Ganesha suggests vigilance during Mercury Retrogression

Retrogression of Mercury is going to take place on 28/01/2008 @ 14.05.00 IST with 29:53:09 degrees in Capricorn during Taurus rising Ascendant and Taurus rising Navamansha. Mercury is in Capricorn where it rules technology, innovation and electricity, and it will remain in Capricorn throughout the retrograde period. Mercury retrograding back through Capricorn could make it difficult to move forward with implementing new technologies, so keep that in mind as you begin new projects. Ganesha observes that this event shall also be very noticeable to world financial markets as well as currency markets.

It is but obvious that we cannot stop living our life while Mercury turns retrograde. In the same way, not every venture is difficult. However, Ganesha advises you to renegotiate the contracts signed during Mercury Rx periods. Any plans for travel made during Mercury’s retrograde period might fail.

It is the best period to for research, revise your business plans and website or to reconnect with old mates. This retrogradation turns one’s focus to the past and gives another chance to get things done in a right manner.

Life goes on even during the Mercury’s change in direction. However, what Ganesha suggests is to keep vigil on the things going around you during this period. Then and then only can we take this period as just another phase of life.

Ganesha wishes that this period brings good luck for one and all. Talk to Astrologer Now!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni

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