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Give your father a perfect gift on this Father’s Day

Give your father a perfect gift on this Father’s Day

He helps you take your first baby steps. He works day and night so that he can provide you with good education. He scolds you to make you understand what is right for you. And his countless sacrifices have made you what you are today. Indeed, your father plays a vital role in shaping up your character and thereby your life. All his life, he gets you what you want and tries to fulfil your dreams. But on the Father’s Day, it’s your turn to get him something that he’d love. What would you gift him? Here is a hint: know his zodiac sign to find the right gift for your loving and caring father. Read on to find out
the perfect gift you may give to your dad on the Father’s Day.

Get your father’s name printed along with his photograph on a cup of tea or anything that carries his impression! Aries fathers are deeply interested in sports, so you’ll see bright smile on his face if you’ll gift him something related to sports. He would be very happy to receive anything that’s related to sports. Alternatively you can also give him a tool-box that can help him fix things on his own. He also likes to be pampered, so how about taking him to a parlour and gifting him an expensive head massage? He will surely love it.

Being an earth sign ruled by Venus, it is very is likely that your father is interested in horticulture. Gift him some gardening tools like a leaf sweeper, special gloves for gardening, water sprinkler etc. and look at the glow on his face! He may also like something that gets appreciated as the time goes by, like some secure government policy or bond but not a life insurance policy. A lunch or dinner at a classy, expensive restaurant will also earn you his love and appreciation. He may also be very much interested in music, so it’d be good idea to gift him CDs full of Karaoke tracks.

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Gemini people love to talk and interact with others. So, if you can manage, arrange his speech on a subject of his choice and interest, and let him talk to mass/people. Ganesha knows that it is not easy to arrange something like that, so here are a few other options for you. Take him to a hilly area. Ensure that the drive is long enough so that he can enjoy the fresh air and wind blowing through his hair. He will also love it if you gift him a good mobile phone or a laptop that allows him to connect with many.

Cancer father is an extremely loving, caring and emotional parent. Gift him anything and you will see the corners of his eyes getting moist. Old memories are very close to his heart, so he would highly appreciate a collage of old pictures with some personalised message written on it. Some antiques would also be fine. If you can get some old records/cassettes, CDs of singers of ‘his time’, he would love it. Ensure that when you present this gift to him, you also offer him his favourite drink!

Beneath his tough exterior lies a soft and tender heart. This Father’s Day ensure that you bring Leo father’s softer side to the fore. Right from a mirror to nice clothes, anything would be fine. Besides, no matter how old he may be, your Leo father will always be young at heart. Gift him the latest 3D game, take him out to a movie followed by a scrumptious dinner at a fine restaurant, or do anything that may make him feel like a king. But make sure you let him take his seat first and then you take yours. Don’t forget to honour his presence.

A Sudoku books set, a book full of crossword puzzles and a multi-language dictionary would make ideal gifts for your analytical Virgo father. He is a health conscious man, so a gym equipment and books on alternative medicines that may help him be in a good shape will earn you his affection and appreciation. Do-it-yourself kits may also go down very well with him. An organiser, digital diary or anything that makes him feed his schedule in it and make a to-do list will be something he would keep with forever. Whatever you choose to gift him, ensure that the gift is worth money paid, else may not like the gift.

From music concert tickets to music CDs, from movies to nice clothes, from flowers to yoga lessons, and from perfumes to expensive wine – you will have plenty of things to chose from for your Libra father. In fact, the chances are that his wide variety of interests will confuse you. If you can’t make up your mind as to what to gift your father, ask him for his help. Give him some options to choose from but help him take the final decision. He will easily tell you what he’d like to have as a gift.

If your Scorpio dad reads suspense thrillers and murder mysteries, a novel by Agatha Christie, Perry Mason, Arthur Conan Doyle or other such novelists should be the first choice, even if you know that he might have read all the books by those authors. You may also give him something decorative for his bedroom. Occult science related books, tarot reading or something that helps him know his future would also be a good gift for your father. You may also gift him puzzles and strategy related games.

Sagittarius people love outdoor activities, travelling, social, philosophical and spiritual pursuits. Tell your Sagittarius dad that you would love to go with him on a trip, preferably a long distance one. Considering his love for travelling, it is unlikely that he’ll reject your offer. Take him to a holy place, or an exotic location, or on a trekking vacation – he’ll enjoy touring experience! A yoga classes membership, a Reiki healing course, Theta Healing course etc. can also be a good gift for your dad. If the gift you give him helps him connect with his higher-self, he is surely going to love it.

Apply your mind carefully while choosing a gift for your Capricorn father, because on receiving the gift, the first question may come to his mind is likely to be about the usefulness of the gift. And the second question may be regarding the money spent on the gift. Capricorn men love practical gifts, so gift him something that helps him make his routine easier and more organised. For example, a nice pen, money and credit card holder, alarm clock, pocket light, a seat cushion that relieves back pain etc. would be well appreciated.

Your Aquarius dad would love an aquarium as much as he would love an electronic gadget. He longs for intellectual stimulation, so he will love it if you gift him a membership of a social or professional group as it will give him a nice opportunity to interact with many people. You may also take him to a star gazing club. If you come across a good telescope or prismatic binocular, just buy it for your father. Don’t buy random things for him, says Ganesha. Gift him something unique.

He will like something related to arts, photography, music, and films. But don’t ask your Pisces father which company makes better cameras, because it would confuse him. Just buy him a nice camera with digital zoom and telephoto lenses. You may also gift him a nice quality musical instrument. He would be more than happy to receive his favourite movie DVDs on the Father’s Day. Bath items, flowers, alcoholic drinks, and clothes would also make valuable gifts for your father.

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