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Is the date 8th August 2008 Really Dreaded?

Is the date 8th August 2008 Really Dreaded?

There is a hot discussion going on amongst topmost Numerologists in India whether 8-Aug 2008 and 9th Aug 2008 would be deadly for India. A country which is ruled by Saturn and three Saturn’s coming in on 8-8-2008.

Let us investigate based on numbers:

8+8 +2008 = 26 = 8
8+9+2008 = 27 = 9

The year number 2008- also has an 8. Also 8- a number of Saturn– stands for destruction/earth quakes and also possible terrorist attacks etc.

As indicated in the earlier article by me- the year number for India this time is 14- This number stands for danger from natural forces (water, air and fire).

Also the month number for India by me, August month is number 4, a number of Rahu– which suggests hidden dangers/terrorist attacks and also dangers under the earth- earth quakes as well.

We have ketu Antar Dasha running in Venus which indicates conflict with enemies. Could the enemies be the terrorists?

Also based on movement of Ketu-a long term relationship could get affected and afflictions on the dharma sthana are there (May be to some extent explains Naina Devi episode).

But with all said and done there is a strong protective influence of the planet Jupiter– so a protection is there.

Also the dasha ruler should provide the protection here.

Taking into consideration that 8th August has more of mars(number 9) influence- and 9th August more of Rahu9 number 4).

So there is a high chance that the attacks could be probable on 9th- lesser chance of earth quakes as an event, plus most probably it could be averted due to protection of the great planet Jupiter and Venus- which protect the home.

Sincere prayer to GOD can solve most of our problems- so GOD willing we should be Fine.

Wishing you all the best!!!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni