Pisces, a worthy and positive focus will keep you enthusiastic and active when the year 2011 begins. Positive aspects with Jupiter transit in your own sign is expansive, lucky and confidence-boosting. You’ll sense you’ve turned the corner into better times. However, you’ll also be carrying heavier responsibilities for either joint finances or for close partners. There would have been a change late last year, which continues further. If you give graciously now, of your time and generosity, then you’ll get your rewards, in time, financially and emotionally. A luckier time from late September to mid-November will put the smiles back on your face in a major way. There’ll be more love, affection, and invitation in the second half of the year, if you take up things in the right spirit.

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