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Name – ‘Jade’ is a gemstone, which is made of two different silicate minerals namely jadeite and nephrite.

Indian name – Jade only.

Formation – Formed as a mass of interlocking granular crystals, in metamorphic rocks and also as alluvial boulders.

Sources – Jade is found in Burma, California (U.S.A), Japan, Eastern Turkistan, New Zealand, South Australia, China, Germany and Poland.

Available colours – Naturally, Jades are found in a variety of colours such as blue, violet, black, red, orange, yellow, mauve, white and pink. However, the most popular and commonly used colour of Jade is the imperial green colour – which is also popularly known as the ‘Jade Green’.

SG – 2.90-3.50, RI – 1.62 – 1.66, Hardness – 6.5

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Jade is known to bring the following benefits to the user –

  • Stimulates creativity and mental agility.
  • Has a balancing and harmonising effect.
  • Brings joy, vivacity and happiness to the wearer.
  • It is also known to protect the wearer from negative influences.
  • Invites love

Fancy Fact – The toughness of jade has been found to be remarkable. It has a strength greater than steel, and was put to work by many early civilizations for creating axes, knives and weapons. It was only later that jade became a symbolic stone, used in ornaments and other religious artefacts.

Cosmic Connection – The gemstone Jade is said to correspond to the ‘Heart Chakra’ and that is why Jade is known to invite love. It is also known to help one get rid of mental and skin ailments.

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