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Happy Birthday to Rani Mukherjee

Happy Birthday to Rani Mukherjee

Very few Bollywood stars are as unassuming as Rani Mukherjee, the actress with ever-smiling face and bright teeth. Rani shares her lineage with Kajol, who is also a celebrated actress of Hindi film industry. However, she has made more friends with her good nature than using her lineage. The bindaas Babli is entering the new spring of her
life; she is celebrating her birthday on March 21, 2008. Ganesha wishes Rani happy birthday and gives one year prediction on her future.

In this year, she is likely to see benefits in the areas of work and health. As transiting Jupiter is currently moving through sixth house from Natal Moon, she may find much joy in her work, which may lead to self-improvement. Transiting Rahu as well as Ketu will be passing through Kendra from Moon in April 2008 onwards. It will boost career
prospect. However, the position of transiting Rahu seventh hours from Moon will certainly create confusion in matters related to life partner. Career growth may look promising during this year. Current year is conducive to her career progression. The period of this year offers good opportunity for career progression. Her committed efforts are likely to be properly rewarded in this year. People will get to know more about her skills. Comfort and happiness will accompany her throughout the year. She will enjoy good relationships with people around her. Nothing negative is foreseen during this year on career front.

Ganesha once again throws light on the relationship between Rani Mukherjeei and Aditya Chopra. Due to unavailability of birth time, Ganesha has given prediction based on the Sun chart. Rani Mukherjee was born on 21st March 1978 in West Bengal. As per Vedic Astrology, looking at her Sun chart, The Natural malefic planet Rahu is situated in the seventh house of marriage from Sun. The seventh house Lord Mercury is debilitated and placed in the Ascendant. It is afflicted by malefic Ketu. This is unfavourable planetary combination for marital happiness. Aditya Chopra was born on 21 May 1971 with Pisces Moon sign. Both moons are in watery sign. It indicates that both have a
good potential to be able to get in touch with the feelings and moods of each other. So for friendship the matching of both the Moons is favourable. But all the planetary positions are not in happy moods.

In Aditya’s Sun chart, Venus is in Aries sign whereas Rani’s Venus is in Pieces. Rani’s Venus is in exaltation which is good for media, film, art and acting etc., hence she can act very well in film. Chances of love marriage are stronger for her as her Venus is exalted (powerful). Her Venus is the significator of love and romance is in semi-sextile aspect with Aditya’s Venus. It indicates that both of them may be attracted towards each other and may enjoy romance, however, the relationship could be stressful. Her Mercury is in semi-sextile aspect with Aditya’s Mercury. This is also an unfavourable aspect and would not help to get better relationship. Saturn in the horoscope of Rani and Aditya is in square aspect of each other. This also indicates adjustment in life. There are chances of clashes and conflict on marital front if at all they take a plunge. Both may feel restless after marriage and may also frequently face clashes, feels Ganesha. Her Sun sign is Aries whereas Aditya’s Sun sign is Taurus, therefore, Ganesha foresees a huge ideological differences between the two. Seventh house is occupied by Jupiter in Aditya’s chart. And, Seventh house is aspected by malefic planet Saturn, which is unfavourable of marital happiness. Moreover,
presence of Jupiter in seventh house adds fuel to the fire. Hence, he was married to Payal but recently divorced. Considering all the planetary aspects, Ganesha views that this match is not an extraordinary bond.

Ganesha feels that for the relation between the two can be long-lasting only if they choose to be life-long friends. If they come to a decision of marriage, there may be plenty of adjustments.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Nikunj Suthar,