How Sun Signs invite wealth and manage financial matters

How Sun Signs invite wealth and manage financial matters

In today's day and age, when financial stability is essential if you want to lead a comfortable life, how you earn and spend money play a very important role in deciding your financial standing. However, each individual has different needs, dreams, aspirations and social background than the other, and therefore it is impossible to draw any generalised conclusion as to how people should earn and handle their finances. However, your Sun Sign can provide a much-needed guidance in this regard, as it has a strong influence over your behavioural pattern about finances and how you handle monetary matters, opines Ganesha. Follow these guidelines in order to earn more and also to get more from your money.


Considering your love for action and adventure, setting up your own business venture or taking up a profession is an ideal option for you to excel and invite wealth, feels Ganesha. You are also good at field work, so avoid taking up a mundane, desk job, advises Ganesha. However, fields like research and writing, which require regular challenge and evolution suit you well. As far as financial matters are concerned, Ganesha observes that money gives you pleasure and motivation to keep going, not to mention the very important stability and financial security, which you may otherwise lack. However, you need to cultivate the habit of saving money for a rainy day. Remember: A penny saved is a penny earned. A few other things you need to do to succeed on the financial front include – encouraging teamwork, treating customers, clients and colleagues with due respect, and seeking their support and co-operation, whenever needed. Try to be cooperative.


A sound and secure financial front is your top priority. You are aware of the fact that intelligence and effective communication skills are two most important tools to acquire wealth and fortune. Had it not been for money and material success, you would have never gone that extra mile to gain knowledge, says Ganesha. For you, wealth is tangible, and you are happy and content only when you can touch and feel it. This motive is enough for you to take up a profession related to real estate or agricultural industries. If your financial condition allows it, you would love to invest money in a piece of land, as it makes you feel a sense of security. Sincere and hard-working, you are not one of those who would try short-cuts to fulfil their ambitions. Whatever you achieve is through dedication and determination, and you will never put your hard-earned money at risk.


You tend to give more importance to wealth that enriches you soul, rather than the wealth that increases your bank balance. You prefer a profession that quenches your thirst for knowledge, or at least, give it more priority. Even though your work may be less paying, you would go for a profession that helps you express your inner self and gives outlet to your intellectual self. However, your preferences for money keep changing – one day you may think it to be extremely important, and on another day you may be ready to dwindle it. But, more often than not, money is merely a means to provide security and support to your family. It is advisable that you pay attention to the emotional side of life. Also, you need to be aware of your strengths, especially the fine verbal skills that you possess, and make the most of them in order to achieve financial stability.


You are one those sensitive people, who like to help and understand others. Besides, you are a complete family person and love to cater to your family members' necessities. Therefore, it is not surprising that financial stability is one of the top priorities in your life. Independent by nature, if you start a family business, there is no doubt that it will flourish. At the job front, you can be an efficient boss and a respectable colleague, as you consider the whole office one big family. Since you are born under the Zodiac Sign Cancer, you are likely to be extremely moody, and often confused. But bear in mind that you cannot afford to be the same when it comes to financial matters and business dealings. Your mood swings can act as obstacles in your path of success, cautions Ganesha. Investing in resorts and clubs, heritage hotels and properties, coffee shops or even a residential plots can be beneficial for you.


You don't mind sharing your good fortune with others. Donating for social causes of a large scale or a smaller one, like contributing for a gift or helping a friend in need is quite common. You are also ready to part with your money when it comes to family troubles or lending to a needy. You might not that much in return often is another story though! The problem of outflow exceeding the inflow may be a regular feature in your financial cycles. You believe in using money, either for yourself or for others. You love to indulge in financial speculations and stocks, shares etc. However, you need to learn to manage your finances more efficiently, so that you don't have to face a financial crunch. This is also important because the lack of money may affect you, a Lion, much more than any other Sign, not because you are a money lover, but because it may imply the loss of respect or loss of power for you – which may be unbearable.


One to be extremely dedicated, productive, industrious and eager to grab the opportunities, you tend to be an asset to the organisation you work for. Money is quite important to you. And, financial stability and a secure future come close second. Right from the beginning, you target financial security – in and out of your job. However, it's not just utility or money that rules your choice of profession, it's your passion and natural ability that takes preference here. So, all in all, you look for a holistic picture in matters related to career and finance. Insurance, retirement plans and investments top your priority list. You value your hard-earned money, and would not like to take any risk with it, observes Ganesha. Any threat to your monetary security is good enough to put you in a bad mood, and may cause you to fret and lose sleep. However, you won't mind loosening your purse strings for a loved one.


Your aim in life is to be self-sufficient in order to manage your own and your families expenses. Also, you wish to raise your spending power, which is not a very difficult to fulfil given how good are at financial matters. Your attempts and experiments with different ways to earn money are often successful ones. In fact, you possess such a profound understanding about monetary matters that friends and associates often seek your advice regarding financial matters, says Ganesha. Extravagant that you are, you prefer to classy ways to entertain yourself. You like being part of social events that are the talk of the town. And when it comes to organising functions you make sure to do it in such a grandiose way that they become memorable events in peoples' lives. You rarely default a payment, as you prefer to pay credit-card bills and loans on time. In a nutshell, you are graceful in money matters – be it earning, spending or investing.


For a typical Scorpio, money not only talks, but also rules the world! You believe in transformation and according to you, money has a power to transform life. For you the power of money is godlike and he who is rich, wealthy, and affluent, reigns supreme. Besides money, you are fond of materialistic possessions. You can be easily impressed by material success, feels Ganesha, as it gives you great happiness and a sense of pride. All these reasons make you extremely determined to achieve financial stability in your life, opines Ganesha. And as you know the value of money, you are equally careful when it comes to spending or risking it. Wealth and financial stability is very important to you, but the same time, you will gracefully share your wealth in the form of donation or charity. Your love for money predisposes you to taking up a profession that deal with money. You can make fortune if you choose to become a lawyer, chartered accountant, broker or an agent.


You are very passionate about wealth and opulence. Your need for wealth is not limited to acquiring basic necessities or comforts, though. You long for the luxuries of the world. Everything expensive and extravagant appeals to you. Therefore, creating wealth is your motto, for only then you will be able to afford what you desire. However, many times, these remain what they are – wealthy ideals! It's one thing to visualise such luxury and opulence, but it's a completely different ball game to translate these lofty dreams into reality. So, before setting your high standards, do a thorough reality check, advises Ganesha. There are chances that the desire to get quick money may lead you to the nasty games of speculations and gambling. Or, you may end up taking too much risk with your money and blow your financial means and stability. Ideally, you should opt for efficient and practical ways to earn money, as it will make your life happier and more fruitful.


You aim to acquire wealth, but only through conventional sources and tried and tested formulae. If you come across a great opportunity or a lucrative offer, which has never been tried before, you would happily turn down the offer. At least you will not take it upfront, not without proper and detailed research. In other words, you are not a risk-taker, and would pass up the small gains for long-term happiness and bigger benefits. Although you are ready to take up challenges, you hesitate to adapt unconventional or innovative methods to deal with them. And, this tendency of yours, at times, may go too far, and you may lose on excellent opportunities in life. A little alteration in your style of working can take you much higher on the success ladder, says Ganesha. Work in tune with times and get rid of rigid and orthodox ways of workings in order to explore your true potential and earn the financial status you deserve.


Calm, sorted and rational, you are quite clear, when it comes to monetary matters and future security. You are neither extravagant not stingy. For you, money is just a medium, which takes care of the basic necessities of life. You would like to spend money on the needs and development of the people you love and care about rather than splurge it on to fulfil your own desires. However. you will also spend some amount of money on your lifestyle needs, as appearances do matter a lot to you. Yet, at the end of the day, you will have saved, and invested for future use, a decent amount of money. Ganesha feels that you need to be more experimental in order to explore your potential to the fullest. Your rigid ways of earning money, and not listening to/ ignoring your inner voice can land you in trouble. If you manage to be more flexible, your intelligence and intuitiveness may bring you excellent monetary gains


You are calm and easy-going as far as the monetary matters and financial security are concerned. Making money and acquiring wealth is often a secondary aim. You tend to rely on your intuition and instincts, even when it comes to earning money. Often, you lack aggression and passion to pursue financial goals. In fact, you can be quite passive when it comes to the financial matters. Service to humanity gives you ultimate peace of mind, happiness and contentment, and you may lose out on lucrative opportunities in your bid to lend a helping hand. There is not anything wrong in their stance, but then, excess of anything is bad! Truth is that you may continuously deal with a lack of funds or security, and that may make you rather difficult with money matters. However, according to Ganesha, with some balance and a definitive tug at laziness and submissiveness, you can pull yourself out of these recurring financial crunches.

Ganesha's Grace,
Dharmesh Joshi
The GaneshaSpeaks Team